Baby Review: Bummis Diapers!

bummis diaper review

Recently, I recieved a set of cloth diapers to review.  I’ve been cloth diapering Autumn for nearly two years (eek!) and I love using cloth diapers!  I received two diapers from BUMMIS, one that is an all in one, and one that is a swim diaper.

bummis diaper review

First of all, how freaking adorable is this diaper.  I almost didn’t want to put a bathing suit bottom on to cover it up! It’s so cute.  It works perfectly for swimming in any kind of water.  And I love that it’s gender neutral, so I can use this with either of my children.

bummis diaper review bummis diaper review

I need to gush over how adorable this diaper is as well.  I love the little woodland creatures on this diaper, and Autumn had fun pointing out the fox and the owl and birds.  She is really into animals right now, so this diaper was really fun for her to wear as well.  Plus, the cuteness!

I had never used an all in one before, and I must say that it’s so easy to use.  Lately, I have been stuffing the diapers after I wash them, and that takes extra time.  With an all in one, it’s pretty much ready to go right out of the dryer.  I don’t have to do anything extra with the liners or anything.  It makes cloth diapering that much easier.

bummis diaper review


I also really loved learning about the company that makes these.  BUMMI is a Canadian company that uses fabrics sourced in North America.  It’s made right in Montreal!  I love that about these diapers.  They use organic cotton, and believe in sustainability as well.  Overall, I really enjoy these diapers and I think I need to get more, too 😉



I received these diapers in exchange for my honest review. All opinions and thoughts expressed here are my own.

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DIY Little Tikes Kitchen Renovation

DIY Little Tikes Kitchen Renovation

One of the best things we acquired recently (and when I say “recently”, I mean “more than a year ago”) was this Little Tikes kitchen.  We received it from our old church.  It had been donated to them years and years ago, and actually Andrew says that it is the exact same one that his mother donated to the church.  So, in essence, our daughter is playing with the same kitchen that once belonged to her father and uncle.  So it’s a pretty special kitchen.

I was happy to receive it, too.  It’s such a cute little kitchen.  Except, I wasn’t such a huge fan of the colours.  But that’s so easy to change!  I decided to do a little DIY project with it.

Here’s what you need:
Plastic play kitchen
PLASTIC spray paint – I purchased the spray paint from Rona.  It’s meant specifically for plastic furniture that stays outside, so it works really well for a toy like this that will potentially be wiped down a lot.
Basic tools
Newspaper and Masking tape

Here’s how you do it!

Step One: Decide what you want to paint
diy little tikes kitchen renovation
For me, I was not a big fan of the bright yellow and green, so I knew that I wanted to paint the roof section as well as the sink/stove top sections.  I didn’t paint the actual phone, but I did paint the phone holder.

Step Two: Take it apart
diy little tikes kitchen renovation    diy little tikes kitchen renovation diy little tikes kitchen renovation diy little tikes kitchen renovation diy little tikes kitchen renovation

There are quite a few little bolts like the ones pictured above.  I used a wrench to get the yellow plastic part off, and then a regular screwdriver to get the bolts out.  It was actually significantly easier than I anticipated and didn’t take very long at all.

Next, I needed to figure out how to take off the sink portion.  The tap came off very easily, as did the knobs.  There were hidden bolts that were made of plastic under the sticker, and those were pretty much ruined when I tried to remove them.  It was  hard to get this portion off.

diy little tikes kitchen renovation

Under the sink, I had to take off a metal loop, and then the sink/stove top came off!

diy little tikes kitchen renovation

Step Three: Clean it!

diy little tikes kitchen renovation diy little tikes kitchen renovation

As you can see, the inside of the sink/range was pretty dusty.  This kitchen is from the 1990’s and was well loved.  I just hosed it off because it was spring at the time.

Step Four: Remove Stickers
diy little tikes kitchen renovation
This was actually much harder than I thought it was going to be.  After sitting there attempting to peel the stickers off, my husband and I found that the best way to accomplish this easily was to use a hair dryer!  He was able to get all the stickers off in one piece very easily just by using heat.  Pro tip 😉
We just removed the stickers on the sides and the one going around the roof portion, but we kept the stove top stickers, and the stickers to indicate the vent on the inside of the roof.

