Valentine’s Gift Guide for a Pregnant Mama

11 Feb

Valentine's Day Gift Guide for Pregnant Mamas

A Lily Jade Purse!
I’ve been drooling over these bags for over a year now, pretty much since Autumn was born or maybe even before that.  I would love to own one, especially now that I have a second on the way.

A prenatal massage
The prenatal massage I got during my first pregnancy was amazing and as this pregnancy goes on, it would be nice to be that relaxed again.

Candy Box
Have you heard of this? It’s a subscription box for CANDY!! Super perfect for me.  The only thing I need to do before getting something like this is for sure passing my gestational diabetes test ;)

Bath Bombs
Bath bombs are practically my best friends right now.  So amazing.  I need more!!  My favourite are the ones from Lush, because they have such a wide variety.

Going to get my hair cut
I just need to be pampered! And my hair could definitely use a trim, and my scalp a massage as well.

I know that most of these are the things I want for Valentine’s Day, but I really think that any pregnant mama would be interested in these things because they’re all about relaxation, and being taken care of and pampered.  What mom wouldn’t want that? ;)

What would you like to receive for Valentine’s Day?



Bump Update: 26 Weeks

10 Feb

baby bump, maternity style, how to dress your bump, 26 weeks, baby bump, maternity style, how to dress your bump, 26 weeks,

sweater: Candies // leggings: SweetLegs // necklace: gift

baby bump, maternity style, how to dress your bump, 26 weeks, baby bump, maternity style, how to dress your bump, 26 weeks,

26 weeks down, 14 weeks (or 96 days) to go!  Been feeling good, the only thing is I am starting to feel pretty large!  I’ve been having a few of the uncomfortable sleeps lately, with tossing and turning trying to get to a better position.  Hoping to still be able to sleep for these next 14 weeks before the baby comes and I definitely won’t be able to sleep as much as I’ve grown accustomed to lately (thank you, dear daughter, for being a weird toddler and sleeping 12-14 hours/night).

This week, the baby is as big as a bowling pin, or the head of Thor’s hammer!  He’s getting pretty big in there.  He’s working on his eyes, and he’ll soon be able to open and close them.  He’s also been practicing taking breaths, so this probably will mean feeling some hiccups soon!  Hiccups were one of my favourite things when I was pregnant with Autumn, she got them every night as I was going to bed.

I’ve been feeling fine, tired lately, but that’s totally okay!  And my body is already starting to practice contractions.  I don’t notice it’s painful or anything, just feels tight sometimes.  Which just seems weird to me, honestly, because of how early it is yet.. but it makes sense!

Getting more and more excited, and I’m getting really excited to steal Andrew’s office space and start on the baby’s room! ;)  I still have things I want to do in Autumn’s room though, so I feel like I should finish her “nursery” before I start on the new baby’s room anyway.

Hope you’re having a lovely week <3


26 Weeks Pregnant with Autumn

DIY Toddler Made Valentines

9 Feb

DIY Toddler Made Valentines

I haven’t made Valentines in a few years, but thought it would be fun to get my daughter involved this year and make a few!  Here’s how we made them:

DIY Toddler Made Valentines

Since it’s Valentine’s Day, I decided to use some pink colours.  I spread some paint over a large piece of paper like so:

DIY Toddler Made Valentines

And then let my daughter to her thing:

DIY Toddler Made Valentines

Let it dry overnight so it’s totally dry.      DIY Toddler Made Valentines

Use a pencil to mark off how big you would like your valentines to be.  I chose to make mine 3″ x 2.75″.  I wanted to make them fairly small, just like the ones I would have given out in elementary school.

DIY Toddler Made Valentines

Next, we cut the valentines!

DIY Toddler Made Valentines

Every part of the paper looked different, so each valentine is slightly different.

DIY Toddler Made Valentines

Then, using a sharpie, I wrote some valentines messages on the front (examples include “xoxo” “be my valentine” and “you’re sweet”, but you can write anything you want!)

Toddler Made Valentines

Then, on the back, I wrote “To:” and “From:”, just like the commercial valentines.

DIY Toddler Made Valentines

Now they’re ready to give out!

Happy Valentine’s Day!


First Birthday

8 Feb

I know that it’s been 3 months (yikes) since Autumn turned one, but I figured that late was better than never! ;)

The theme we chose for Autumn’s first birthday party was Super Mario Bros, or “1-Up!”  It was a really fun theme, and we could really stick with it with decor and food.  Plus, I really loved Super Mario Brothers growing up, and it was a great excuse to get out the old Nintendo and play some, too!

Here are some of the pictures from Autumn’s first birthday:

First Birthday - Memory Wall

Since I had been taking monthly pictures of Autumn, I decided to put them all up side by side in a memory wall of her first year!  I really liked the way it turned out, and I love that everyone was able to see how much she grew over her first year.
Then, I made a blackboard inspired infographic on black poster board, which showed a lot of Autumn’s favourite things at one.  Her favourite foods, favourite song, and the words she had said at the time, as well as the skills she had already learned.  It was a nice way of showing people the kinds of things Autumn had been up to lately (at that time).  It was fun to make as well!

