40 Days of Kindness: and beyond…


Easter is over, which means that Lent is now over, too!  This lent was definitely not boring.  I ended up doing some things that I didn’t expect to when I first started, and didn’t do some things that I thought I would.  I had wanted to do less acts that involve money, since I don’t have a job, and I think that I was successful in that.  I thought I would do more acts that involved baking, because that’s something I could do for relatively free/cheap, but only ended up baking three or four times.  Overall, I would say that the ones I enjoyed most were the ones where I did not get to see the reaction from whoever it was that was “benefiting” from my random act of kindness.

For example, I really enjoyed going onto tumblr and sending people anonymous love notes…  I accidentally sent one under my own username, but did not see the response to the majority of them.  The point of doing this was not to make myself feel good, but it was to make other people feel good.  I felt that by giving the mail man cookies, or by baking for a team of teenagers, or by sending a family pizza, it was really focused on the person/group who was getting them because I didn’t get to see their reaction.  When I was seeing the reaction, it sometimes felt as though I was doing the act of kindness more for myself than for the person.

A little while ago on Twitter, someone I’m following said something along the lines of “I understand why people do bad things” and when I asked her why that was, she explained that it’s easier.  One of the major things I’ve learned during this lenten experience is how difficult it is to think up something new every day.  It was difficult to go up to people I didn’t know and ask them for money, it was difficult to try to come up with something in the middle of the day that I could do, and it was difficult to go out of my way to do some kind act.

It is easy to do bad things, it’s also easy to write off the good things you do as being not a big deal, when you never know how the other person responded to it.  Last week was tough for me.  On a particularly bad day, my friend text messaged me out of the blue just to chat.  We talked about NOTHING, but it still made a huge impact on my day. I felt way better after that little text message conversation.

After all is said and done, I can look back and kind of compare Lent 2013 to the things I “gave up” for Lent in past years, and I think that this year’s was much more difficult than other years.  For example, I think that giving up sugar was much easier than doing one random act of kindness a day. Giving up Facebook was definitely easier, too!  And maybe that’s the point of it.  Isn’t it supposed to actually be a challenge?  Perhaps next year I’ll have to give up something that is difficult to live without.


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A La Instagram: Busy busy busy!!

1. Pulled pork and smiles for dinner <3
2. A very Spice night!! Barbie pinkie ring from my kinder egg, and Spice World was on!
3. Church outfittt
4. I got my copy of Spice World in the Mail!!
5. A weird flavour of soup …
6. Cute sneaks!

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Today, for my last “act of kindness” I will be volunteering at an event in my faculty!


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40 Days of Kindness: Good Friday



IMG_1533 IMG_1535

Outfit Info: Dress: Second Hand
Leggings: American Apparel
Boots: Rooster on River
Belt: Pacsun

With only two days left before Easter (including today), I think it’s good to take a moment to remember why this weekend matters.  At my church, they had two services for Good Friday, and I went to the second one.  They showed a very interesting clip from a movie that I hadn’t seen.  Apparently, what they showed was not that bad, and not very gory.. but I still found it really graphic and disturbing.  It was from the movie “The Passion of the Christ”.  That movie came out during a season of my life where I wasn’t really a follower, and so I didn’t bother to see it.  Now, I don’t know if I could stomach watching that, considering the images I found graphic in the clips they showed at church were tame in comparison to the rest of the movie.

But I’m getting a little off track.  While I felt that the scenes they showed at church were gory and graphic, I understand why they showed them.  It is so easy to forget about the horrible things that happened in the days leading up to Easter.  It’s easy to gloss over the part with any pain, and it’s easy to imagine that Jesus died quickly.  I know that it says that he didn’t, and that the entire thing was very painful, but for a child you don’t really focus on that.  The focus is always how He rose again.  How He disappeared from the cave, and how He appeared to very specific people before finally showing Himself to his disciples.  It’s so easy to just focus on the nicer parts of Easter.  The bunny parts with chocolate.

I think it’s important to remember the not-so-pretty parts of Easter. The actual death.  So tonight, I will have a drink in memory.. then on Sunday, I will be able to say joyfully, Christ is risen!


ps: for my act of kindness for the day, my husband and I donated two HUGE bags of Oats to Winnipeg Harvest via the bin at our church! 🙂

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40 Days of Kindness: Anonymous Love Notes


IMG_1499 IMG_1500








IMG_1508 IMG_1509



Outfit Info:
Sweater: JC Penney
Shirt: A bargain store that is no longer in business
Jeans: Bluenotes

For today’s random act of kindness, I took to the streets tumblr!  I know, based on the people that I follow on there, that there is a lot of sadness and a lot of loneliness on that website.  When it comes to a lot of the teenagers who frequent that website, a lot of them are really struggling with a lot of really heavy stuff.  I don’t know if it’s due to self-esteem issues, mental illness, or what, but there is a lot of just sadness and self harm messages floating all over that website.

So, I went to the insecure tag on tumblr, and I sent a bunch of people on there (anonymously) how beautiful and perfect and loved they are, also that they are more than good enough.  I did that until I wasn’t allowed to “ask” questions for an hour (which I thought was weird). Then, when I came home from school, I went to the depressed tag on tumblr, and I did the same thing until it told me I couldn’t send any more messages anymore.

I don’t know if  the people I messaged have seen my messages yet, I don’t know if they will look at it, or post it, or ignore it.  I just hope that it makes them feel a little less alone. A little less insecure, and a little less sad.  I know that no message like that is going to be a cure-all for all personal issues that a person could be having, but I just hope that I helped even a little bit.


