Aiden at 10 Months old

Ah, in 2 months my little one will be ONE! That seems too fast.  Not fair.

Anyway, this month Aiden has done a lot of new things!! He’s crawling everywhere, and he’s getting much much faster at it, too.  He loves to chase after his sister, even if it takes him a while to get there (running is always faster than crawling haha).  He has said a lot of words, such as read and duck!  He loves to eat, and his favourite foods are meat, potatoes, and whatever his sister is eating.  He’s been eating lots of muffins for breakfast lately because Cheerios are not as good, and not what Autumn is having. 😉

He’s in size 9-12 month/12 -18 month stuff, depending on the brand.  It’s weird for me, especially considering how much longer it took Autumn to get to those sizes.  But he’s outgrowing all the smaller things!

Aiden still only has two teeth, but he’s definitely working on more right now.  For the most part, he sleeps from around 8:00pm to around 8:00am, but sometimes he wakes up for middle of the night cuddles, which I am more than happy to give.

His favourite toys are his Fisher Price blocks, a monkey in a barrel toy we have, and cars.  He LOVES looking at books, and flipping pages on books.  His current favourite is Baby, Baby (which I reviewed here).  He loves looking at himself in the mirror,  he loves brushing his own teeth, and he absolutely loves playing with his big sister.


Autumn at 10 months <3

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10 Months!

Little Miss is 10 months old now! 10! It’s crazy to me to think that in 2 months, she’ll be one.. and basically she won’t be a baby anymore 🙁

This past month, she’s done a lot of growing and learning! She is now sleeping in her crib during her naps, as opposed to in my arms like she had been doing.  She naps twice a day (most of the time), for between 45 minutes to 2 and a half hours, that was the longest she’s slept during the day.  She crawls around, she likes pulling herself up to standing, and she’s gotten really good at eating food.

She still only has two teeth, but I am pretty sure that the next two are going to be arriving shortly.  Her favourite foods right now are pizza, carrots, & mini-muffins that I make for her!  She also really enjoys goldfish crackers, and any other kind of crackers.  She no longer cares very much for spaghetti, at least with spaghetti noodles.

Her favourite book seems to be Hug Time.  Her favourite toy is a set of keys we received from a wedding we went to in July.  We let her sleep with a blanket and a stuffed animal in her bed, her Winnie the Pooh bear that she got from her Uncle and Auntie.  In the mornings, before she calls to us to come get her, we’ve found her playing with him.

She has said her first word, it was “yeah!”  She loves clapping her hands, and she loves dancing.  She’s slowly figuring out more things to do at her activity centre, and she loves listening to music and reading books.

It’s been a really great month <3


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