Five on Friday: Bye August

What a week, y’all! But then, I feel like I say that every time. Having 2 under 2 sure makes life busy 😉

01 // Having a vehicle
This week, I was able to use the car all week, and it’s been SO GREAT.  Andrew usually takes the car to work, so I am at home without a vehicle.  It’s not a big deal, and we are able to use the car when we need it for doctor’s appointments and things like that.. but overall, we stay home or go places we can walk to.  I plan to start taking the bus places, but anyway! This week we had the car, so I wanted to use it as much as possible.  On Monday, I went grocery shopping during the day. Awesome.  On Tuesday, we went to the library.  It was really fun, and I liked being able to let Autumn walk around there.  She likes being there, too.  On Wednesday, I went to pick something up from a buy/sell group person, and we went to Michaels.  On Thursday, it was raining, so initially I thought we’d stay home.. but we went to a thrift store that’s supposed to be good for records (and it was). And today, we’re going to visit my Amma and we’re having lunch with her! It’s been a great week.

02 // I bought a LOOM
One of the things I found at the thrift store yesterday was a wooden loom.  I need to figure out how to use it, but I’m excited to see what I can make with it

03 // Autumn’s getting a big girl bed
We bought a twin bed for Autumn last week, and she’s going to be switching to her big girl bed TONIGHT! Wish us luck.  I’m so excited for her though! My mom saved my old Beauty and the Beast sheets from when I was a kid, and we picked up a railing.  It’s going to be the cutest little bed.  <3

04 // Christmas
I know it seems a little early to be thinking about Christmas, but I don’t really care? haha I love Christmas!! My goal for this year is to be finished Christmas shopping by Halloween.  Aside from one or two gifts for like a gift exchange or something, which I won’t know who I have to buy for until November/December.  All the people I know I need to buy for, I want to have their present ready to go.  Last year, I did a thing where I purchased from local shops, or handmade gifts, and I want to do the same thing again this year!  I am starting earlier with the homemade stuff, because that does take time.  I’m excited with what I have so far 🙂 (And, for fun, there’s a picture of Aiden wearing one of his sister’s Christmas sleepers haha bc when your first baby is born in November, their Christmas sleepers might fit your second baby in August 😉 )

05 // Little Stitches by Brandi Little
I was chosen to be a brand ambassador for this amazing little etsy shop, and I made my first order this week!  I’m so excited to receive it!  You can visit her shop here! Isn’t everything just adorable?

Hope you have an excellent weekend!


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5 on Friday: End of July

1 // 2 months
If you can believe it, Aiden is 2 months old today! The last two months flashed by and I need time to slow down a little, k thx.

2 // Library
We went to the library this week and it was so much fun!  Autumn loved walking around and pulling books off the shelves to look at them for like 30 seconds and then reach for the next one.  I’m really happy with the ones we borrowed, too.

3 // Thrifting
I went to our nearest thrift store the other day and I am very happy with what I found. In particular: a HAIR CRIMPER!  I was very upset with my sister for getting rid of the one we had in the 90’s, but now I don’t have to be because I have my own.  We’ll see if it works, but that’s another story haha

A photo posted by Alysa Friesen (@alysalovely) on

4 // Prettified bookshelves
I have been sitting staring at my bookshelves for so long, thinking about doing this to them and I am  so glad that I did it! I love the way it looks.

5 // Iced Coffee
You know how it’s a mom cliche to forget you have coffee and leave it so long that it’s cold, and then when you go to microwave it, you find the mug that you microwaved YESTERDAY already in there.  So no coffee for moms, basically? Well, I’ve been combating that by having iced coffee in the afternoon and I love it! 🙂

What are your favourite things about this week?


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5 on Friday

1 // Pokemon Go

Pokemon Go has now been available legitimately in Canada since last Sunday, but I have yet to actually get it to work. I think it’s my phone. It’s too old.  It looked like a lot of fun, and I’m so glad that it’s bringing a lot of different people together.  I missed the Pokemon faze growing up, too.. so I’m mostly okay with not being able to play this.  It would have been fun, but oh well.  Andrew has it and plays it, so I’ll play through him instead.  And keep using my phone for snapchat 😉

cloth diapers

2 // Adventures in Cloth Diapers

We’ve had Autumn in cloth diapers pretty much since she was born (aside from over Christmas that year, and for her first few meconium poops). And apparently, I had been doing something wrong with my wash, because the diapers were smelly, even right when they were “clean”, and they were starting to affect Autumn negatively.  When that happens, the thing to do is to do a full strip and bleach.  It’s a way to “reset” the diapers back to the way they were originally.  It’s not something you want to do all the time because it takes a really long time.  But the diapers smelled really bad, and I didn’t want her to be in disposables forever, so that’s what I did this week!