Step Five: Cover the stickers you wish to keep

diy little tikes kitchen renovation

Here are the parts that I wanted to paint.  I needed to cover the grills and the vent stickers.

diy little tikes kitchen renovation diy little tikes kitchen renovation

I used newspaper and masking tape.

diy little tikes kitchen renovation

Step Six: Paint!

diy little tikes kitchen renovation diy little tikes kitchen renovation
diy little tikes kitchen renovation

I chose to do the roof of the kitchen a mint green, and the sink/stove top in silver.  I wanted it to look similar to a stainless steel counter top.

Step Seven: Let it cure
The best tip that I got from a friend who had painted a different Little Tikes toy was that they didn’t leave it for long enough.  I think I left it for too long though.  I let the first few coats cure for about 4 months.  Not because it needed it, but because I had a baby right after I started.  That step is totally optional 😉
I did my final coats after four months, and then let it cure for about a week.  If you’re wanting to get it done faster than I did, waiting a week will be long enough to let it cure.

Step Eight: Put it back together!
DIY Little Tikes Kitchen Renovation

Et voila!  It was hard to remember which bolt went where after more than four months, and I did have a black bolt left over that I’m not sure where it came from, but there you go!

DIY Little Tikes Kitchen Renovation DIY Little Tikes Kitchen Renovation DIY Little Tikes Kitchen Renovation

And my daughter loves it.. which is really the important part 😉


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Aiden at 4 months

4 month old 4 month old

My little gentleman is 4 months old!

It’s crazy how fast time is going by.  He’s growing so much and learning so much every day.  He’s currently sleeping most of the night in the crib.  He wakes up a few times in the night for cuddles and to eat.  He knows how to roll from his back to his stomach and back again, which has made for some scary little moments when he’s tried to roll off the bed.  He’s very strong and loves kicking.

Aiden’s favourite song is Rainbow Connection.  He likes watching his sister do ANYTHING.  A new thing that he’s doing is, if he’s fine but he sees Autumn getting upset, he starts getting upset, too.  It’s like he sees that she is upset and thinks “Oh, is this what we’re doing now?” and gets upset with her.  Even if he was previously totally happy.  It’s very cute.

He’s currently in sizes 3-6, as well as 6 months and 9 months clothes, depending on the brand.  He’s the sweetest little guy.  He loves to laugh, he loves to grab at toys and my hair.  He loves to be held.  Aiden’s favourite toys are Captain Calamari, and any toy that is colourful and makes noise.  He also loves to suck/chew on his wrist or my wrist.

Can’t wait to see what the next month has in store for us <3


Autumn at 4 months old 

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Musings from a Parent whose kid is OBSESSED with Beauty and the Beast

Things You'll Notice When You Watch Beauty and the Beast with your kids

Like a lot of people, my child is currently obsessed with the movie Beauty and the Beast.  It’s probably her favourite movie, besides Frozen.  But I’m talking obsessed.  We’ve had a number of rainy/cold days in the last little while.. and when that happens, we watch TV.  And so I ask, “Autumn, what would you like to watch?” and her answer lately has always been “BEAST” haha  So I’ve watched it pretty much daily for the last little while.  And here are things that I think of when I watch it:

01 // How old was the Beast when he was cursed?
So, at the beginning when they are setting up the story, the narrator tells us that the enchanted rose will last until his 21st year.  Later on, Lumiere says that “10 years we’ve been rusting” in the song Be My Guest.  Since the rose is very close to being done, this means that when the Beast became the Beast, he was about 10 or 11 years old.  If that is true, where the heck are his parents when this creepy old lady comes to the door?  Why is the prince the one to answer it? Where are all these servants at that time?? So many questions.

02 // Chip was definitely born as a teacup
If it’s been 10 years since the castle got cursed, that means that Chip was born as a teacup.  He’s clearly younger than 10, especially since at the end they show his mother carrying him.  So who’s the daddy then? Is there a kettle they don’t show? Was it Lumiere?  Hard to say.  But it makes sense as to why Chip asks if he still has to sleep in the cupboard at the end.  THAT IS ALL HE KNOWS!