1 Up

Here’s Autumn with her 1-up banner!  The two mushrooms were also her invitations.  So everyone who came had received one of those as well.

First Birthday

A special chair for the birthday girl

First Birthday First Birthday

Green and pink cupcakes (for Luigi and Princess Peach), with the pink one being the very first cupcake that Autumn ever got to eat.

First Birthday

And she loved it! I don’t think there were any crumbs at all.  She ate the entire thing.

For food, we had a veggie and fruit platter, red and green M&M’s (for turtle shells), chips and dip, and other various candies (which I am having a hard time remembering because I never actually ate any of it haha).  We also had Pink Princess Peach Lemonade, and regular lemonade, and the lovely pink and green cupcakes.

It was such a great day, and we felt super blessed by those who were able to be there with us to celebrate our little girl <3


Why to (Quickly) Re-Watch Full House before Fuller House starts

5 Feb

Why to Rewatch Full House

I am a big fan of rewatching old shows.  I’ve recently done a rewatch on Sex and the City, The Hills, and Friends.  I even tried to rewatch Mad About You, but Netflix took it away before I could finish. away before I could finish. So, when I heard that Full House was making a comeback, I was glad it was one of the first of Netflix’s clever “revival” shows, and I knew that it to be my next show!  (And I wrote a little something about that here)

My favourite thing about rewatching shows like this is that I can watch them all in a row and I don’t have to wait to get new episodes.  It’s super handy that all 8 seasons are on Netflix.  It’s also great that they’re only about 23 minutes long, so I could periodically watch an episode while I ate lunch or nursed my daughter, and not feel like I’m making a huge commitment.

That being said, Netflix is pulling Full House off of Canadian Netflix in approximately one week on February 15, so if this is the way you watch the show, you better do it quick!!  But it’s pretty perfect timing, because Fuller House starts February 26!  So there’s still lots of time to rewatch Full House before that happens, and here’s why you should:

  1. To reacquaint yourself with the characters
    Who are the Tanners? What happened to their mom?  Why is Kimmy Gibbler always there? And why does Joey Gladstone live there, too?  All these questions can be answered by starting at season one of Full House!
    But for real, a reminder of where these characters came from the last time we were all together in the Full House is a great idea because it will remind you why you loved the show in the first place, this tight knit family!
    Also, to reacquaint yourself with that House!! That house is MASSIVE!  It starts out with a regular garage, that gets turned into a bedroom, that gets turned into a music studio.  And an attic, which gets turned into an ad agency, which gets turned into an apartment.  Plus the layout is pretty interesting.  Honestly, I would love to be able to check out the inside of that house.
  2. To see the great (and not so great) late 80’s/early 90’s fashion
    Oh man, some of these outfits are hilarious.  Others, are pretty on point even right now.  Knowing how to tell the difference is a big thing though.  Generally speaking, Aunt Becky has pretty great style.  The girls start out with the terrible late 80’s kids clothes, and eventually get to wear the stylish 90’s grunge looks that you can find on Tumblr today!
  3. To remember why it’s actually a good thing Michelle is not going to be there
    I would have to say that Michelle and Joey are tied for the two most annoying characters on the show.  So, it’s not really bad that the Olsen twins won’t be returning for Fuller House (and nor will their sister, who does look a lot like them), it’s actually a blessing.  Sorry, Michelle fans! She’s the worst!
  4. To be excited that it looks like DJ is going to be the main character of Fuller House
    DJ Tanner, on the other hand, is probably the best character on the show.  Maybe tied with Aunt Becky.  It totally makes sense that she would be at the centre of the new version of the show, too.  I wrote more about why DJ is the best in my last post about Full House.
  5. For the cheese factor
    You can’t rewatch this show without noticing how totally and utterly cheesy it is.  Mostly in a good way, but I know people who tried to watch this show again but couldn’t based on how cheesy it is.  Maybe it’s my pregnancy hormones, or maybe I just didn’t mind it that much, but I rather enjoyed the cheese.  Just don’t watch it expecting it to be a very serious show.  It is incredibly cheesy.  Going in knowing that will make it that much more enjoyable.

Alternatively, if you want to remember what kinds of shennanigans the Tanners got themselves into, but you don’t really have the time to rewatch 8 full seasons.. you can always just read this blog – Full House Reviewed.  They even review the unofficial Full House Lifetime move!  Though I must warn you, it is mostly mocking the show, so if that’s not what you’re into I wouldn’t recommend it ;)

Are you excited for the release of Fuller House?  I’m really excited, and I’m also pretty excited to see what other shows will be remade, too!  Let me know what you think in the comments, I’m hoping for Gilmore Girls!


the importance of printed photographs…

4 Feb

the importance of printed photographs

I’m a big fan of actual physical photographs in real photo albums.  When I was growing up, one of my favourite things to do was to look back at all the photos starting at my birth, and going forward.  It was so interesting to me to be able to see my baby pictures, as well as the baby pictures of my siblings.  More recently, it was important to me to have these kinds of albums, too!  That way, my kids would be able to look back at old photos of them.  I also printed out photos from the first few years of my marriage, and I have other albums from when I was in high school.  They’re just fun to look at, and great to post on throw back Thursdays on Instagram and Facebook.

