Autumn at 2.5 <3

Earlier this month, my little girl turned 2 and a half!! Aka 30 months old haha. 聽I’m not one to keep track of months specifically, but it would have been hard to add a little point to 2.5 years haha 馃槈

Autumn has been growing so much over the last half a year. 聽She has a LOT to say. 聽She knows so many words, and says them so sweetly. 聽Some of them she has the cutest pronunciations. 聽She still loves reading so much, and always wants to hear stories.

This month she watched her new favourite movie, Moana! 聽She’s also started potty training (which I will probably write about in more detail soon).

She’s learning so much and I love watching her grow <3


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Aiden at 11 months

I don’t know if this is a real thing, but the last month of Aiden’s first year has flown by so fast that I didn’t even get a chance to share his 11 months update! 聽And it’s funny that this month has gone by so quickly, because this month last year went by SO FREAKING SLOWLY. 聽A side effect of having a two weeks late baby 馃槈 聽Now, he’s almost one!! It’s surreal.

Anyway! Some of the things he was doing at 11 months:

Aiden has been consistently sleeping through the night. 聽He gets up at about 7:30 every morning, and most days he even goes to sleep on his own. 聽For the most part, I nurse him to sleep, but sometimes he wants to go to sleep by himself.

He’s getting to be such a sweetheart. 聽He’s been saying so many words. 聽He said “duck”, “car” and “toy” this month. He likes playing with his sister, and reading books. 聽He started his first swimming lessons, and is unsure about it. 聽He’s not as upset about it as his sister was, but he’s still not 100% sure.

He’s been growing so much, and we love him so much <3 聽In about a week, I’ll share his 12 month update 馃槈


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Currently Creating: What I’ve Been Making Lately

It’s been pretty quiet around here lately, and I’ve missed writing here. 聽I’ve just been on a roll with making bonnets for my etsy shop! 聽I’ve been doing a lot of summer bonnets, and I just love how they turned out, so聽I’d like to share with you some pictures of my most recent creations:

I’ve also started making things for Aiden’s first birthday!! I’ll share those after the party 馃槈


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What Mom REALLY Wants for Mother’s Day

It’s almost Mother’s Day in North America, and so you’re going to be seeing a lot of kitschy “I heart my mom” stuff all over the internet. 聽Please. Please. Please. Don’t buy your mom that crap!! 聽Here’s the deal. It’s so easy, and so much cheaper than what you’re even thinking. 聽Here is what mom REALLY wants for Mother’s Day:

01 // to SLEEP
Basically ask any mom how much sleep she’s getting, and she’ll probably laugh at you. 聽Especially when they have little babies and toddlers, but I’m told mamas of teens also don’t sleep. 聽The gift is, you let her sleep in!! 聽If someone else can get up with the kids, that would be perfect. 聽If the kids are old enough to fend for themselves for an extra hour or two in the morning, that’s awesome too! Just let her sleep.

02 // to NOT have to cook
My perfect Mother’s Day goes a little something like this: Wake up, eat food that is brought to me, drink coffee that is brought to me. Eat lunch that is brought to me. 聽Eat dinner that is brought to me. 聽Do 0% of the cooking all day. 聽Perfection. 聽If that means taking her out to eat because you don’t want to cook either, that’s ok! Just don’t make her cook her own meals. 聽It’s the least you can do. 聽And it leads us to…

03 // to NOT have to clean
All those meals Mama didn’t make? She doesn’t want to clean up after them either. 聽If someone else has made a giant mess making those meals, that someone should also clean it up. 聽Just saying. 聽Moms clean enough, they deserve a break.

04 //聽for NO ONE to be touching her
Space please! We love our kids, we love them a lot.. but especially when they are very little they want to be touching us all. the. time. 聽Can we have some space?

05 //聽to NOT have to plan anything
I know I have a mom, too, and I will be seeing her and giving her something… but I don’t want to plan anything. I want things to be done for me that day. 聽I want to go with the flow and have other people do things for me. It’ll be so nice!


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Awakening to God App Review

It’s very common, in my experience for Christians to say things like “I wish I had more time to read the Bible” or, “I know I should be reading the Bible, but…” or, “my devotionals are taking a backseat these days because…” and I think that is true for a lot of people. 聽There is always a lot going on, and a lot of excitement.

From when we were newlyweds, up until while I was pregnant for the first time, I used to do daily devotionals with the Bible app on my phone. 聽It was excellent. 聽I would get up early, make myself a cup of coffee and sit down with my little Bible app and dive in. 聽The ones there had Bible verses, as well as things to think about.

