What to Watch on Netflix to get into the Halloween Spirit

What to Watch to Get Into the Halloween Spirit

Halloween is coming up! And as someone who watches a lot of Netflix/tv, I have certain things that I enjoy watching around this time of year. ¬†I don’t have ABC, so I can’t watch anything from the 13 Days of Halloween lineup… but I do have Netflix, and there are quite a few things on there to watch to help get pumped about halloween (get it?? PUMPkin? ūüėČ ) If you don’t have cable either, here is my 10 Days of Halloween lineup via Canadian Netflix:

01 // The Nightmare Before Christmas
I just watched this with my daughter the other day, and anytime I do anything even remotely related to Halloween, the song “This is Halloween” is stuck in my head. ¬†It’s such a great story. ¬†It’s got the creepy aspect of Halloween, and a little bit of Christmas, too ūüėČ

02 // Ghostbusters
An old classic. ¬†It’s the original version on Netflix, but you could totally watch the new one, too! Just… not on Netflix. ¬†I especially love watching the old one for the sweet 1984 CGI. ¬†And Dan Akroyd. ¬†He’s awesome.

03 // Sleepy Hollow
One of the most classic Halloween stories ever told! Ichabod Crane is timeless. And this one features Johnny Depp and Christina Ricci, so what could be better?

04 // Goosebumps
Us 90’s kids will remember getting freaked out by this show late at night. ¬†I specifically remember one time watching this when my parents weren’t home and all three of us were pretty scared after. ¬†It’s fun as an adult though.

05 // The Sixth Sense
Another classic. ¬†And if you haven’t seen it, it has a classic M. Night Shyamalan twist at the end ūüėČ

06 // Are You Afraid of the Dark?
“Submitted for the approval of the midnight society…” This is another huge classic for us 90s kids, especially us Canadian ones. ¬†Andrew and I actually had an Are You Afraid of the Dark Halloween party a few years ago. ¬†We watched a bunch of our fave episodes on Netflix and it was a lot of fun. There were some great classics, but there are quite a few epsidoes.. so if you’re looking for the scariest ones, here is a list of the top 10 scary epsiodes! Plus, watch for cameos from¬†Ryan Gosling, Elisha Cuthbert, Jay Baruchel, Hayden Christensen, and Jewel Staite (& what do they all have in common? All Canadian).

07 // Scooby Doo
Not as classic, but still pretty fun.  Especially since (spoiler alert) most of the baddies end up being regular bad guys in costume.  Perfect for Halloween!

08 // Buffy the Vampire Slayer
What could be better for Halloween than a bad-ass VAMPIRE SLAYER?? There are even some fun Halloween specific episodes in it. ¬†My personal fave Buffy Halloween episode is the one where they all become their costumes. ¬†And if you haven’t seen any of it, seriously, just watch it all! It’s SO good.

09 // Rear Window
To me, Hitchcock is practically essential watching for Halloween. ¬†It’s got a lot of suspense, it’s creepy, perfect vibes for a Halloween party. ¬†You could even have a Hitchcock themed Halloween party.. dang.. I wish I had thought of that earlier ūüėČ

10 // Supernatural
Another great TV show dedicated to ghosts and goblins. ¬†Plus, hotties. ¬†What more could you ask for? ūüėČ

What are your favourite Halloween-esque movies to watch?


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Why To Watch Fuller House

why to watch fuller house

  1. To see how the house changed
    As someone who JUST watched through all of Full House, I have noticed so many small things that are different about the house. ¬†For example, Nicki and Alex’s room switched from being a pretty big space that fit two cribs in it, to being the closet. ¬†That’s because the room they are now saying was Nicki and Alex’s room WAS the closet. ¬†A nice walk in closet, but still! It was a closet, not a bedroom for twins.
    Other changes include in decor, but that was a given. It would be weird if the house were decorated the exact same! ¬†Though, it seems like the room that was DJ and Stephanie’s, and then Stephanie and Michelle’s is now smaller than it used to be, somehow. It’s interesting the little things you might notice ūüėČ
    Oh dear lord is this cheesy. ¬†But the original was cheesy, so it’s to be expected! ¬†It’s fun to see just how cheesy they go. How they call out the Olsen Twins for not coming back, and how they incorporate some real world stuff in there as well. ¬†It’s great. Cheesy, but great.
  3. To see how the girls have changed
    The girls have done a lot of growing up! ¬†See where their careers and lives have taken them. See the comments they make about Michelle’s fashion career. ¬†See how different they all look now that they’re all grown up!
  4. The new modern story-lines
    It’s so much fun to watch the Tanners try to navigate through a lot of life’s new issues since the introduction of major technology! ¬†Cell phones play a pretty great part in this now, and there are a few other more modern story-lines to see. ¬†Plus, Stephanie is known as DJ Tanner (which, btw, was my DJ name.. so to that I say “HOW RUDE”) and there are story-lines about that as well, which is kind of fun. ¬†Plus, how many of you wanted to see DJ and Stephanie going to a club? It was something I never even knew I wanted. It was great!
  5. Nostalgia
    Let’s be real. The main reason for watching this show is nostalgia. ¬†Watching these thirteen 22-23 minute episodes is absolutely worth it for the nostalgia value. ¬†You get to see your old fave characters all grown up, you get to see new faces, and there are cameos by a lot of great people! ¬†All in all, it’s a lot of fun and worth the 6 1/2 hours it might take to watch through the whole first season.

