whats up buttercup

dress: American Apparel // leggings: American Apparel // shirt: Bluenotes // socks: Joe Fresh // necklace: finity handmade on etsy

where the heck did March go though? I feel like it just started yesterday. Boom! It’s basically April.  We’ve been so busy around here, I haven’t had time to think, much less write anything.  I’m trying to get back into the swing of things, but there just aren’t enough hours in the day.  Between taking care of babies, and making bonnets, and … let’s be real .. relaxing, it goes by so quickly and then all of a sudden it’s midnight and I’m exhausted.

I am finding myself in a little bit of a slump, clothing wise.  I feel like this is basically what I wear day in and day out.  It works really well for me.  It’s comfortable enough to sit on the floor in when I want to play with my kids, and it’s flexible enough to nurse in, or wear out.  But it gets boring to wear the same thing all the time.  I need more structured pants.  I love my leggings (which ARE pants, btw), but sometimes I feel more put together if my pants also have a zipper.  Anyone else feel this way?


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Mommin’ Aint’ Easy

dress: Modcloth // leggings: a groupon

Now that Dressember is over (well, the wearing the dress bit anyway.. you can still donate for another week! Check out my fundraising page here), I seem to have gone back to my old uniform of leggings and whatever top I happened to feel like wearing that day.

But that’s not what I wanted to talk about today.

I wanted to talk about how I took an hour or so to get my baby to bed, only to have my toddler wake him up by yelling into the hallway from under her door.  It’s a fun thing she does where she lies down next to the door and looks under it, and yells/screams into the hallway.  So, if I’m in bed or downstairs, it sounds like she is actually in the hallway.  Her voice really carries and she gets pretty good volume this way.  So then, baby is up, toddler is upset, and husband and I take turns going from child to child trying to get them back to sleep.  Toddler goes back to sleep pretty nicely, fancy that.  Baby doesn’t fully go to sleep until midnight.. so basically, all the things I had to do in the evening tonight (such as meal planning for the week, this blog post, etc) are getting done after midnight.  Mommin’ aint’ easy 😉

On the flip side, I got some AMAZING cuddles, and I played a lot of Disney Emoji Pop during that time haha

How did you spend your Sunday evening?


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Dressember 2016: Week 2

The second week of Dressember went by, mostly, without a hitch.  We celebrated Festivus with our family, and generally stayed the heck inside because it was C-O-L-D COLD outside. That random cold snap has now seemed to pass (for now), thankfully! Hoping Christmas isn’t too cold.

Here’s how I wore my dress this last week:

plaid shirt: thrifted // necklace: Finity Handmade

sweater: thrifted // tights: Black Milk

socks: American Apparel

sweater: thrifted // leggings: Romwe

shirt: Bluenotes

shirt: thrifted // tights: Target // belt: thrifted

sweater: Billabong

scarf: gift // leggings: SweetLegs

Dressember 2016 has been flashing by.  There’s about a week and a half left of it.  So far, as a collective group, we’ve raised over $700kUSD!  It’s so amazing to be part of such a great organization, and I’m so happy to be able to contribute a little bit.  Wearing a dress is the easy part, the work that IJF and A21 do, that’s the hard part.  And the money raised will go a long way to help women who are stuck in human trafficking.

If you have it on your heart to donate, my campaign page is here. <3


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bye bye summer

new mama style

top: American Apparel // leggings: SweetLegs // scarf: thrifted

new mama style

It’s crazy that summer is over.  Well, almost over. Technically, the last day of summer is next week, but it already feels like fall around here.  Which is really really nice.  It was pretty hot here all summer, and with a new baby, I wasn’t always the biggest fan of it.. especially at night.  But it’s getting cooler now!  It’s a relief haha

It also means that all my fave fall fashion-y things are coming out.  My sweaters, my scarves, my BOOTS! I love it! Looking forward to wearing all the fun fall things soon. <3


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Life with two

new mama style

shirt: thrifted // leggings: SweetLegs // necklace: c/o The Vintage Honey Shop

new mama style new mama style new mama style

These pictures are a double win.  Not only was this the first time I was able to take outfit pictures since my son was born, but I also managed to do it before anyone spit up or peed or snotted on me!  #mamawin 😉

It’s been really fun around here with two, but definitely different.  There’s always someone who needs me.  I’m constantly getting up and getting something for someone, and it’s usually right after I sat down. It can be hard, too, though.  Sometimes I have two babies crying at the same time, and two little people who require my attention at the same time.  Most of the time, I can only take care of one need at once and so someone else is unhappy with the choice.  It’s not always easy, but at the end of the day when I look back over my day, I can (usually) honestly say that I love what I’m doing.. and I think that part makes all the difference.  Even if I get frustrated. Even if we are ALL crying (though that hasn’t happened yet haha). It’s important work and I am so happy to be able to do it <3


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My Favourite Leggings for Pregnancy and Post-Partum

week 38 bump update // alysalovely

A few years ago (perhaps even 10 years ago), I bought some high waisted leggings so I could be bad Sandy from Grease for Halloween! They were perfect leggings because they looked like the leather pants that she wore in the movie.  What I didn’t know at the time was that these leggings are ALSO perfect for pregnancy!