Last week, my Avil (my grandfather) passed away, and I was able to take on a task that would be a great help to my parents, aunts and uncles:  to scan photographs of him and create a slideshow for the reception after the funeral.  It ended up taking pretty well a full day, but all the time put into it was so worth it.  There were pictures from when he was in the Navy, pictures from his wedding to my Amma, and all kinds of pictures of when the cousins were growing up.  It meant a lot to me to be able to do this, because it meant that I got to spend the whole day with him, and see so many parts of his life.  If a picture is worth a thousand words, those pictures told thousands of stories with millions of words.

So now, I think that printed photographs are even more important to me.  It’s so important to be able to look back and see all the pictures of this crazy thing we call life.  So, friends and family, don’t be surprised if I start taking more photos going forward ;)


Bump Update: 25 weeks

3 Feb

25 weeks, maternity style, baby bump,

dress: Modcloth Stylish Surprise // necklace: c/o The Vintage Honey Shop // bracelet: Pandora

25 weeks, maternity style, baby bump, 25 weeks, maternity style, baby bump, 25 weeks, maternity style, baby bump, 25 weeks, maternity style, baby bump, 25 weeks, maternity style, baby bump,

25 Weeks down, 15 weeks to go!  Yikes! When I write it like that it seems SO SHORT!  It’s going to totally flash by, too, isn’t it?

This week, my baby is the size of a dragon’s egg, a package of Oreo cookies, or a can of WD-40!  He’s growing lots in there and moving around a lot, too.  Apparently, he now knows which way is up and down.. which would explain all the kicks in newer places.  The other day, I got kicked in two places at once.. so we might have another little gymnast on our hands.  Autumn did the same thing, it was pretty fun!  He’s growing more fat and hair in there, too.

I’ve been feeling pretty good though.  No major complaints here!  No stretch marks, and my belly button is still (sadly) and innie.  I doubt it will ever be an outie though.  That didn’t happen in my first pregnancy either.

I just need to talk about this dress.  I ordered in the last Stylish Surprise that Modcloth did last month, and this was the dress I got.  It is just PERFECT!  I can wear it now and not stretch it out, AND it’s also great for breastfeeding.  I kind of expected that I would receive something I couldn’t wear for a while, so I was very happy to receive something that I actually can!  I love the colour, too.

Hope you’re having a great week!


25 Weeks Pregnant with Autumn (wow! look how green everything was!!)

A few of my favourite blogs part 3

2 Feb

a few of my favourite blogs

Here is the last list of my current favourite blogs!  When I was going through and picking out some of my favourites from my bloglovin’ feed, it quickly became apparent that I needed to split it up into multiple posts!  You can find the first two here and here.  Below you will find a few more of my favourite blogs:

Missy Sue
This blog gives me total hair envy!  Not only are her hairstyles amazing, but I absolutely love the fact that she was able to do these hairstyles with a new born.  I would like to know how please!! ;)  But for real, that blog makes me actually want to do things with my hair, so it’s pretty cool.

Oak and Oats
Another fave! She has a lot of great tips for bloggers as well as just things about life and style.  I very much enjoy reading this blog.

Oh So Lovely Vintage
These girls are locals, and they used to own a vintage shop in the exchange.  It’s super fun to see what new things they come up with!

Seven Graces
Another favourite of mine! I love her style, as well as how she incorporates her children into her blog.  It’s so much fun to be able to watch them grow.

This is another local blogger.  She posts mostly the vintage things she finds at various thrifts stores in the city, and it makes me really really want to go thrift shopping!  She also has an etsy shop for some of her vintage finds.

What are your favourite blogs at the moment?



happy day

1 Feb

Last week was a pretty rough week, so I thought I’d collect some of my fave links from the last little while here as a happy start to this week!

Moments like this

A super fun event happening this month!!

What’s making you happy this week?


Bump Update: 24 Weeks

27 Jan

maternity style, baby bump, sweetlegs,

shirt: thrifted // leggings: Sweetlegs // necklace: c/o The Vintage Honey Shop // hairband: F21

maternity style, baby bump, sweetlegs, maternity style, baby bump, sweetlegs, mama style, maternity, baby bump

This week, the baby is as big as a cantelope, or an Atlantic Puffin!  His skin is becoming more opaque, and less see through.  He has been moving around a LOT!  I still haven’t gotten any stretch marks, or the linea nigra just yet, but I’m sure one or both will be here soon.  I have been having some soreness, but mostly on days when I try to do what I can only assume is “too much” (otherwise, I wouldn’t be feeling that way, right?). Overall, though, this week has been kind of crummy (mostly crummy, with some happy moments anyway), so there’s really not much to report aside from the fact that this baby is a kicker!

Hope your week has been better than mine <3


24 Weeks Pregnant with Autumn


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