Five on Friday – February!!

I haven’t done one of these in a while, but I have a few things that I’d like to chat with you about.  Some things that I’ve been thinking about, or obsessing over, and what we’ve been doing lately!  To say life is busy is boring and a little bit expected, right? Everyone’s life is busy.  We’ve been busy doing a variety of things, both boring and interesting.  Like these five things:

  1. My Letterboard!

    I am OBSESSED with my letter board.  I got this for Christmas from Andrew, and I’ve been putting some fun messages on it.  Like the above!  I am constantly looking for fun little quotes to add to it (some you may have seen on my instagram, feel free to follow me there!)  I am really enjoying it.  If you want your own, mine is from Letter Peddler!
  2. Spotify
    Near the end of 2017, we purchased a bluetooth speaker.  Before that, we had this really crappy old cd/cassette player.  It would randomly turn the volume all the way up by itself, and wouldn’t play most cds… so we decided to upgrade.  And one of the best things we did since was get a Spotify account.  I’ve been listening to all kinds of playlists on there and I love it!  This week, I’ve discovered that there is a LOT of S Club 7 and 2Ge+her on there.  SO amazing.  This is my current favourite playlist, just in case you were looking for something different to listen to 😉
  3. My shop
    I’ve been doing a lot of work for my shop lately, between May Market and a couple of Auction groups I am part of, I am so excited and in love with the things I’ve been making lately.  In particular this romper:

    I am OBSESSED with the way this looks!! On one side, we have pink lace and on the reverse side, vintage lace ruffle bum.  So cute. <3
    Check out my group: Alysalovely Littles VIP
    And my shop: Alysalovely Littles
  4. Aiden’s first haircut
    I gave Aiden his first haircut the other day.  I cut Autumn’s hair for the first time this past summer, and her bangs were getting pretty long again, so I asked if she needed a trim.  She wanted me to, so I did!  THEN, I asked Aiden if he wanted his hair cut, too.. and he said yes!


    He cooperated really well because he was watching Moana on my phone!

    My little sweetie!! There are definitely things that I would do differently next time, but it’s hair so I will get a second chance 😉
  5. Activities
    It’s still cold AF out, but we are having the car during the day on a more regular basis, so we’re going to be able to go out more often!  I’m so excited to be able to take the kids for activities… such as to the dentist!  We’re also going to the play area at the local malls, to play groups, and for library programs.  I’m looking forward to seeing what other activities I’ll be able to find for us to do during the day.

What are you excited about lately?

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5 Things to do in Winnipeg to beat the January Blues

January is the worst. Or, at least it feels that way! It seems like there’s nothing to do, it’s cold, everyone is broke (or they’re saving their money because of a new years resolution they made).  No one wants to do anything, and to be honest, January seems like the perfect time to just hibernate anyway.  Hibernate and take a lot of naps with your baby.

Well, if you’re in Winnipeg, here are some things that might be even more fun!

  1. National Geographic Presents: Earth Explorers at the Manitoba Museum
    National Geographic Earth Explorers, Science Center of Iowa.  (Christopher Gannon/Gannon Visuals)  --  shot by Christopher Gannon on 9/25/13 in Des Moines, IA Shot for GES
    It’s been on starting in October, so now is pretty much the perfect time to go!  All the early-bird keeners will have been already, and the late-goers won’t be going yet, so it’ll be the perfect amount of busy to not feel overwhelmed by a large group of people!  Plus, it just looks really neat.
  2. Family Sunday at the Winnipeg Art Gallery
    This month, there are a couple of cool things happening at the Art Gallery! You can check out Family Fusion Day on January 17 from 1-3 pm (cost is $20 per family), where you’ll be making mini decorative vases.  On January 24, from 1:30-4:00pm, you can enjoy Arctic Chill Out and learn about Inuit Culture (cost is $10 per family).  And there are events for families at the art gallery on Sundays throughout the year, so check back on the wag website to find out what other kinds of activities you can do with your family.
  3. Big Fun Festival in the Downtown area/Sherbrook
    The festival runs from January 27-31, and the venues are mostly located on Sherbrook, with a few downtown and at the forks.  There are over 50 different bands playing (mostly from Winnipeg), and so many opportunities to check out some local talent.  Individual tickets are $20, but you can also get a Festival Pass for $70, which means you would be able to see over 50 bands over the course of the Festival.  Definitely worth checking out though, it looks like it’s going to be big…fun. 😉
  4. Arctic Glacier Winter Park at the Forks
    There is so much to do outside at the Forks, and this year is no different than last year.  If you like spending time outside in the winter, this is probably one of the best things for you because there isn’t a cost to go.  (Well, maybe parking, depending on what time it is when you go).  Check out the website for more information because it’s currently under construction.
  5. Winnipeg Renovation Show at RBC Convention Centre
    From January 15-17.  The only reason I’m even remotely interested in this at all is because my husband and I love to watch home reno shows on tv, and we absolutely love Leave it to Bryan and Disaster DIY, and Bryan Baeumler is going to be there!  Tickets are $12 (and you might just see my husband and I fangirling over Bryan haha)

Comment below if I missed any fun activities going on in Winnipeg this month 🙂


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