Shiny High-Waist Leggings from American Apparel!

Here is why these leggings are perfect for pregnancy:

  1. They stretch perfectly
    These leggings fit me so well, they stretch just right.  Not ever uncomfortable, not ever too small or too big.  These leggings are my goldilocks.  They’re just right!
  2. They stretch BACK perfectly
    One of the things that worries a lot of moms about wearing their regular clothes for pregnancy is stretching them out after they give birth.  These leggings are perfect on me when I’m pregnant, and they still fit perfect postpartum as well!  They’re amazing.
  3. The high-waist is so comfortable for my bump
    I get frustrated by my maternity pants.  They have the panel to hold in the bump, but it NEVER stays up!  The fact that these leggings have a high-waist means that I get the maternity style, without having to actually go out and purchase expensive maternity leggings.  It is so comfortable on my bump, I love wearing them.

To sum up, these leggings are amazing and everyone should own a pair.


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Bump Update: 39 Weeks

39 weeks pregnant // alysalovely 39 weeks pregnant // alysalovely

dress: gifted // leggings: online

39 weeks pregnant // alysalovely 39 weeks pregnant // alysalovely

39 weeks, still pregnant!! Less than a week to the due date, and he still seems high so who knows when he’ll come.  Autumn came right on her due date, so a big part of me is expecting that might be the case again, but it’s hard to say.  I think that a Friday the 13th baby might be fun, too 😉

The baby is about the size of a full rack or pork back ribs, or a pumpkin.  He’s probably able to flex his limbs in there, so he’ll be showing everyone how to get to the beach in no time.  His brain is still rapidly developing, so I’ve been eating a lot of chocolate to help him out with that.  His nails may be long enough that they extend past his fingertips.  He’s moving around a LOT in there, and I’m still always feeling him move in more than one spot.  It’s funny, but it seems like he’s always got a lot of movements to do right when I’m going to bed.  Super handy for when I’m trying to rest haha.  It’s all good though, I love feeling him kick and move around in there.  He’s still head down, but he’s still pretty high up.

I’m at the point where I feel like I’m just about done.  I also feel like a ticking time bomb.  I have no idea when this baby could come.  I said a big part of me is feeling like it’ll be next Monday, on our due date… but who really knows?  He’ll come when he’s ready.  That’s all I know!  It’s definitely feeling more complicated being our second child, because something we didn’t have to think about last time is what we’d do with our first child when I’m in labour.  Makes it a little bit harder!  I got my B-12 levels back from my midwife, though, and they look great! We’re good to go at the birth centre and I’m SO happy and relieved and grateful.  It’s not that I had a terrible time giving birth at the hospital, I’m mostly just looking forward to a different experience, and especially a different experience with the after care aspect of it.  Looking forward to home visits from my midwife, especially especially since I have two now.

For the most part I’m feeling good though.  I’ve started doing this thing that has been so great where I take a nap/lie down and rest while Autumn naps.  I bring a little snack into the bed, and I read my book, and I do a sudoku.. and then I take a nap if there’s time before Autumn wakes up.  It’s so nice to be able to recharge halfway through the day.  I hope that it’s something I can kind of continue after the baby comes, just lying down with the baby instead of by myself.  We’ll see though! 😉

So appreciating any prayers for a smooth/quick/safe delivery, and I can’t wait to share all about it after it happens <3


fall maternity fashion

39 Weeks Pregnant with Autumn

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Bump Update: 38 Weeks

week 38 bump update // alysalovely week 38 bump update // alysalovely

shirt: thrifted // leggings: American Apparel // shoes: Sirens // hat: a little boutique in NYC in 2007
// sunglasses: Tharzie on Osborne

week 38 bump update // alysalovely week 38 bump update // alysalovely week 38 bump update // alysalovely

2 weeks (or so) to go! This is gettin’ real 😉  Time to finish all the things so that we’re totally ready for baby.  I’ve been keeping on top of laundry, so hopefully we won’t have a build up like last time.  I’ve been keeping on top of general cleaning, so hopefully it won’t be a total disaster.  And I’ve got a well stocked freezer full of meals we will just need to remember to take out the night before so that they’re ready to go for the day we need them.  I want to do a big deep clean of all of my cloth diapers, including the ones that Autumn wears.  Just because it’ll be nice to do it!  We still need to get all the pictures on the walls of the nursery, and get everything in there put away.  But I feel like that’s about all!  That, and all the upcoming appointments.  I had my 38 week appointment yesterday, and Autumn has her 18 month checkup tomorrow, so it’s a busy week!  And then Mother’s Day is on Sunday, and I’m pretty excited about what we’re giving our moms for it. Can’t wait to give it to them!