What did you enjoy about Fuller House?


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Things I’m Noticing (About Myself) in Re-Watching Full House

Re-watching Full House

I still identify the most with DJ (and find Michelle super annoying)
When I originally watched the show, I thought DJ was the best of the three girls. ¬†I also thought it was because of my placement in my own family, first born! ¬†I also thought that children born first would identify with DJ, and middle children would identify with Stephanie, and last born would identify with Michelle. ¬†I don’t know why I thought that, it’s just the way I thought when I watched the show in the 90’s.
Well, even watching the show as an adult, I’ve come to notice that DJ is still the best one. ¬†She doesn’t have as many annoying catch phrases, she doesn’t do as many annoying things, and she’s just overall the best in terms of style and judgement. ¬†DJ is my fave.
MICHELLE, on the other hand, worst child.  So annoying and bratty.  I thought that when I watched the show as a kid, and I think it now.  I guess not too much has changed.

I remember a lot of the specifics of singular episodes
In re-watching the show, I’m really noticing how many small details that I remember perfectly from watching it the first time. ¬†I feel that I watched Full House the normal amount, and saw the reruns a few times, but I didn’t think it was enough to know so many specific little minor details about specific episodes.

I have to try really hard not to say the catch phrases of the characters
“Have Mercy” “Well, pin a rose on your nose” “How Rude” “oh my lanta” “You got it, dude” and (my personal favourite) “I’m there for ya, babe”
I am finding that I have to actively think about NOT saying these things. ¬†As I get deeper into the series, the earlier ones aren’t said anymore, which makes it easier not to say “HOW RUDE” to things. ¬†But I had to physically stop myself from saying “I’m there for ya, babe” to a friend recently (though, I feel like she would have appreciated it because I know she’s a fan of the show)

I’m finding Joey to be the worst and I wish he would just stop
Ugh. Everything Joey does and says makes me roll my eyes. ¬†It’s especially annoying watching him because I know that Robin Williams existed in the 90’s and was doing it better than Joey Gladstone ever dreamed of doing it. ¬†Stop with the Popeye, Stop with the Bullwinkle. ¬†ANNOYING!!

In Season 2, Danny is the same age as me… and that is depressing
If you’ve ever seen the show, you will know that Danny Tanner is the lamest dad ever. ¬†In season 1 he turns 30, and in season 2 he’s 31, which means he’s my own age. ¬†After that, he’s older than me… but not by much! ¬†It really goes to show, parents on tv have changed a lot since the late 80’s/early 90’s, and thank goodness!! I’d rather watch dads like Sandy Cohen, Adam Braverman, or Corey Matthews!! They can be goofy and even sometimes lame, but never to the extent that is Danny Tanner. Yikes!! It made me kind of sad to be completely honest. ¬†Luckily, eventually Jesse had babies and he is so not a lame dad.

Are you re-watching Full House before Fuller House comes out? What have you noticed about it?


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Why to watch The Astronaut Wives Club

If you haven’t already started watching this show, you’re missing out! ¬†It’s a mini-series based on a book that they are airing on ABC this summer. ¬†It’s 10 episodes long and each episode is only an hour. ¬†It’s a lot of fun to watch, but here’s why I think you should watch it:

1. The fashion

I love the 1960’s clothes!! I couldn’t write this without mentioning the fashion. ¬†Even the guys fashion is pretty great. ¬†I love clothes from the 1960’s, and this show does a really good job of staying with clothes in that era. ¬†It’s so much fun to watch because of this!

2. The original footage from the 60’s

It’s really cool that every once in a while they show actual historical footage of the rockets going up. ¬†It’s interesting that they can add in the old footage with the new footage from the show. ¬†Since this is all based on things that really happened, it gives it a little something extra that they have the original footage.

3. The women

These girls are B.A. ¬†At first, they seem to be pretty competitive with each other, but soon come together and form some pretty great friendships. ¬†I love how they back each other up and are there for each other. ¬†They’re all going through similar things with their husbands going into space, and it’s nice that they spend the time together and support one another. ¬†They all know what the others are going through, so it’s a perfect support system.

4. The 60’s

I love all the specific 1960’s things they have. ¬†From the cars to the home decor. ¬†Everything in this show actually looks like it could have been from the 1960’s! ¬†It really bugs me when I’m watching a period show and they are surrounded by things that you can find now (*cough Carrie Diaries cough*) so I’m really glad that they stay true to the decade the show is actually set it. ¬†Plus, stuff from the 60’s is really cool!

5. It’s only 10 episodes long
Since it’s only going to be 10 episodes long, it’s not a huge commitment to start watching. ¬†It’ll be easy to catch up as well, since there have only been a few episodes on tv so far. ¬†It’s a fun show to watch this summer!


