Unicorn Love: More for Littles

Who is ready for some more magical UNICORN items? I know I literally always am!  There were so many totally adorable things for kids, that I had to split it into two posts to share everything I love that I found on Etsy.  So, here is the other unicorns for kids post! Enjoy <3

01 //  Unicorn Party Dress by December Baby
How cute is this dress? I wish we had a magical unicorn party to go to so I could get this for my daughter!  I love the fabric, and I love the cut of the dress. It’s so stinkin’ cute!

02 // Pastel Blue Unicorn Necklace
I’m sorry if every single one of these items just say “THIS IS SO CUTE” at the beginning of the description but I’m also NOT sorry because THIS IS SO CUTE!! I would wear this necklace myself, maybe get a matching one for my kid haha… maybe 😉

03 // Unicorn Minky Baby Blanket
Who wants a unicorn themed baby room? Honestly, I’m surprised I didn’t think of that before just now.  I wonder how into that theme my daughter would be for her room… or else, I could just incorporate unicorns into my son’s Harry Potter themed room.  hmm… good idea, or GREAT idea? 😉 ANYWAY, Minky is one of the softest fabric known to man and this blanket would be adorable in any baby room, unicorn themed or not.

04 // Unicorn Counting Clip Cards
This would be so fun for my daughter, seriously. These cards would be a great way to learn how to count for kids, and feature the sweetest little unicorns.  It’s a win win 😉

05 // Large Unicorn Plush with Rainbow Hair
This crocheted stuffy is so sweet.  Again, this would be totally adorable in a unicorn themed room.  Or on any kids (or adults) bed.

06 // Unicorns Flutter Sleeve Shirt
This outfit is adorable! I would put my daughter in this ALL the time as a little one.  The print is cute, and I love the fluttery little sleeves.  So sweet for any time of the year at all.  Seriously.

07 // Unicorn Bracelet
This bracelet is so cool! It is hand stamped and says “Everyday I’m sparkling” which is so obviously true. 😉 This would be so great as a part of any arm party.

08 // Pink & Gold Unicorn Stick Hobby Horse
These look like so much fun.  It gives kids the chance to pretend to ride a little horse around the house, but in this case that horse is a UNICORN. SO amazing and magical.  It’ll make any play-date sparkle.

what are your favourite unicorn things?





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Etsy Gift Guide: Bridesmaids

One of my favourite things about planning my wedding was picking my bridal party, and then deciding how I would thank them for being part of my day.  I ended up getting most of the thank you gifts for our wedding party from Etsy (for the groomsmen as well) and it was such a great way to purchase these gifts.  Not only were we supporting small businesses, but we also got really nice gifts for our favourite people!

Are you unsure of where to start looking? Here are some gift ideas you could do for your favourite gals:

Something to wear at the wedding:

Denim Blue Necklace, Steel Blue Necklace, Quartz Gemstone Necklace, Wire Wrap Necklace, Black Oxidized Sterling Silver, Pendant Necklace
Denim Blue Necklace – $54.68
Depending on your wedding colours, you could get your bridesmaids jewellery that directly matches your colours, or you can pick something that complements it!  For our wedding, our bridesmaids wore black, and our wedding colour was (essentially) glitter.  Something like this would have been perfect for my girls.  This shop also sells similar necklaces in a ton of other colours, so depending on what you’re going for, you’ll be able to find something that works for your wedding here!

Bridesmaid 14k gold filled bow bracelets Hand stamped initial bracelet gift personalized Flower girl Set of 5 five Bridal party Tie a knot
14k Gold Filled Bow Bracelets – $28.50 each
These are so precious!  The link above is for 5, but you could probably get more or less depending on how many bridesmaids you have.  I would probably have picked 5 anyway, that way I would get to have one for myself, too.  They even have the option of picking the colour of the bead on the bracelet, so it could go with your wedding colours.

Something to wear later:

Birthstone Bracelet, Blue Sapphire Bracelet, Shaded Sapphire Bracelet, Sapphire Gemstone Bracelet, Sterling Silver Chain, Light Blue
Birthstone Bracelet – $70.41
Something personalized is always fun, and getting your bridesmaids a piece of jewellery in each of their own birthstones is pretty special.  This is something they would continue to wear after the wedding and beyond, because it’s personalized right to them!

Darling Brown Deer Headband – $36.45
You can tell them how DEER they are to you for being part of your day! (groan) But seriously, these are too cute.

Something Pretty:

Silver Cuff Bracelet, Metal Bangle Bracelet, Hammered Bracelet, Aluminum Bracelet, Crosshatch Bracelet, Unisex Bracelet, Stamped Bracelet
Silver Cuff Bracelet – $44.33
Maybe one of your bridesmaids isn’t really into the whole dainty jewellery thing, so something a bit chunkier is more to their taste.  Maybe you know they’ve been drooling over something like this.  Either way, a thank you gift for your bridal party doesn’t have to be wedding specific.. it could just be something you know that she’ll love and appreciate!

Stemless champagne flute with personalized name in hand written calligraphy
Stemless Champagne Flute with Personalized Names – $11.09
These are so pretty, and definitely not wedding related!  Each of your bridesmaids will get their own unique glass that they can use whenever they like.  I, personally, love the writing on them, and I love anything personalized like this.

For your Brides-man/men:

Men's Leather Wallet /Ultra Slim Minimalist Rustic Bifold Design - 010 - JooJoobs Original - Wallets for Men
Men’s Leather Wallet – $37.84
If you’ve got best guy friends who you want to be part of your day, too, why not make them your brides-men?  A gorgeous leather wallet is a great gift, because chances are it’s not something that your brides-man would get for himself.

Personalized Cigar Case with Cutter - Groomsmen gift - Best Man -Gifts for Men
Personalized Cigar Case – $52.13
A wedding, or the events leading up to the wedding, is a perfect place to pull out the cigars, so a cigar case is the perfect present for your favourite brides-man!

What did you give your bridesmaids (or brides-men) as a thank you for being in your wedding?


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