Love from May Market

I am SO excited to announce that the first May Market of 2018 is THIS FRIDAY!  Join our group and come see all the love-ly goodies we’re all offering.  We have two guest vendors with all new things, and each of our returning vendors are working hard to showcase some truly adorable goodies.

It starts THIS FRIDAY at 7PM Central!  Hope to see you there :* (Just join here!!)


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Our Valentine’s Day!

Yesterday was Valentine’s Day, and it was so much fun with two little ones this year.  Last year, we made some cute Valentines for our friends and family.  This year, Autumn coloured pre-made Valentines and we gave those to family.  It was a lot of fun!

This year was also really fun!  I spent the day with my two adorable little ones.  They wore special Valentine’s Day bonnets, and outfits I picked out special.  Autumn LOVES bunnies, so I was so happy to find this little shirt from Joe Fresh.  I was a little disappointed with the variety of Valentine’s Day clothes in the baby boy section, but I am in LOVE with the shirt I found for Aiden.  It’ll fit him for a while, too, which will be so great since it’s adorable!

For dinner, I made us pizza twists, and for dessert: Chocolate Lasagna! (though, a pink-ified version 😉 )

Then, what was probably the best Valentine’s Day present ever, both babies went to bed super easily and we got to have our romantic date night-in!  We watched Armageddon and had dessert, and Starbucks.

It was a lovely day <3

How was your Valentine’s Day?


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Valentine’s Day Ideas for Parents

Valentine’s Day is coming up and as a parent of little ones, sometimes that means figuring out a date night for after bedtime, right in your own home!  I love stay-in date nights, especially in the winter, because you don’t have to go anywhere, you don’t have to go out in the cold, and you don’t have to scramble for a sitter. Win-Win!  Here are a few ideas for the perfect Valentine’s Day Date Night In <3

This post contains affiliate links. If a purchase is made through the use of one of my recommendations, I may receive a small commission, which would be a lovely little blessing for my family

Alright, let’s set the scene.  The kids are in their beds, they’re actually asleep!  It’s Valentine’s Day. You and your significant other go to the dining room to enjoy a romantic Valentine’s Day Date Night In.  What do you need?

01 // A pretty candle to make your after dinner desert romantic
I like having a candle burning of ambiance, but especially on Valentine’s Day!  We’ll have a nice dessert and a hot beverage, and have a candle going!  It’ll be so lovely.

02 // Matching Couples Mugs for your coffee or tea
What’s better than Luke & Leia quotes for your Valentine’s Day Date?  The lines are classic, plus, it’s really cute to have matching mugs <3

03 // A game to play for two
What could be more romantic then trying to get your affections known by the princess?  Love Letter is a fun game to play with two or more, so it’s perfect for a date night with your love.  It’s also really easy to play, and quick, so it works well if you don’t have a lot of time to play!

04 // A gift to personalize for your love
It’s fun to write cute messages to each other, and this journal is even cuter because you can write in whatever you want in an adorable package!

05 // Couples Pillowcases … to end the night 😉
I love the idea of matching pillowcases for the bed, and these are just darling!  <3

What are your plans for Valentine’s Day?


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Valentine’s Gift Guide for a Pregnant Mama

Valentine's Day Gift Guide for Pregnant Mamas

A Lily Jade Purse!
I’ve been drooling over these bags for over a year now, pretty much since Autumn was born or maybe even before that.  I would love to own one, especially now that I have a second on the way.

A prenatal massage
The prenatal massage I got during my first pregnancy was amazing and as this pregnancy goes on, it would be nice to be that relaxed again.

Candy Box
Have you heard of this? It’s a subscription box for CANDY!! Super perfect for me.  The only thing I need to do before getting something like this is for sure passing my gestational diabetes test 😉

Bath Bombs
Bath bombs are practically my best friends right now.  So amazing.  I need more!!  My favourite are the ones from Lush, because they have such a wide variety.

Going to get my hair cut
I just need to be pampered! And my hair could definitely use a trim, and my scalp a massage as well.

I know that most of these are the things I want for Valentine’s Day, but I really think that any pregnant mama would be interested in these things because they’re all about relaxation, and being taken care of and pampered.  What mom wouldn’t want that? 😉

What would you like to receive for Valentine’s Day?



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DIY Toddler Made Valentines

DIY Toddler Made Valentines

I haven’t made Valentines in a few years, but thought it would be fun to get my daughter involved this year and make a few!  Here’s how we made them:

DIY Toddler Made Valentines

Since it’s Valentine’s Day, I decided to use some pink colours.  I spread some paint over a large piece of paper like so:

DIY Toddler Made Valentines

And then let my daughter to her thing:

DIY Toddler Made Valentines

Let it dry overnight so it’s totally dry.      DIY Toddler Made Valentines

Use a pencil to mark off how big you would like your valentines to be.  I chose to make mine 3″ x 2.75″.  I wanted to make them fairly small, just like the ones I would have given out in elementary school.

