Happy March!

There’s something about the beginning of March that I find really nice.  It means that spring is right around the corner!  I know that it’s cold now, and that it snowed yesterday (and potentially today), but March is spring to me.  It’s nice to be able to think about nicer weather and see it in the direct future.  January and February are always always cold, but March is like the start of spring.  I love it!

Here are some other things making me happy this week:

This list of 25 things new moms should know.  I really enjoyed reading that list, as a new mom :)

I’m OBSESSED with this performance:

I love it.

Have an excellent week!


Books of 2015: February

February Reads

02. Choose Your Own Autobiography by Neil Patrick Harris
I really enjoyed this book. It was fun to read the story as NPH, I loved the concept of a choose your own adventure book when applied to an autobiography. As NPH, I was a young doctor on tv, hosted an award show, met the love of my life and started a family, hung out with Harold and Kumar, and met your mother.  I also got killed by piranhas, spoiler alert ;) I’m pretty sure I missed some stuff, but it was a good read!!

03. Yes Please by Amy Poehler
I LOVED this book! Her stories were funny and interesting to read, and I really liked hearing about behind the scenes stuff from SNL.  Plus, she had some pretty good advice, and as a new mama some of her mommy stories were really great to read.  All in all, this book had pretty much everything I want to read about right now.  Loved it!!

04. The Family Blessing by Rolf Garborg
This was a pretty interesting read.  It was basically about why to give your child a daily blessing.  I’m really excited to be able to do this with Autumn.  We were given this as a gift when she was born, and we’ve been trying to bless her nightly.  Even though she doesn’t know what we’re doing just yet, it’s nice to be able to share a blessing over her, even if it’s just for ourselves at the moment.  I’m excited to do this for years to come.

What have you been reading lately?


red dress

new mama style

dress: gift // socks: F21 //

new mama style new mama style new mama style


Going into the beginning of March, I’m dreaming of warmer weather.  I’m excited to be able to go for walks outside, and taking my daughter to the park to play.  I’m excited to see how she’ll react to these things.  It’s been pretty cold lately, and all we’ve been able to do is stay home.  On days like that, it’s really easy to get dressed up!  When we don’t have to actually go outside, it gives us a good excuse to put on things that we wouldn’t want to wear outside when it’s as cold as it has been.

Hope you’re staying warmer where you are <3


The Peony Project Instagram Takeover!

I’m so excited to be part of such an awesome group online.  The Peony Project has been a real blessing to me in terms of community and fellowship.  I love being able to have a group of women to chat to about God, blogging and anything else under the sun.  Today, I’ll be taking over the Peony Project instagram!  So check it out here!


new mama problems

new mama problems

when your husband gets home and you’ve already changed the poopy diaper

when new sweatpants counts as a treat

when showering by yourself is a luxury and grocery shopping by yourself is a holiday

when your adorable little baby looks up at you and smiles… then spits up all over you

all the extra stuff you need to leave the house

when none of your shirts fit because your boobs are so big

buying all new clothes that work well with breastfeeding

when you think back on how you stayed up all night when you were younger, for no reason, and hating your past self for doing that

when you miss being able to have a hot cup of coffee

when you forget your coffee in the microwave, because you didn’t drink it fast enough, and then you find it the next day when you’re trying to put in today’s coffee that you didn’t drink fast enough

What other new mama problems have you experienced?


animal print

new mama style


shirt: F21 // scarf: gift // jeans: Bluenotes



new mama style new mama style


How is February treating you?  We’ve been super busy over the last little while, though we’ve been having less appointments out, which is super nice.  Lately, I’ve been participating in a style challenge on Instagram! It’s called #StyleMeFeb!  It’s been a lot of fun, but it’s made me realize how much I’m missing from my closet.  This was for animal spots, which I figured that zebra stripes were close enough ;)  It has also been pretty challenging though.  There are so many days where all I want to do is wear sweatpants and leggings, and it’s hard to find things in my closet that will work well with breastfeeding.  Otherwise, it has actually been challenging, but also really fun!  Check out my Instagram @Alysalovely to follow along!


Happy Louis Riel Day!

or Happy Valentine’s Day weekend!
Did you do anything fun for Valentine’s Day this weekend?  My husband and I went on a date without our daughter for the first time since she was born.  We left our daughter at my parents house and went for sushi.  It was awesome to be able to be out by ourselves.  Autumn slept the whole time she was there, too, which was slightly disappointing for my parents ;)

Louis Riel day is the best though.  My husband gets the day off of work, so we’re going to be eating waffles!  The best!

Here are some other things making me happy this week:

A mom who let her daughter style her for a week.  I can’t wait to do this with Autumn!

7 ways friendships change after having kids

This list ranking all the Not Ready For Prime Time Players from all 40 years of SNL. It’s pretty horrible and great at the same time.

Have a great week!



Why we’re giving up TV for lent

Lent is starting next Wednesday, and we’ve been thinking about what we were going to give up for a little while.  Last year, we gave up caffeine, and I also gave up alcohol and pop.  Because I was secretly pregnant.  This year, we’re going to give up TV.  As a new mom, I watch a LOTT of TV.  I’m finding that it’s becoming too much TV.  So, here’s why we’re giving up TV for Lent:

First Thought: I should give up TV for Lent!
Second Thought: NOO!
Third Thought: Sigh.. that means I probably need to give up TV for Lent.

So there you go.  We’re giving up TV for Lent.

What are you giving up for Lent this year?


Happy 3 Months!

new mama style
shirt: H&M // scarf: gift // jeans: Bluenotes
new mama style new mama style


It’s almost crazy to think that I’m the mama of a 3 month old.  The last three months kind of flew by, and I barely remember the first month.  I recently received one of those baby memory calendars as a gift, so I’ve been trying to go back and put down things that happened within those first three months.  It’s really hard to remember what exactly happened in November, especially for those first few weeks.  Luckily, I’m a planner and I really like writing down what I’m going to do in my day planner.. so I could pick out some of the things we did in there.

This girl is a total joy, though, and I love getting to know her every day.  She’s at the point in time where she prefers mama and daddy, and I have absolutely no problem with that.  ;)


why to re-watch the Indiana Jones Trilogy (and why to skip them)

Why to rewatch Indiana Jones

I have fond memories of watching the Indiana Jones Trilogy as a little girl, and recently was able to rewatch them on tv as an adult! I definitely noticed different things now than I noticed as a child.  Here are my reasons for giving the Indiana Jones Trilogy (3 movies only) a rewatch, and why you might want to skip it.

Why to watch:
1. Young Harrison Ford
Have you seen how good Harrison Ford looks in these movies? He is looking all kinds of cute!  The 80’s were definitely his time period, that is for sure.

2. the Score
The score for these movies is SO perfect.  It just makes every scene.  Plus, my husband and I walked up the aisle at the end of our wedding ceremony to the theme from Indiana Jones, so we obviously love it.

3. Fun adventure stories
Overall, the stories are really fun to watch.  The way it’s filmed is really fun, and the stories and plot are amazing.  If you haven’t seen them, I would totally watch them!  Especially the Last Crusade.  That one is my favourite.

Why to skip:
1. Seem super racist
Especially Temple of Doom.

2. They’re terrifying
Especially Temple of Doom.  But all of them have some kind of scene with rats or snakes or bugs and it’s pretty terrifying.

3. Terrible roles for women
It’s the basic Bond Girl mentality.  There is one woman in each, and she’s either super in love with Indy, or she’s his biggest enemy OR BOTH!!  Definitely would not pass the Bechdel test, but there’re really not supposed to.

Basically, just skip Temple of Doom ;)

Which one is your favourite Indiana Jones movie?