At this point, my little chicken nugget is about the size of a chopped firewood log, an Oscar statuette or a bucket of fried chicken!  He’s growing really nicely in there.  He may have an inch or so of hair already, but we’ll see!  Autumn didn’t have much hair at birth, so it would be fun if he had a lot of hair.

I’ve been feeling pretty good, mostly.  I think that the B-12 injections are helping.  I was thinking about this on Sunday and I think that, overall, I really do enjoy being pregnant.  Of course, there are things that I don’t like about it.. like the fact that I’m uncomfortable, and how I have trouble staying asleep because I can’t sleep on my stomach like I really want to.. but there are so many great things about it, too.  I love seeing how my body changes to accommodate a little one.  I love seeing my midsection grow.  And, of course, the end result is pretty fabulous. <3


pregnancy fall style

38 Weeks Pregnant with Autumn

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Bump Update: Week 35

bump update: week 35 // alysalovely
dress: Alternative Apparel // leggings: American Apparel // scarf: H&M

bump update: week 35 // alysalovely bump update: week 35 // alysalovely

5 weeks to go.. give or take 😉

The baby is currently the size of a one gallon jug of milk, or a baseball glove! He’s getting super big in there, and he’s moving a lot.  It sometimes seems as though he is trying to get out already, but really he’s just running out of space (or womb… lolol get it?? :p )  Apparently, my uterus is 1000x it’s normal size, which seems like a really big number.

I’ve been feeling pretty good!  Not quite ready, but getting there.  I am still having difficulty staying asleep.  Last night, I was up like 4 or 5 times to use the bathroom.  It’s so not fun, but apparently it’s to get my body used to waking up frequently once the baby comes.  Who knows if that’s actually accurate though.  Overall, I just feel so large! Especially when you compare my belly now, to how big I was at 35 weeks last time (picture below).  I am SO much bigger this time!  Probably due to a combination of it being my second pregnancy, and the fact that it’s a different pregnancy in general.  I just am really feeling pretty giant.  Although, it seems to be all in my belly.  I’m still able to wear a lot of my pre-pregnancy pants and leggings, without being very uncomfortable, so I can’t complain about that.

My rings are still on my left hand, but my claddah ring doesn’t fit anymore on my right, which is pretty normal for how my pregnancies go.  No stretch marks, and my belly button is still an innie!  This week, we’re going for a tour at the birthing centre, and I’m pretty excited for it.  I’m also pretty excited for my husband getting the chance to meet my midwife.  It’ll be an exciting appointment!


baby bump

35 Weeks Pregnant with Autumn

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Bump Update: Week 34

baby bump style, maternity style, 34 weeks pregnant,

leggings: SweetLegs // sweater: thrifted

baby bump style, maternity style, 34 weeks pregnant, baby bump style, maternity style, 34 weeks pregnant,

Oh man.  I feel huge, and then I look at pictures like these and wow, I LOOK huge!  They say baby boys are bigger.. is that why? Just wowza.  I am large.

I’m posting this post on a Friday because my internet decided to go out in the evening on Tuesday, so I wasn’t able to post anything till now.  It was a weird couple of days.  I watched Spice World (to start Autumn’s 90’s music appreciation), and then we went and saw My Big Fat Greek Wedding 2 in theatres for Stars and Strollers.  It was quiet at home, and in the evening I did my decluttering and read my book.  Nice, but very quiet.  And so easy to keep the battery fully charged on my phone 😉

You’re probably wondering why I’m standing in my closet for these photos.  It’s because I have been decluttering it, and it’s now one of my favourite places in the house!  I love it!  I want to put a chair in it and hang out there sometimes… but there’s not really room for a chair, so I doubt it’ll happen.

ANYWAY, 34 weeks! 6 weeks to go.  And they’ll probably go by super fast, too.  Or super slow, as the last month or so of pregnancy usually goes 😉

Right now, my little chicken nugget is about the size of BMO from Adventure Time!  He’s apparently able to recognize songs and things if I were to start singing to him, so I’ll have to do that more.  He’s probably going to recognize his big sister’s voice, because she’s certainly got a lot to say right now.  He is moving around a LOT!  And I’m still loving it

I’m feeling mostly good.  Except for the Charlie horses, and how much effort that it feels everything takes.  You know, the regular fun stuff!  It’s uncomfortable to sleep, but I’m so tired!  And, as I said before, I just feel so large!!  6 weeks (or so) to go, though.  It feels like nothing.


autumn maternity look

34 Weeks Pregnant with Autumn

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