Back to the grind

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Outfit Details:
Dress: Second Hand
Tights: Online
Shoes: Le Chateau
Bow: Zellers

My least favourite part about Christmas holidays is when they end and you have to take everything down, and then go back to school. Today, I took down the Christmas tree and put away the sparkly lights.  The stand for our Christmas tree is back to being a pile of magazines, and the room isn’t as glittery and fun as it once was.
New Years means new beginnings, and tomorrow I start school again! I’m mostly excited about it, but it’s kind of a bummer to have to go back to being super busy all the time.  I’m taking four classes this year, which will be good!  I’m excited for what this next term will bring, and everything that I’ll learn there.  I’m taking a Marketing class through the business school at my university, as well as Program Planning, Canadian Sport History and Management and Marketing of Leisure Services.  Most of these classes are within my faculty, and most of them are gearing towards what I actually want to do when I finish, so it’ll be good.  Plus, I’m taking the marketing course with a friend, so we’ll have fun together 🙂


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New Year, New me!

Or something to that effect!

ImageImageOutfit Details:
Dress: HushSocks: Le Chateau
Handbag: Homemade
Headband: Aldo Accessories
Bracelet: Pandora

I got to spend New Years Eve dancing my butt off with my husband and a bunch of my close friends. We toasted with champagne at midnight and continued dancing. It was a truly fabulous night.

Today, however, was not as fabulous. I spent my first day of 2013 doing laundry! My husband and I are really bad at doing laundry, apparently. I really don’t like the laundry room in our building (it’s expensive, and it takes forever) so we go to my parents house to use theirs.  Which is why we put it off so much in the month of December.  So, basically, today I spent 9 hours (give or take) watching tv with my brother and husband and doing a month and a half worth of laundry.  The best part? I ACTUALLY put the majority of it away when I got home, too!

Hope your new years eve was amazing, and that you had a restful first day of 2013!


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Hi! Welcome to my blog!My name is Alysa, and over the last little while I have been inspired to start documenting style and life.  My style and life, to be more specific.  I know, it’s not something that is especially fresh or original, but maybe what I do with my life and my style will be.  Or, it’ll be like any other fashion blog on this crazy blogosphere. I guess we’ll see what happens.

andrew&alysa_2012_0024There’s me!
I’m a full time student in Winnipeg, and I’m taking recreation management.  I am technically in my second year.  I am also a newlywed! I was married last May 19th to my wonderful husband, Andrew 🙂 He is amazing and I cannot believe how lucky I am to have found him.

My last term of school, I started to notice that I had gotten myself into a bit of a rut, style wise.  I had a style go-to, a lazy go-to, that I wore every single day like a uniform.  I realized that I was wearing my comfortable leggings and an over-sized sweater or sweatshirt way too often.  It seems to be a trend on my campus, too.  Everywhere I look are the leggings. Now, I am not banning leggings from my wardrobe, I love them too much.  What I will do is try and dress it up a little bit more and make them a bit more fun and a bit more fashionable!

My other goal with this blog is that I have realized that I spend way too much money on clothes that I never actually wear.  I am giving myself a 365 day ban from buying any new clothes.  I will thrift/buy second hand, but anything that comes from a mall, or any online retailer is off limits for the next year.  This goal will definitely put a stopper in the majority of my spending.  Since I do not have a job (woo funemployed!!) I don’t feel as though it’s right for me to buy new clothes! It’s pretty simple.  That’s about it for now!

Thanks for reading!



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