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4 Improvements on The Nanny

Don’t get me wrong, I LOVED The Nanny! I loved every minute of watching it in the last month (or so).¬† That show is wonderful, and I love it! (You can see what I love about it here).¬† That said, not everything is or can be perfect, and so The Nanny, like everything else, has a few things that I would change about it.¬† Just four things that kind of bothered me about it.

Arizona blaming Callie for everything

4 Things about The Nanny that I would Improve Upon

1.  Lying about her age

In the entirety of the series, we never do know Fran’s real age.¬† The numbers that get tossed around are 29 (for six years) and mid-30’s.¬† I think it sucks that society puts so much value on youth, and it is very apparent in a show like this.¬† The fact that (for most of the series) she’s an unmarried woman who is *gasp* IN HER THIRTIES(!!) is seen as one of the worst things in the world.¬† Her mother lies about Fran’s life, she lies about it.¬† Who knows how old she really is.

As someone who is turning 29 in September, I think it sucks when people feel they have to lie about their age.¬† I’m not innocent of this, however.¬† I had three (or was it 4?) 21st birthdays.¬† I thought it was hilarious to stay 21.¬† When I went back to school three years ago, a friend of mine (who is my age) was also going back to school then, too.¬† Before school started, we decided together that we were going to tell everyone that we were 21 years old (again with 21). But then neither of us ended up doing it.¬† Who cares if I’m 29 and in University? I finally know exactly what I want to do, and I’m working toward it.

Which is why I think it sucks when people lie about something like this.¬† What is the point? You know how old you are. Telling other people you’re not the actual age you are isn’t going to make you younger.¬† I just think that people should be the age they are, and be proud of who they are in that moment.¬† I’m turning 29! Yeah it scares me, yeah I don’t feel like a “real adult”, but I’m 29.¬† Be your age! Own it!¬† And I’m confident that you’ll find that the people who care about stupid things like age are the ones you don’t want to be around anyway.

2. Competing with C.C. Babcock

I’m just going to say it:¬† I did not like how everything was a competition between Fran and C.C.¬† Yes, they were different from each other, but why did they have to put down the character of C.C. as much as they did?¬† The fact that she was different from Fran could have easily been celebrated, but instead it was constantly put down by both Fran and Niles.¬† It was a running joke that C.C. was a man. It was a running joke that C.C. was overweight (and I’ll get to that later).¬† It was a running joke that C.C. was in love with Maxwell and would do anything to get with him.¬† Even after he was married to Fran, she still would say things like she thought that he would marry her instead if Fran were suddenly out of the picture.

As a married woman, I don’t find that funny.¬† As a woman, I don’t think it’s funny to have two of the main adult females on the show always at odds with each other. The tricks that get played on her by Niles, and the things that Fran would sometimes say kind of irked me.¬† C.C. was not the nicest person, but most of the jabs they had against her were about her appearance.¬† Not cool!!¬† They really should have had Fran and C.C. work together to get Maxwell to smarten up!!

3. Jokes about weight & eating

One thing you could say about this show is how much everyone loves to eat! However, I think they take it a little bit too far.¬† Fran eating her feelings. Niles trying to fatten up C.C. as a ~joke.¬† Sylvia (enough said).¬† In the last season, Fran even straight up says that she used to have an eating disorder, and that’s something that gets a laugh?!¬† I just don’t think that disordered eating (of any kind) is funny.

I love food as much as the next person.¬† I have absolutely nothing against loving food.¬† It was just that when I was watching The Nanny, the way they approached the subject of food and dieting and weight often made me feel really uncomfortable.¬† It was obvious that these were things that were supposed to be the butt of the joke, and I didn’t like that.
4. The way Mr. Sheffield treated her

For the majority of the series, Maxwell leads Fran on.¬† You are so rooting for them to get together, but Maxwell takes his sweet time getting there (they finally get married at the end of season 5).¬† It would be one thing if they had been dating the entire time, but they’re not.¬† Maxwell just takes his time with figuring out his feelings for her.¬† Then, when he finally tells her he loves her, HE TAKES IT BACK!! That was enough for two (I think?) seasons of jokes.¬† He told her he loved her and then took it back! WHO DOES THAT!¬† Pro tip: Don’t tell a girl you love her and then immediately take it back. It makes you a dick (also, don’t take a girl ring shopping and then dump her. You, sir, are also a dick).

I know that they did most of that to keep people hanging, and keep them on the edge of their seats and/or on their toes.¬† I know it was to keep the show interesting. I do love that they finally get together and are in love because they are so cute together.¬† I just wish he didn’t keep dicking around with her feelings/her heart.¬† If I were friends with her, it would be hard for me to watch that happen again and again without saying anything to her.¬† Honestly, I would advise her to break up with him (oh wait! they weren’t even really dating!!). Ugh!!

Anyway! That’s all I would change about it.¬† When I was originally sitting down to write that first post, I was going to write five things I liked and five things I would change.¬† I ended up thinking of 10 things I loved about the Nanny, and I couldn’t even think of a fifth thing I would change.¬† So there you go!¬† I LOVE The Nanny and I’m so glad I was able to watch all of it on Netflix!

Hope you enjoyed reading my ramblings on it!


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