Unicorn Love: Stuff for Littles

My unicorn love continues!! There are SO many adorable unicorn things for little ones that I have this split into two posts.  One today, and then one in a few weeks haha Stay tuned for that! <3

Here is the first round of unicorn items for little ones.  I’ve included apparel and toys, and ALL are so adorable you won’t be able to stop yourself 😉

01 // Unicorn Costume
When I saw this I audibly gasped.  It’s so beautiful I can’t even.  This would be perfect for Halloween or any day you want a little bit of whimsy.

02 // Matching shirt for a little one and their doll
This one is just too adorable.  I know us mamas like to match our littles, but it turns out that little girls love matching with theirs, too!  This is for a shirt for your daughter or son, and then a shirt for their doll.  It’s simply adorable

03 // Crochet Unicorn Plushie
What could be cuter than a rag doll shaped like a unicorn?  So perfect!

04 // Unicorn Bonnet
Sorry not sorry, I’ve included my own unicorn bonnet in this list.  I love the way it turned out, and it’s so adorable on!

05 // Unicorn Personalized Pencil Box
I wish my kids were old enough for school because of this pencil case.  It’s too adorable, especially with the added bonus of a little unicorn!  You can get these in a bunch of different colours.  It’s so sweet for back to school.

06 // Unicorn Bodysuit/Onesie
I just love this adorable little onesie!! It’s got a sweet little unicorn face on the belly, turning any baby outfit absolutely magical!

07 // Unicorn Dreams Romper
This romper is so cute.  It comes in teal with GOLDEN unicorn silhouettes on it.  It’s so adorable.

08 // Unicorn Diaper Clutch
If you have a giant diaper bag, like I do, this would be the perfect way to keep all the diapers in one place.  It’s got space for diapers and space for wipes.  Plus, it looks so cute that no one will suspect there are really diapers in there. 😉

Do you see anything you want here?  Make sure you click on the links and give some love to these shops!  These unicorn things are so cute, I doubt they will be available for long.






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A Romp(er) in the park!

A Romp(er) in the park

A Romp(er) in the park

A Romp(er) in the park

Outfit Info:
Romper: Target
Hat: a little shop in NYC
Shoes: Tom’s
Bracelet: Pandora
Sunnies: Osborne village
Necklace: my friend got it for me at PAX last year 🙂

The weather we’ve been having lately has been FANTASTIC!  This past weekend was filled with parties! Andrew’s birthday was on Friday, so we celebrated that with his family for lunch. Then, we went to St Vital Park and had a little party with some of our friends for his birthday.  Saturday night, we went to a birthday party for our friend, then there was ANOTHER party for her on Sunday.  It was a super fun/super busy weekend and I didn’t look at statistics one time!!

As much fun as it was, I almost need a whole other weekend to rest from it! 😉

Hope your weekend was great, too <3


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+2 degrees = shorts!!




IMG_0021 IMG_0027 IMG_0030 IMG_2000

Outfit Info:
Scarf: Gift
Romper: Target
Shoes: Toms (not pictured)

I LOVE this Romper!  To me, this romper means summer and it means heat! I wore it today because when I was going to go pick something up from the post office (!!) the weather app I use said it was PLUS TWO!!! THAT’S SO NICE! So I wore shorts!  The way to the post office was a little bit chilly, and I did see people wearing winter hats and mitts still.  I must have looked really strange to them wearing shorts but that’s ok 🙂

On the way back, I was carrying a huge package, so it wasn’t as cold as the way there 🙂

One exam left for school tomorrow, and then an exam not through school on Monday and I’m ready to have my spring break because the camera that I ordered came today!! It’s pretty fun so far, but I’m trying not to use it when I should be studying.  After Monday night I’ll be able to play around with it more and start learning how to take beautiful pictures with it. I’m so excited!


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