DIY Toddler Made Valentines

Next, we cut the valentines!

DIY Toddler Made Valentines

Every part of the paper looked different, so each valentine is slightly different.

DIY Toddler Made Valentines

Then, using a sharpie, I wrote some valentines messages on the front (examples include “xoxo” “be my valentine” and “you’re sweet”, but you can write anything you want!)

Toddler Made Valentines

Then, on the back, I wrote “To:” and “From:”, just like the commercial valentines.

DIY Toddler Made Valentines

Now they’re ready to give out!

Happy Valentine’s Day!


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Happy Louis Riel Day!

or Happy Valentine’s Day weekend!
Did you do anything fun for Valentine’s Day this weekend?  My husband and I went on a date without our daughter for the first time since she was born.  We left our daughter at my parents house and went for sushi.  It was awesome to be able to be out by ourselves.  Autumn slept the whole time she was there, too, which was slightly disappointing for my parents 😉

Louis Riel day is the best though.  My husband gets the day off of work, so we’re going to be eating waffles!  The best!

Here are some other things making me happy this week:

A mom who let her daughter style her for a week.  I can’t wait to do this with Autumn!

7 ways friendships change after having kids

This list ranking all the Not Ready For Prime Time Players from all 40 years of SNL. It’s pretty horrible and great at the same time.

Have a great week!



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Valentine’s Day Etsy Gift Guide

It might seem a little early to be thinking about Valentine’s Day, but when it comes to Etsy there is no such thing!  It’s smart to make these purchases as early as possible so you will know that it will be there in time.

Here are a few of my favourite things on Etsy for Valentine’s Day:

Cyber Monday, My Sun and Stars, Moon of My Life, Set of 2, Keychain, Game of thrones jewelry, Long distance , Anniversary gifts for men
Game of Throne’s themed keychains – $15.31
These are super romantic and cute for the Game of Thrones fan. Plus, you get something, too! 😉

I Choose You Pokemon Valentine Card - Anniversary Card - Greeting Card
“I choose you” greeting card – $4.60
This is just too cute. If your person likes Pokemon or not, this card is just perfect for Valentine’s day.

Gold Polka Dot Ring Dish – $31.90
This would look adorable on any bedside table, and perfect for a newlywed or engaged person!

Personalized Birch Vase – $25.50
I just love this vase! It would be perfect for a wedding or anniversary, as well as for Valentine’s Day!


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40 Days of Kindness: Happy Valentine’s Day!



IMG_0703 IMG_0705




IMG_0726 IMG_0727

Outfit Info:Sweater: F21
Dress: F21
Leggings: Victoria’s Secret
Boots: Rooster
Scarf: Gift

Happy Valentine’s Day everyone!  I hope that everyone is having an amazing day, and that you remember how loved you are!

Today’s act of kindness was really fun!  I had a midterm in the morning, and then I didn’t have class until 1:00 (3+ hour spare!!), so I went to IQ’s and made about 40 or so Valentines!  Then, I went around and gave them to random people.


This is all the extra scraps I had after finishing all the hearts!!


I cut hearts out of pink and red paper, then I glued it to the white paper!


I then cut them out and made it look all cute <3


And I wrote this on the back of each one!


This is how many I ended up having 🙂

It was super fun walking around and giving them out to people at random! One girl literally squealed! It was super cute.  I also put them in lockers and hid them places for people to find.

I had a few left over when I got home, so I put them in my neighbour’s mailboxes! Hopefully they like them!

Now, I get to go have a heart shaped pizza with my honey!
Hope your Valentine’s Day is amazing <3


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be mine inspiration

I love Valentine’s Day! I always have. It’s a day that’s all about red and pink and friendship and love. It’s so much fun!

When you’re a little kid, everyone gives everyone a valentine. My mom used to make us these books so that we could keep all of them in one place, and look back on them. I still have them! They were adorable!

In high school, my dad would bring home a chocolate rose for me, my sister and my mom because they were selling them at work.  I didn’t date in high school, but I still had so much fun with it.  Since I went to a school with a uniform, it was usually a nice excuse for a “Colour Day” aka a day to wear normal clothes and NOT the uniform!  So much fun!

I know what you’re going to say though… “of course you love Valentine’s day, you’re married! You have someone.” To that I say, Nay! I also loved Valentine’s Day when I was single. I would make a valentine for all of my friends. The guys and the girls.  Just so much fun to make, and I loved being able to spread the love to my friends in that way.

This year, I have a paper and a midterm on Valentine’s Day, so my husband and I aren’t going to do anything really special that takes time in advance… We’re still going to go out for dinner that night, but no gifts.  I just have too much schoolwork. 🙁

I’m probably going to post a lot about valentine’s day leading up to it, but here are some polyvore’s that I made with Valentine’s date clothing ideas!


Girls Night Out:

valentines date - girls night out

Fancy/Theatre Date:

valentines date - theatre

Dinner Date:

valentines date - dinner

Group Hang:

valentines date - group hang
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