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40 Days of Kindness: Self Care


IMG_1482 IMG_1486 IMG_1493


Outfit Info:
Scarf: Gift
Shirt: Clothing Swap
Skirt: F21
Tights: Target
Boots: Rooster

Due to a particularly difficult conversation I had yesterday that I can’t stop thinking about (and won’t get into here), and an abundance of papers (both of which are now completed.. hence why I’m posting so late), the act of kindness I did today was one for myself.  A simple break.  I know that I was bad at it last week, but I don’t want to make myself feel bad because I didn’t do anything kind.  Partly because I feel bad enough as it is, and partly because … lets be real, I do kind things on a daily basis.  I don’t want to toot my own horn, but my husband would say that I’m already pretty kind.

Tomorrow is another day.  And hopefully it’s a day where I’ll feel better about this.


PS: My husband picked out my clothes for today! I think he did a pretty good job, too 🙂

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40 Days of Kindness: Cheering Up!


IMG_1447 IMG_1448



Outfit Info:
Shirt: Bluenotes
Skirt: Clothing Swap
Scarf: LA Express
Leggings: American Apparel
Boots: Rooster (not pictured)

So, without sharing too much, my act of kindness today was not one I pre-planned…  Last night, my husband was really disappointed about something, and was really upset, so I decided to bake him a cake today to make him feel better.


AlysaLovely uses cake attack! It’s super effective!

I got the recipe from here 🙂


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A La Instagram: Schoolwork…..

Andrew making his armour for the cardboard battle last Saturday!
My painting that I created during the church service last Sunday … I walked in with no plan, and I simply put paint to canvas and went with it 🙂  It was really fun.
New nail polish! It’s ~matte~
My brother playing hockey
My meatloaf victory
My face!

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I have a little bit of a confession to make.  This week has not been the best week for my lenten promises.  I’ve been really slipping in the past week. I haven’t been holding myself accountable for it either.  A lot of what I’ve been doing for it have been kind of afterthoughts.  I’ll be on my way home from school and remember that I needed to do something nice, and then try to think of what nice things I’ve already done in that day.  I have three assignments due next week that I’ve been working really hard on (and I have completed 1/3 of them), and it’s not really an excuse but it’s why I haven’t been so great at Lent in the last week.  For the next week, I am going to plan out my “random” acts of kindness in advance, based on how my days are going to go, and based on how busy everything is.  There’s only one week left!  I wanna make it a great one 🙂


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40 Days of Kindness: Freak Out!








Outfit Info:
Sweater: The Gap
Yoga Pants: Lulu Lemon

Do you ever see those people in the supermarket or airport or post office who freak out at the people working there?  Maybe they’ve just had a setback, and maybe they’re not getting something that they want or need immediately when they want or need it.  Maybe, they’ve been sitting in the airport for hours waiting for a flight that was cancelled because of the weather.  Maybe, the register is trying to charge them the wrong price for something they wanted to buy.  Whatever it was that happened, they are furious with the person who is telling them the bad news.  Who has, most likely, absolutely no authority over the situation.

It’s so easy to freak out on that person.  They are the one delivering the bad news, they are the one who need to hear your wrath and all the bad things you’re thinking about the situation right now.  It’s so easy to rip into them and blame them for your problems.

It is not their fault, and yelling at them won’t help the situation!!  It bothers me so much when I see people yelling at customer service agents.  It is not their fault that you are having a bad day!!  It is not their fault that your flight got delayed or the price of the can of soup is different at the register than it was on the shelf! It is definitely not their fault that your food doesn’t taste good at the restaurant (people who give crummy tips to servers because the food tastes bad is another one of my pet peeves, if you don’t tell them and eat the whole thing anyway, they did not know so they could not fix it!!).

Anyway, my day!  On Monday, I got a package delivery notice in my mail box, so on Tuesday I went to go pick it up.  It wasn’t in the system yet.. maybe it was because of the storm, whatever.  So I went back today, and it STILL wasn’t in the system.  I could see how someone might be upset by this, and I was kind of annoyed.  But instead of taking it out on the person who worked there, I tweeted about it and moved on.

I was told to call a number and ask them.  So, I did!  Pretty much the same story there, too.  The guy on the phone was ridiculously apologetic.. like maybe he was expecting that I would freak out about it, even.  Nah.  There is absolutely no point in yelling at the person who just works at the call centre.  That missing package is nowhere near the call centre, how would he be able to find it?

So, I get to go back every other day or something like that and ask them if they have anything for me. Yay!


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40 Days of Kindness: Support


Outfit Info:Shirt: Hot Topic
Skirt: f21
Leggings: American Apparel

My act of kindness today came really late.  Not because I was late doing it, but because it’s something that I should have done a really long time ago.

My brother has been playing hockey for the majority of his life and tonight, for the very first time, I actually went and watched him play!  It was the championship game of his league, against the best team of the league.  Pretty big deal.  So my act of kindness was to actually support my brother by watching him play hockey!  I’ll have to do it again sometime 🙂 It was really fun!


ps: they lost 🙁

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40 Days of Kindness: Baking for Teens






Outfit Info:
Sweater: Le Chateau
Leggings: Romwe.com

Before I talk about my random act of kindness for the day, I really want to talk about these leggings!! Aren’t they great?  I “like” a page on facebook that has a ton of giveaways, and these tights were one of them!  Last week, I brought in the mail and was super surprised to find these leggings.  I didn’t even realize that I had won in the first place, and couldn’t find my name on the page but then there they were!  They’re super fun, super shiny and way more interesting than my regular black leggings.  The page has a lot of giveaways all the time, so it’s definitely worth it to join!

Anyway! Today for my random act, I’m making cookies for the teenagers and leaders of my youth group who are going on Soar Heartland next week!  Today, I’m going to make them some brownies!  Partly because brownies are delicious, and mostly because I didn’t have the ingredients that I needed to make cupcakes! 🙂


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