What Mom REALLY Wants for Mother’s Day

It’s almost Mother’s Day in North America, and so you’re going to be seeing a lot of kitschy “I heart my mom” stuff all over the internet.  Please. Please. Please. Don’t buy your mom that crap!!  Here’s the deal. It’s so easy, and so much cheaper than what you’re even thinking.  Here is what mom REALLY wants for Mother’s Day:

01 // to SLEEP
Basically ask any mom how much sleep she’s getting, and she’ll probably laugh at you.  Especially when they have little babies and toddlers, but I’m told mamas of teens also don’t sleep.  The gift is, you let her sleep in!!  If someone else can get up with the kids, that would be perfect.  If the kids are old enough to fend for themselves for an extra hour or two in the morning, that’s awesome too! Just let her sleep.

02 // to NOT have to cook
My perfect Mother’s Day goes a little something like this: Wake up, eat food that is brought to me, drink coffee that is brought to me. Eat lunch that is brought to me.  Eat dinner that is brought to me.  Do 0% of the cooking all day.  Perfection.  If that means taking her out to eat because you don’t want to cook either, that’s ok! Just don’t make her cook her own meals.  It’s the least you can do.  And it leads us to…

03 // to NOT have to clean
All those meals Mama didn’t make? She doesn’t want to clean up after them either.  If someone else has made a giant mess making those meals, that someone should also clean it up.  Just saying.  Moms clean enough, they deserve a break.

04 // for NO ONE to be touching her
Space please! We love our kids, we love them a lot.. but especially when they are very little they want to be touching us all. the. time.  Can we have some space?

05 // to NOT have to plan anything
I know I have a mom, too, and I will be seeing her and giving her something… but I don’t want to plan anything. I want things to be done for me that day.  I want to go with the flow and have other people do things for me. It’ll be so nice!


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My Second Mother’s Day

my second mothers day

Last year was my first ever official Mother’s Day as a mama, and it was pretty hectic.  We dedicated our daughter at church and then hosted a little party after.  So I didn’t get to sleep in because we had to be at church early.  And even before that, I had a bunch of preparations to get ready.  The child dedication coincided with Autumn’s half birthday, so I made a half birthday cake for her (but mostly for us because she wasn’t eating cake yet at 6 months old 😉 ). It was a busy, but nice, mother’s day!

This year was very different.  I hosted absolutely nothing!  Well, at least I didn’t host anything on the day of.  I didn’t get to sleep in because Autumn did not get the memo that mama’s like to sleep in on Mother’s Day.  We had breakfast as a little family, went to church and then spent the day with both our own moms.  We had lunch with my mom and my side of the family, and then we had dinner with Andrew’s mom and his side of the family.  And, we gave them their gifts!  I planned (with my two sisters-in-law) a paint night for all the moms and moms-in-law!  It’s not going to happen for another month, but it’s something that I’m hosting here, and I’ll be able to participate with my new little bean.  I’m pretty excited!

This Mother’s Day was pretty great.  I didn’t cook, I didn’t clean, and I got to have a bath with a bath bomb, my book & chocolate to finish the day.  I didn’t get to sleep in, but that was totally fine by me!

How was your Mother’s Day?


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