3 // Babywearing to the Rescue

Especially with two kids, babywearing has been my saving grace.  I’m actually able to go out, take the kids to the park, go for walks, and, most importantly, get things done while my babies are napping.  It’s incredible and I love it.  My current fave is my Boba stretchy wrap.  It’s so handy and I feel that Aiden is super secure in there.  Plus, then I’m hands free to be a person and do stuff.  I love it!

mama's night out

4 // RAW: Winnipeg presents REVEAL

Last night, my friend had an art show through a group called RAW.  It was so much fun!  Not only was it a wonderful way to support a good friend of mine, but I also got to go out by myself… as an adult. Without a kid strapped to me. To a BAR!  It was pretty much amazing, and though I didn’t stay the whole time or for all that long, I will have to do things like this more often.  It made me feel like a real actual human person, instead of just the sidekick to my children.

5 // Alysalovely Littles

I think I’m almost ready to actually start something here!  A few months before Aiden was born, I got this idea to start a little side business, and I’ve been dreaming about it and working on it for a while.  I’m actually able to work on it on a more regular basis now, especially now that I can baby wear during naps.  If you want more updates on this, check out the instagram @Alysalovelylittles <3

Hope you had a lovely week!


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Happy Day: what’s the up?

flowering tree

It’s been a few days since I’ve posted, so I thought I’d do a little catch up!  It’s been a really busy few days, too.  Of waiting, of celebrating, of waiting more…

  1. I had two fetal assessments last week, and they measured my baby at 8lb 11oz. Which isn’t too bad! And good fluid levels.  What was nice was that Andrew got to come and see the baby in the ultrasound, since he hadn’t seen him yet.
  2. We celebrated all day Saturday, pretty much.  We had a first birthday party to attend, and then a graduation party! It was a great day filled with friends and family.
  3. On Sunday, I laboured all day and gave birth!! This is definitely the biggest thing that happened in the last few days haha.  But he’s here, he’s wonderful, he’s healthy & I love him so much.  I’ll post more details later.
  4. Getting settled as a family of 4 has been good so far.  Looking forward to seeing how my two children get along with each other as they grow <3

Hope your weekend was excellent as well!


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Things I’m Noticing (About Myself) in Re-Watching Full House

Re-watching Full House

I still identify the most with DJ (and find Michelle super annoying)
When I originally watched the show, I thought DJ was the best of the three girls.  I also thought it was because of my placement in my own family, first born!  I also thought that children born first would identify with DJ, and middle children would identify with Stephanie, and last born would identify with Michelle.  I don’t know why I thought that, it’s just the way I thought when I watched the show in the 90’s.
Well, even watching the show as an adult, I’ve come to notice that DJ is still the best one.  She doesn’t have as many annoying catch phrases, she doesn’t do as many annoying things, and she’s just overall the best in terms of style and judgement.  DJ is my fave.
MICHELLE, on the other hand, worst child.  So annoying and bratty.  I thought that when I watched the show as a kid, and I think it now.  I guess not too much has changed.

I remember a lot of the specifics of singular episodes
In re-watching the show, I’m really noticing how many small details that I remember perfectly from watching it the first time.  I feel that I watched Full House the normal amount, and saw the reruns a few times, but I didn’t think it was enough to know so many specific little minor details about specific episodes.

I have to try really hard not to say the catch phrases of the characters
“Have Mercy” “Well, pin a rose on your nose” “How Rude” “oh my lanta” “You got it, dude” and (my personal favourite) “I’m there for ya, babe”
I am finding that I have to actively think about NOT saying these things.  As I get deeper into the series, the earlier ones aren’t said anymore, which makes it easier not to say “HOW RUDE” to things.  But I had to physically stop myself from saying “I’m there for ya, babe” to a friend recently (though, I feel like she would have appreciated it because I know she’s a fan of the show)

I’m finding Joey to be the worst and I wish he would just stop
Ugh. Everything Joey does and says makes me roll my eyes.  It’s especially annoying watching him because I know that Robin Williams existed in the 90’s and was doing it better than Joey Gladstone ever dreamed of doing it.  Stop with the Popeye, Stop with the Bullwinkle.  ANNOYING!!

