it’s been a minute

Dress: Thrifted // Boots: Rooster on River // Socks: Thrifted // Coat: Thrifted // Bow: The Bowed Doe
// sunglasses: Joe Fresh

Soooo… these photos were not taken any time recently.  They were taken when there were barely any leaves on the ground, and it was hardly cold.  That coat is JUST FOR SHOW!  It’s intense to think about that now, considering all the snow there is on the ground.. and how deeply I’ve gone into hibernation.  I would definitely, on most days, prefer to not leave the house.  There is so much snow and it’s so cold out.  Eek!

But, as the title says, it’s been a minute.  I’ve been all over the place on here, and I haven’t been even taking too many photos.  Which was why these photos never got posted when I took them, also why there aren’t more recent photos to post.  Oops!

Things have been exciting around here.  We just celebrated my daughter’s birthday, I’ve been working hard on my little shop, and my husband has been working tons.  Just not enough time in the day, y’know?  But I love this space, and I hope to be writing more!! So please, stay with me! I’ll be back <3


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Happy Day: what’s the up?

flowering tree

It’s been a few days since I’ve posted, so I thought I’d do a little catch up!  It’s been a really busy few days, too.  Of waiting, of celebrating, of waiting more…

  1. I had two fetal assessments last week, and they measured my baby at 8lb 11oz. Which isn’t too bad! And good fluid levels.  What was nice was that Andrew got to come and see the baby in the ultrasound, since he hadn’t seen him yet.
  2. We celebrated all day Saturday, pretty much.  We had a first birthday party to attend, and then a graduation party! It was a great day filled with friends and family.
  3. On Sunday, I laboured all day and gave birth!! This is definitely the biggest thing that happened in the last few days haha.  But he’s here, he’s wonderful, he’s healthy & I love him so much.  I’ll post more details later.
  4. Getting settled as a family of 4 has been good so far.  Looking forward to seeing how my two children get along with each other as they grow <3

Hope your weekend was excellent as well!


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April Declutter Challenge Wrap-up!

April Declutter Challenge

Though technically tomorrow is the last day of the challenge, I finished it a little bit early.  It’s so much easier to find 5 things at a time and just get rid of more than it is to try to look around for one or two things.

This year, doing the challenge was a little more tricky than it was last year.  Not because I ran out of things to get rid of, or spaces to clean out, but because of how quickly I got tired of doing the work!  Being 8/9 months pregnant while doing deep cleans in areas of my house wasn’t easy.  I got it done though.

At the end of the final post about this last year, I said the real challenge would be trying to do it again this year, and I have to say, it was still pretty easy.  Even though I don’t really buy things new, and even though I don’t really buy much at all, I still had a lot of stuff to give away.  I was going to do a big rummage giveaway and have people come look at/take the stuff… but getting it all out as though it was a rummage sale seemed like a LOT of work.  If I had been smart, I should have been organizing it as I went so that I could easily put it all out for people to look at… but I didn’t.  So everything was just in bags all together in a heap, which meant I would have had to put in a lot of work to get it out.  Oh well!  I’m donating it to a really great cause.

If you were following along and even participating, how did you do?  You can check out my pictures on instagram under the hashtag #AprilDeclutterChallenge or follow me on Instagram @Alysalovely

Have a happy May!!!


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Bump Update: Week 37

week 37 style // alysalovely week 37 style // alysalovely

dress: eShanti // shoes: thrifted // hairband: Forever 21 // ring: Aldo Accessories

week 37 style // alysalovely week 37 style // alysalovely

Approximately three weeks left.  Is it time to start freaking out yet?  I’m really trying to remember the way I felt this time last pregnancy, but all I remember is having a ton of schoolwork to do, and I think that kept me preoccupied enough that I didn’t feel too uncomfortable.  I am VERY uncomfortable this time, and I feel absolutely giant.  My midwife thinks that this baby will be bigger than Autumn was at birth, but then it’s common for boys to be bigger than girls.  We’ll see how it goes anyway!

This little chicken nugget is about the size of Zack Morris’ brick phone, or half a medium pizza!  He’s practicing sucking, inhaling and exhaling and he’s working on his very first poop haha.  He’s been kicking me and moving around lots, it’ll be weird when I won’t be getting those kicks anymore.  I think that he’s considered “full term” so he could technically come at any time, but there are still a few things I’d like to get done before that happens so hopefully it won’t be too soon 😉


fall maternity fashion

37 Weeks Pregnant with Autumn

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Bump Update: Week 36

Week 36 bump update // alysalovely

dress: Modcloth // necklace & bracelet: Claire’s // ring & hairband: Aldo // second bracelet: Pandora

week 36 bump update // alysalovely week 36 bump update // alysalovely

only 4 weeks to go! Give or take.  It’s crazy to think that in a month or less (or slightly more), I’ll be holding a new baby while I do everything, including trying to keep Autumn happy 😉

It’s been quite the week, too.  I found out the results from when I got my blood tested last week, and it turns out that my iron levels are just fine, it’s just my B-12 levels that are poor.  Which is a little more complicated to deal with than the iron levels.  I had my first B-12 injection yesterday, and so far so good.  I was told I would have pain in the injection arm, but that hasn’t really been an issue.  I’m hoping that it does help, because if I don’t get my hemoglobin up, I can’t deliver at the birth centre.  I would love to deliver at the birth centre!  We had our tour there last week, and it is BEAUTIFUL!  Plus, the labour & delivery room is massive and has anything I could possibly want or need.  So here’s hoping I get to deliver there!!

