Aiden at 18 Months

This little ham is 18 months old!
Shirt: 1214 Designs/Tristalee Creative // shoes: Bird Rock Baby

Aiden turned 18 months old at the end of November, and it’s so fun to see how much he’s grown in the last few months.  He knows so many words.  He loves saying mama, sister, daddy, bear, CARS, ball, and so many more!  He CAN walk, he just chooses not to.  He’d rather be carried or helped.  He likes to walk while holding our hands.  It’s so sweet.

He’s a big cuddle bear. He loves hugs so much, and I love that so it’s pretty perfect.  He likes to read, to follow his sister around, and to touch everything he’s not allowed to be touching!

It’s been so great getting to know this awesome little guy.


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