03 // I really want to see what the wardrobe looks like as a human!!
In the song Human Again, we see that the wardrobe wants to be able to wear makeup and dresses (and not be so huge).. which makes me really curious as to what she looks like as a human! My husband pointed out a woman in the final scene that COULD be the wardrobe, but you don’t see her face.

04 // That scene where Gaston goes to marry Belle
In this scene, Gaston is chasing Belle around the room.. and she’s trying to put furniture space between them.  He is such a creep.

05 // How some of the enchanted things have eyes/faces/names, and some don’t
Lumiere, Cogsworth, Mrs Potts.. etc.. they all have faces and names.  Yet, there are some enchanted objects who don’t have faces or names.  It is my theory that the ones that had names were people.. and the ones that didn’t were actually inanimate objects to begin with.  My husband suggested that perhaps there could have been some kind of competition between the ones with names and the nameless ones… because for the ones without names, once the enchantment is over, they’re just regular objects again.. so you’d think maybe they didn’t want the enchantment to be lifted.  Something to think about 😉

There you go.  There’s my over-analysis of Beauty and the Beast 😉 What have you noticed about it in rewatching it as an adult?


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What I Love about Babywearing

sakura bloom love Babywearing at Assiniboine Park Zoo

It’s International Babywearing Week from October 5-10th!  And, as you can see, I am a big fan.  I currently have two baby carriers, and I love using them for so many reasons.  I thought I’d share them with you here in honour of this week!

Here are 5 Things I Love About Babywearing

01 // Instant Nap
For both my babies, babywearing was a great way to get them to actually have a nap.  Autumn always slept in my arms, and Aiden tries to.. but has a hard time sleeping in my arms due to chasing Autumn around… but when I plunk him in the wrap, he falls asleep right away.

02 // Hands-free
Babywearing is a wonderful way to be hands free during the day.  Currently, I babywear when I’m going for walks with Autumn in the stroller.  I have also worn my babies when I want to cook, or when I’m doing light cleaning around the house.  I also like to babywear at bigger events and parties.  That way, I’m able to enjoy myself and mingle without worrying about a little one getting cranky.

04 // Discretely breastfeeding
Babywearing is a great way to discretely breastfeed in public.  Others can’t tell what I’m doing, and I can walk freely around the grocery store while breastfeeding AT THE SAME TIME. It’s pretty much the best thing ever.

05 // The closeness
Above all, I love babywearing because of the extra cuddles I get.  I love having my little ones close to me like that, and the benefits of babywearing for the baby are HUGE.

What are your favourite things about babywearing?


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Why I Love Jane the Virgin

Why I Love Jane the Virgin

It’s that time of year again! The time when all your favourite shows start coming back, and all your future favourite shows are starting.  I am here to tell you today about one of my current favourite shows.  As someone who generally only watches her television shows on Netflix, this is one show that I will actually keep up with.  Jane the Virgin is so good, but here’s why I love it:

01 // The DRAMA!
First and formost, Jane the Virgin is essentially a telenovela.  The drama is the biggest part of the show.  If you are unfamiliar with the premise, a woman who is saving herself for marriage gets accidentally artifically inseminated by her OB/GYN.  CRAY. And there’s so much more than that!  Long lost fathers, evil twin half-sisters, love, hate.  It’s all good.

02 // The relationship she has with her mother and grandmother
Jane has an amazing relationship with her family, and it’s hugely apparent that her family is the most important thing to her.  It’s refreshing to see a young character who is actively getting advice from her mom/grandma.

03 // It shows some of the realities of being a new mom
Since she was artifgically inseminated, Jane is pregnant for all of season one, and then is a new mama for season two.  Jane the Virgin shows interesting/fun things about pregnancy and postpartum.  I could really relate to it when I first started watching when I was pregnant with my first, and now as I’m a mama of two.  It’s totally relatable that way.

04 // The Love Triangle
Michael or Raphael? (#teamraphael) There’s beautiful romantic scenes with both.  HOW CAN SHE CHOOSE??