In Season 2, Danny is the same age as me… and that is depressing
If you’ve ever seen the show, you will know that Danny Tanner is the lamest dad ever.  In season 1 he turns 30, and in season 2 he’s 31, which means he’s my own age.  After that, he’s older than me… but not by much!  It really goes to show, parents on tv have changed a lot since the late 80’s/early 90’s, and thank goodness!! I’d rather watch dads like Sandy Cohen, Adam Braverman, or Corey Matthews!! They can be goofy and even sometimes lame, but never to the extent that is Danny Tanner. Yikes!! It made me kind of sad to be completely honest.  Luckily, eventually Jesse had babies and he is so not a lame dad.

Are you re-watching Full House before Fuller House comes out? What have you noticed about it?


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Happy (almost) December!

It’s December tomorrow! Which means it’s totally socially acceptable everywhere to talk about Christmas, and be ready for Christmas, and have a Christmas tree!  We went to get our Christmas tree yesterday, we also went and visited Santa for Autumn’s first time.  She wasn’t really a fan, but we don’t generally let strange men hold her, so it’s not really that surprising.  Plus, she was tired :p

I had a goal in November to get my Christmas shopping done this month, and I’ve pretty much accomplished that!  Aside from a couple of small things that I still need to pick up, everything is ready to go.  All I have to do now is wrap it up and put it under the tree.  All I have left to do is the homemade stuff, which hopefully won’t take too long, but we’ll see.

Otherwise, I’m just ready to hang out, enjoy my newly decorated, beautiful smelling tree, listen to Christmas music, and drink hot chocolate.  Gotta love December!  PLUS!! The best part.  I’m not in school this year, so I don’t have to think about finals I can just think about Christmas!  So happy about that, I can’t even begin to describe how happy that makes me.

Here are some other things making me happy this week:

  1. One day left to sign up for Dressember!
    This will be my third year participating in Dressember, and this year I’m wearing one dress all month.  It’ll be so great!  You should sign up 😉 Alternatively, you can donate here!
  2. My brother got engaged!!
    I’m so excited for them! I love my new sister in law! <3
  3. My David’s Tea Advent Calendar
    We got it at the beginning of November, so I’ve been waiting all month to be able to make the tea.  I can’t wait till tomorrow.  It smells amazing, and I’ve mostly been able to keep what kinds of teas there are a surprise

What are you excited for this week/month?


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yay autumn!

This past Wednesday was the official first day of autumn!  I’m even more excited about fall this year, and a lot of it has to do with the fact that my daughter has the same name as the season.  Everywhere I look, people are writing about things to do in autumn, and fun things about autumn.  I love that!  It makes it more fun for me for sure!

Here are a few other things I’m excited about for this autumn:

  1. Halloween
    It’s Autumn’s first Halloween!  I’m so excited to make her costume, and dress up with her.  I kind of want to have a few different costumes for her, so we can go to a couple of things.  I think that would be super fun!
  2. Fun fall activities
    Stuff that doesn’t seem that exciting when you don’t have kids, is going to be so much fun this year with Autumn!  I can’t wait to show her the crunchy leaves, and take her to a pumpkin patch, or to a corn maze.
  3. No school!
    It’s so nice to not be in school this year.  It’s definitely a change from last year!  I’m really enjoying being done school 🙂

What are you excited most excited for this season?


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Happy Day!

Monday again! How was your weekend? We had a great weekend. We got to celebrate with two of our friends as they got married, and we went to a dinner with my in-laws at a cool Mennonite museum here in town.  Busy weekend, but great!

Here are some other things that made me happy this week:

  1. Cuddle + Kind dolls
    these dolls are SO stinkin’ cute!  I love that they give proceeds to help others as well.
  2. Remember Breaker High?
    aka one of Ryan Gosling’s first shows? aka the show that made everyone wish THEIR high school was on a cruise ship?  Here’s what everyone looks like now 🙂
  3. Keep kids warm and safe in the car seat
    Car seat safety is so important to me, and I love the tips they share here.

Have a great week!


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Happy Day!

Another busy week and another busy weekend!  This month is going to zoom by, I just know it.  It already is!  This weekend, we celebrated a friend’s birthday, another friend’s baby shower, and then my birthday again with my parents/in-laws/grandparents!  It was a lot of fun, but I’m definitely ready to relax a little bit.  Now I can start thinking about the next event 😉

Here are some other things that made me happy this week:

  1. The Problem with Gender Neutral
    Generally speaking, gender neutral means the masculine version, and as a woman/the mother of a girl, I have a problem with that.
  2. Help Aubree Shake It Off with Taylor Swift
    This little girl has a rare type of cancer, and her one wish is to sing “Shake it Off” with Taylor Swift! Like the group, share the info on fb, tweet it, lets make this happen!!
  3. A Bar based on Harry Potter
    I want to go to there!!
  4. How to Beyonce
    enough said.

All of this is so true.

Have a great week, loves!



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