Unwrap The Present Group Game

There’s a game we’ve been playing for a few years at our holiday parties, and I decided to stop and take some pictures of it this year to share with all of you.  I tried to find out what the game was officially called, but I couldn’t find anything about that anywhere.  We just call it the Oven Mitt Surprise Game, and it works really well with a pretty large group.

Before I explain the rules to play the game, here is how to put it together.

How to put together a fun group game for a Christmas Party

  1. Get your favourite holiday movie and holiday beverage ready, for inspiration!

How to put together a group game for a Christmas Party

2. Collect everything you need.  I put in a gift card (you can choose wherever you want the gift card to be for. We chose Indigo because we were having a book themed party. We’ve also done Starbucks), random candies and coupons as side prizes, and all of the newspaper or flyers you have.  I also used packing tape, masking tape, and scotch tape.

Wrapping the gift

3. Start wrapping!  It looks nice when it’s still small and it’s easier to be more precise with the paper.

Adding the prizes Variety of prizes

4. Don’t forget to add your side prizes!  This was the first year I did this, so it’s totally optional.. but it’s a fun way for the people who don’t win the big prize at the end to get something small as well.  Also, I like to go back and forth between packing tape and masking tape.  Packing tape is harder to unwrap.  Some people also use Duck tape.. which is pretty difficult to unwrap as well!

How to put together a fun group game for a Christmas Party

5. When you run out of flyers or the package is as big as you want it (whichever comes first), wrap it with holiday paper:

Biggest Gift Card ever

And you’re ready to play!  If you’re wondering how long it took me to wrap, there was probably about 10-15 minutes left of Home Alone after I finished, so it took a little over an hour and a half to wrap the entire thing.

To play you will need a set of dice and a pair of oven mitts.

Group Christmas Party Surprise Game

Christmas Party Surprise Game

Get everyone to sit in a circle.  Starting somewhere random, one by one everyone will roll the dice and try to get doubles.  When someone gets doubles they are to put on the oven mitts and try to open the package.  The dice keep going around the circle as people try to roll doubles until the next person does, then it’ll be their turn to unwrap the package.  The person who gets to the very centre of the package (where the gift card is) wins the gift card!

It’s such a fun game, and it’s especially fun if your friends are really competitive or you’re playing with a bunch of teenagers.  It can get loud though, so don’t do it if someone in the house is trying to sleep 😉


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