Little chicken nugget is about the size of a papaya or a power drill!  He’s getting closer to being able to breathe on his own, and his liver and kidneys are in working order.  His skin is getting smooth and soft, too.  His circulation and immune systems are pretty much ready as well.  I’m getting ready to meet this little bundle <3

As you can see in the belly pic above, my wedding rings are officially off (and I’m currently using the most blinging ring I have as a placeholder until they fit again after I give birth).  I had been taking them off at night and then putting them back on in the morning, but it’s been a few days of no rings for me!  Well, no rings, or giant ring 😉  I’ve been waking up in the night pretty often, but that’s normal for me, especially at this stage in the pregnancy… though it would help if my lovely daughter wasn’t be the one waking me up.  I’ve been finding that I’m more tired if she gets up in the night.  Go figure.  At least I can still take naps when she does!  Otherwise, I’ve been feeling pretty good.  Not terrible energy levels and mood!  Excited for this baby to come, but still not quite ready 😉

Hope you’re having a lovely week <3


baby bump fashion

36 Weeks Pregnant with Autumn


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Bump Update: Week 35

bump update: week 35 // alysalovely
dress: Alternative Apparel // leggings: American Apparel // scarf: H&M

bump update: week 35 // alysalovely bump update: week 35 // alysalovely

5 weeks to go.. give or take 😉

The baby is currently the size of a one gallon jug of milk, or a baseball glove! He’s getting super big in there, and he’s moving a lot.  It sometimes seems as though he is trying to get out already, but really he’s just running out of space (or womb… lolol get it?? :p )  Apparently, my uterus is 1000x it’s normal size, which seems like a really big number.

I’ve been feeling pretty good!  Not quite ready, but getting there.  I am still having difficulty staying asleep.  Last night, I was up like 4 or 5 times to use the bathroom.  It’s so not fun, but apparently it’s to get my body used to waking up frequently once the baby comes.  Who knows if that’s actually accurate though.  Overall, I just feel so large! Especially when you compare my belly now, to how big I was at 35 weeks last time (picture below).  I am SO much bigger this time!  Probably due to a combination of it being my second pregnancy, and the fact that it’s a different pregnancy in general.  I just am really feeling pretty giant.  Although, it seems to be all in my belly.  I’m still able to wear a lot of my pre-pregnancy pants and leggings, without being very uncomfortable, so I can’t complain about that.

My rings are still on my left hand, but my claddah ring doesn’t fit anymore on my right, which is pretty normal for how my pregnancies go.  No stretch marks, and my belly button is still an innie!  This week, we’re going for a tour at the birthing centre, and I’m pretty excited for it.  I’m also pretty excited for my husband getting the chance to meet my midwife.  It’ll be an exciting appointment!


baby bump

35 Weeks Pregnant with Autumn

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April Declutter Challenge – Week 1

April Declutter Challenge

Here we are one week into April, and 7 days worth of decluttering!  At this point, if I were only getting rid of the specified amount per day, I would have given away/thrown out/donated 189 things.  I know that I have decluttered more than that though, because most days I find more than the required amount that I no longer want or need.  I just have too much stuff, so this challenge has already been so refreshing.

In the last week, the focus has been on my bedroom.  So I’ve decluttered my closet, (of clothes, shoes, purses, hats and belts), my dresser, my hairbands and nail polishes, and my bedside table.  Some places had more to get rid of than others, that’s for sure.. but there was also a lot that I felt I needed to keep, for sentimental reasons or others.  For example, the dress that I was wearing when Andrew proposed.  I can’t give that away!  A few things got demoted and are now in the costume bag in our basement, other things I’m giving to my daughter, such as a Cinderella purse and a Tinkerbell purse.  She seems to like them already, too.

Here are some of the pictures I’ve shared on Instagram of the things I’ve decluttered:

Almost half of my hairbands.  Mostly ones that I don’t ever wear because they are too small for my head and so they pinch me and give me a headache.  And some of my nail colours!

SO MANY HANGERS!! I was living with the impression that we didn’t have enough hangers, so I had been doubling and tripling up on some of the hangers I had in my closet.  Well, it turned out, there was no need for that.  I’ve done my closet with the colour scheme of black/pink, and Andrew’s with the colour scheme of green/white, and now all the hangers match and it makes me so happy!  The little baby hangers already left the house, they went to someone who is selling old baby clothes at one of the huge used baby stuff sales in the city this month.  The hangers here are already spoken for as well!