05 // Jane
Jane is such an amazing character.  She’s thrown a lot of crazy dramatic situations, and she handles them amazingly.  She’s got to be one of my favourite characters of all time.  She’s smart, strong, funny, just so much fun to watch.

Jane the Virgin Season 3 premieres next Monday!! You could totally watch the first two seasons before the release.  It’s totally that compelling 😉


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eShakti Dress Review

I was recently given the opportunity to review a customized dress from and I’m so excited to share my review with you here!

eShakti dress review

dress: c/o eShakti // shoes: Target // clutch: homemade // bracelet: Pandora

eShakti dress review eShakti dress review eShakti dress review

I was so excited when I was contacted by eShakti to review one of their beautiful dresses on my blog.  The entire experiences was really fun.  There were a lot of dresses to choose from, and it was difficult to make a decision.  Plus, it’s really cool how easy it is to customize each dress and make it your own.  I chose this dress because it reminded me of a Frozen/Belle crossover.  It’s not a colour that I normally wear, but I love how bright and vibrant it is.

When it came to customizing the dress, there were quite a few options, and again, I had a lot of fun choosing what to customize.  You could add pockets, change the hemline, change the collar, or change the sleeves.  It was so easy to make the specific customizations according to my style.  And, I really like how with eShakti, it’s not about a specific numbered size, and everyone has to fit into what that size is supposed to be.  eShakti is based on your body, and your personal measurements.  I really liked going through and choosing how I wanted my dress to look.  My dress also arrived very soon after it was shipped, which was amazing.  One of my pet peeves with ordering online is how long it can take, but this took no time at all to come. The quality of the dress is also really good.  I feel like I’ll be able to wear this dress for a really long time.

And great news! You can use the code ‘alysalovely’ to get 10% off your order from!  You can use the code until October 28, 2016, you can add it to other codes and use it as often as you like 😉
You can also check them out on Facebook, Pinterest and Twitter <3


I received this dress at no charge in exchange for my honest review, and all the opinions stated here are my own.

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Half Moon Drive In

Half Moon Diner Half Moon Diner Half Moon Diner

dress: thrifted // jacket: Forever 21 // scarf: Little Stitches By Brandi Little // shoes: Target

Half Moon Diner

On the way out to the retreat last weekend, we stopped at the Half Moon Drive In for dinner.  It’s such a cute little retro restaurant that I had to take some pictures.  We both got double bacon cheeseburgers (which, I thought that meant it was going to be double bacon.. it was double burgers haha) and milkshakes.  It’s a super cute restaurant and a definite must see in Manitoba (in my opinion).  Plus, it was just fun to go get something to eat at an interesting and unique restaurant.  And, I had never been there before.  It was great!


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Baby, Baby! Book Review & Giveaway

Baby, Baby by Diane Stortz

I am so excited to be able to review the board book Baby, Baby! by Diane Stortz!  It’s a perfect little book for  both of my babies.  It is absolutely adorable.  It describes all the thing that babies do in the sweetest little rhyme.  It also explains how much God loves babies, and how much God loves the reader!

It finishes with a mirror, and there’s a place where mama or daddy can write their child’s name.  It’s so cute that it can be personalized to the child reading the book.  God loves us all, and children benefit when they are included in the story.

I also really love that it is a board book.  My daughter loves reading, and she’s been able to turn pages on books since she was about 6-7 months old, and I hope that my son will have the same passion for reading as well.  Board books are a great way for little ones to learn how to turn pages in books, without accidentally ripping them.  Plus, the interactiveness of the mirror is a lot of fun for little ones.

Baby, Baby by Diane Stortz

My daughter especially loved to look at the little mirror at the end of the book.

This is a really fun book to add to our regular rotation!

I also have a copy of the book to give away! Just do the activities in this rafflecopter to enter.  I will announce a winner here in one week.  Giveaway is open to Canada and the Continental U.S.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

And, if you’d like to purchase the book, you can do so here!


I received this book at no cost to me in exchange for my honest review, all opinions stated here are my own.

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