Unicorn Love: Stuff for Littles

My unicorn love continues!! There are SO many adorable unicorn things for little ones that I have this split into two posts.  One today, and then one in a few weeks haha Stay tuned for that! <3

Here is the first round of unicorn items for little ones.  I’ve included apparel and toys, and ALL are so adorable you won’t be able to stop yourself 😉

01 // Unicorn Costume
When I saw this I audibly gasped.  It’s so beautiful I can’t even.  This would be perfect for Halloween or any day you want a little bit of whimsy.

02 // Matching shirt for a little one and their doll
This one is just too adorable.  I know us mamas like to match our littles, but it turns out that little girls love matching with theirs, too!  This is for a shirt for your daughter or son, and then a shirt for their doll.  It’s simply adorable

03 // Crochet Unicorn Plushie
What could be cuter than a rag doll shaped like a unicorn?  So perfect!

04 // Unicorn Bonnet
Sorry not sorry, I’ve included my own unicorn bonnet in this list.  I love the way it turned out, and it’s so adorable on!

05 // Unicorn Personalized Pencil Box
I wish my kids were old enough for school because of this pencil case.  It’s too adorable, especially with the added bonus of a little unicorn!  You can get these in a bunch of different colours.  It’s so sweet for back to school.

06 // Unicorn Bodysuit/Onesie
I just love this adorable little onesie!! It’s got a sweet little unicorn face on the belly, turning any baby outfit absolutely magical!

07 // Unicorn Dreams Romper
This romper is so cute.  It comes in teal with GOLDEN unicorn silhouettes on it.  It’s so adorable.

08 // Unicorn Diaper Clutch
If you have a giant diaper bag, like I do, this would be the perfect way to keep all the diapers in one place.  It’s got space for diapers and space for wipes.  Plus, it looks so cute that no one will suspect there are really diapers in there. 😉

Do you see anything you want here?  Make sure you click on the links and give some love to these shops!  These unicorn things are so cute, I doubt they will be available for long.






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saving herself for Luke Perry

Cher from Clueless costume

shirt: thrifted // skirt: thrifted (Le Chateau) // socks: gift // tiny backpack: thrifted

how to dress like a 90's girl

90's accessories

So, check it: the other night I shared some snaps from my Clueless/90’s themed birthday party, including the food, & decor, so here is my Clueless-inspired outfit!  I mostly went with clothes I already had (chosen by computer), and I happened to have the best 90’s accessories, too.  An authentic tiny backpack, as well as a chunky plastic ring that was directly from the 1990’s.  It was phat.

Unfortunately, all of my 90’s-esque baby tees weren’t seeming to fit, and I was totally buggin’.  Luckily, this t-shirt worked and I was able to finish the ensemble with some high socks.  While it might not be the perfect Cher outfit complete with matching yellow plaid jacket and skirt, and yellow cardigan… I think I came pretty close.  Plus, the fact that I didn’t need to buy anything extra for the outfit made my wallet happy, too!


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Halloweens Past…

I’m so excited for Halloween this year! We have a new little person to dress up along with us, and I’ll be sharing this years Halloween costume on Monday (most likely).  It’ll also be fun to go trick or treating.  I know that she’s not even one, so she won’t get candy… but we can have it! 😉  Also, we’re using it as a good way to go around our neighbourhood to actually meet our neighbours.  We’ve met a couple of them, but it would be nice to meet some more of them.  This is a great excuse to do so!

Here are a few of our Halloween costumes from the past few years:

Last Year:

Game of Thrones Halloween Costumes

I was Daenerys Targaryen & my husband was Khal Drogo.  It was a pretty fun costume, especially for being so pregnant.

The Beckhams for Halloween

That year, we went as Victoria and David Beckham.  Another fun one, and made up of mostly things that I already had (which I think is pretty sweet!).

We didn’t do anything this year 🙁  This was the year where I was working part time (but it felt like more than that because it was ministry work) and I was in school full time.  Oh, and I had a really mean teacher who set an assignment to be due the day after Halloween.  We spent Halloween giving out candy at my husband’s parents house and I spent it writing my paper.  Bleh.

2011 Halloween Costume - The Bluth-Funkes

This was our first Halloween together as a couple, so we went with the hilarious Lindsay Bluth Fünke/Tobias Fünke from Arrested Development.  It was a fun costume, too!  The most hilarious part was when my dad came downstairs as I’m using fabric paint to write “SLUT” on a tank top. It’s for Halloween!! haha

Hope your Halloweekend is spooky!! (But not too spooky 😉 )


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