If you’d like to follow along on Instagram, be sure to follow me @Alysalovely, and follow this challenge using the hashtag #AprilDeclutterChallenge.  You can also check out a play-by-play approach of the befores and afters on my snapchat! My username is Alysalovely

If you’ve joined in, how are you doing with decluttering?  Don’t you feel totally refreshed?


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Bump Update: Week 34

baby bump style, maternity style, 34 weeks pregnant,

leggings: SweetLegs // sweater: thrifted

baby bump style, maternity style, 34 weeks pregnant, baby bump style, maternity style, 34 weeks pregnant,

Oh man.  I feel huge, and then I look at pictures like these and wow, I LOOK huge!  They say baby boys are bigger.. is that why? Just wowza.  I am large.

I’m posting this post on a Friday because my internet decided to go out in the evening on Tuesday, so I wasn’t able to post anything till now.  It was a weird couple of days.  I watched Spice World (to start Autumn’s 90’s music appreciation), and then we went and saw My Big Fat Greek Wedding 2 in theatres for Stars and Strollers.  It was quiet at home, and in the evening I did my decluttering and read my book.  Nice, but very quiet.  And so easy to keep the battery fully charged on my phone 😉

You’re probably wondering why I’m standing in my closet for these photos.  It’s because I have been decluttering it, and it’s now one of my favourite places in the house!  I love it!  I want to put a chair in it and hang out there sometimes… but there’s not really room for a chair, so I doubt it’ll happen.

ANYWAY, 34 weeks! 6 weeks to go.  And they’ll probably go by super fast, too.  Or super slow, as the last month or so of pregnancy usually goes 😉

Right now, my little chicken nugget is about the size of BMO from Adventure Time!  He’s apparently able to recognize songs and things if I were to start singing to him, so I’ll have to do that more.  He’s probably going to recognize his big sister’s voice, because she’s certainly got a lot to say right now.  He is moving around a LOT!  And I’m still loving it

I’m feeling mostly good.  Except for the Charlie horses, and how much effort that it feels everything takes.  You know, the regular fun stuff!  It’s uncomfortable to sleep, but I’m so tired!  And, as I said before, I just feel so large!!  6 weeks (or so) to go, though.  It feels like nothing.


autumn maternity look

34 Weeks Pregnant with Autumn

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Bump Update: Week 33

week 33, maternity style, dress your bump, spring maternity fashion week 33 baby bump

dress: Dress 911 // cardigan: thrifted // socks: American Apparel // shoes: thrifted //
sunglasses: Tharnzie // necklace: c/o The Vintage Honey Shop

33 weeks down, 7 to go!  It’s going way too fast, so if I could have a couple extra days added to each week, that would be lovely.  Just thinking maybe a day between Saturday and Sunday, so then the three of us can have some family time?  Sounds good to me!

The little guy in there is about the size of a ferret or a junior tennis racket!  Apparently, his bones are hardening and he’s now able to keep his eyes open when he’s awake.  This week there are some major brain developments going on, so I should probably eat lots of chocolate to help him out with that 😉  He’s kicking lots and lots and lots, and I’m at the stage where I can make out little feet when he kicks my side.  Just like his sister, he likes to kick on both sides of my stomach at the same time, and he’s starting to get hiccups more and more.  As I type this, it feels kind of like he thinks he’s riding a bike in there haha So much movement!

I’ve been feeling ok, for the most part.  Tired, because I keep waking up in the middle of the night to go to the bathroom or roll over, and it takes a lot to do anything so I need to sit down and rest often.  I am definitely bigger now than I was at this point last pregnancy, but I still don’t have any stretch marks and I’m still wearing my rings!  Though I don’t know how much longer I’ll be able to do that for.  I generally just FEEL large.

We’re well on the way to get the nursery done, though, which is great.. and I’m working on a bunch of things I’d like to get done in the month of April to prepare the house for the baby.  Hoping all that gets done!

Hope you’re having a good week <3


33 Weeks Pregnant with Autumn

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Bump Update: 32 Weeks

I know this is just the instagram photo, but this week has been so hectic I haven’t really had a chance to take some nicer outfit pictures!

32 weeks down, 8 to go!  In less than two months, I’ll have two babies under two.  So wish me luck 😉

Right now, the little guy is about the size of an American football or a popped bag of microwave popcorn.  He’s growing like crazy in there, and I’m told he is already head down.. so here’s hoping that he stays that way for the next 8 weeks.

I’ve been feeling overall pretty good.  I’m on an iron supplement, and that has improved a few things.  I have trouble staying asleep at night though.  Between Autumn waking up randomly, and the fact that if I lie for too long on one side, it hurts.. nighttime is not super comfortable.  I’m generally feeling pretty large.  Getting lots done though! Hoping to stay on top of things for when the baby comes 🙂


dressing your baby bump in fall
32 Weeks Pregnant with Autumn

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