Aiden at 9 Months Old

Oh goodness, Aiden is already 9 months old.  I have basically already started planning his first birthday party, and that seems so surreal to me.  Especially when I look at my time hop from last year.  He’s been such an awesome addition to our little family, and I’ve loved seeing how he just fits in with everything.

This past month has been SO busy for him.  Aiden is now crawling.  He’s got TWO teeth.  He’s said a few more words, and he’s gotten to be very chatty.  He’s also very handsy. He loves grabbing at peoples faces, and hair, and all that fun stuff.

Aiden eats a LOT.  He loves food.  He gets very angry with me if I don’t give him his next bite fast enough.  He especially loves Owlies, chicken, and bread!  He could eat a whole bun, and then go on to eat more of other things.  He still wants whatever it is that his sister has.  So, if I try to give him a different food for breakfast than what she is eating… that’s a problem 😉  It’s cute.

Aiden is moving around a LOT!  He wants to explore everything.  If he’s playing with toys in one room and we go to the next room, he wants to follow us.  If he’s in the kitchen with me as I cook dinner, he wants to be right at my feet and touching me.  He’s a sweetheart.

This month, Aiden has started sleeping through the night!  He’s doing it more and more often, but every now and then he’ll wake in the middle of the night.  He’s also napping really well in his crib during afternoon nap time.  We’re still working on his morning nap though.

So looking forward to seeing what he’ll do next <3


Autumn at 9 months old

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9 Months!

9 months

Autumn is now 9 months old, aka 3/4 of a year.  Woah!

This month there were many more firsts.  It was the first time we went to my husband’s family’s cabin, the first time we went on a road trip as a family, and then the first time in Ontario for her, the first time in Quebec, and the first time leaving the country (only to the US, but it still counts!!).   It was also her first time at Niagara Falls, first time in Ottawa, and our first time visiting my sister and my uncle and aunt!  It was a pretty busy month for these kinds of firsts.

Autumn also got her second tooth.  She drank from a straw for the first time, and figured out how to drink from a regular cup (though in her case, it was a shot glass because it was the right size 😉 ).  Autumn has also started crawling now, and she pulled herself to standing for the first time.  Great month for firsts 🙂

Autumn is continuing to grow lots.  She’s in a lit of 9 months clothes, as well as 6-12 months sized clothes.  She’s growing approximately a half inch every month, and is now 27″ tall!

Her favourite game is when one of us carries her up the stairs, and the other one follows behind her.  We don’t even have to be doing anything funny or silly, but she still thinks that it’s pretty hilarious.  Her favourite toy this month was her car keys that she got as part of a goodie bag at our friend’s wedding.  She sleeps best in her own bed, but still had some great sleeps while we were travelling (aside from when we were at the cabin, she did not like sleeping there for some reason).

Autumn’s favourite food this month was the mini-muffins that I make for her, and she loved the pumpkin loaf that my Aunt made for us when we were visiting them.

This next month is going to be pretty busy as well, so it’ll be great to see how Autumn changes this month, too 🙂


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