That changed when the babies came, and I was up late with them, and I was waking up at the same time as them.. and on days when I tried to wake up early so I could do something like that… it’s like they sensed it and then they woke up early, too! 聽So… my devotionals have been taking a backseat these days 馃槈

But NO MORE. 聽I was recently approached to review a new app in exchange for an Itunes gift card, and I jumped at the chance. 聽Not just because of the itunes gift card (though I do have my eye on that Moana soundtrack 馃槈 ) but because of the app itself. 聽I’m so excited to share my review with you!

Awakening To God Today, or ATG Today app, is basically a mini-devotional. 聽There are daily Bible verses, and daily questions to reflect on. 聽There are questions you answer in the morning, and then more at the end of the day to look back on how your day went.

This app includes:
路 聽 聽 聽 聽 Ability to journal your walk with God on your iPhone, iPad etc.
路聽聽聽聽聽聽聽聽聽Create and remember significant touches from God, everyday events, and prayers.
路聽聽聽聽聽聽聽聽聽Build your faith through scripture memorization and by looking back at answered prayers.
路聽聽聽聽聽聽聽聽聽Inspiration and guidelines to help you take your walk with God to another level.
路聽聽聽聽聽聽聽聽聽Learn how to hear from God and to live your day out from 8 minutes with Him at the start of the day.
路聽聽聽聽聽聽聽聽聽Evening entries to remember your day and give thanks to God.
路聽聽聽聽聽聽聽聽聽Encourage your family and friends by sharing daily scriptures and thoughts.
路聽聽聽聽聽聽聽聽聽Inspire and strengthen your family devotions.
It does cost money to buy, but you can feel good in your purchase because the profits are going to help people in India, which I really liked about it.
I also really like how there’s something you can do at the end of the day. 聽I have a blank journal that has been sitting beside my bed for a while. 聽More often than not, I have a bunch of things I need to do before I go to bed, and so my husband goes to sleep before me. 聽Well, I’m not going to come into the room and turn on the light! 聽This is perfect because I can sit beside him in the bed and do a nightly devotional and not wake him up with excessive light, because it’s all on my phone.
Plus, it truly is a journal because you can look back on what you said previous days, and reflect on that. 聽This app keeps all of that for you. 聽You can add pictures as well.
Mostly, I love how simple this is. 聽This app doesn’t need a lot of bells and whistles to make it great, it is simply a devotional. 聽And if it inspires me to read more of the Bible or pray for longer, great! 聽I think this app is a great starting off point for people who need to kickstart their devotional practices.
It’s something that I can even do with my kids at the breakfast table as we start our day. 聽At this point, they’re too little to really answer the questions, but I think that if they see me doing it, it might be something they’d think about, too.
If you would like to find out more, please check out the Awakening to God Website here! 聽This app can be used on apple or android products.
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An Easter Basket for a Baby & a Toddler

Last year, I shared what we had in our one year old’s Easter basket (here). 聽This year, we have a nearly one-year-old and a nearly two-and-a-half year old! 聽Very different needs when it comes to their Easter baskets! 聽I know it’s a week after Easter, but I still really wanted to share. 聽I had so much fun putting them together!

First of all, can I just talk about how cute these little bunny baskets are? 聽I got the pattern from Sew Much Ado! 聽It’s a free pattern for personal use only, but here’s the directions to make your own! 聽I had only one bunny bag last year, and now that I have two kids, I needed to find a second one, or make two new ones. 聽I went with option B. 聽I really like the idea of Easter baskets that match each other. 聽Each child gets their own, but they also go together. 聽Also, if we have another baby, I can whip up a third one very easily.

Here’s what’s IN the baskets:

Easter Cup
I really liked giving my daughter a new cup last year at Easter. 聽So, I got them both similar ones for this year! 聽Unfortunately, last year’s cup didn’t last very long. 聽She dropped it and the lid shattered. 聽I hope to get more use out of the ones from this year. 聽They’re so much fun, especially with the curly straw!

Knit Bunny
I made knit bunnies for my shop as a free gift with purchase for those who purchased a bunny bonnet from me this spring, and while I was making those, I made a couple that were slightly bigger so I could put them in the Easter baskets. 聽You can find the instructions to make your own here!

Aero Lamb
I decided to get the same chocolate for the Easter basket this year as I did last year. 聽My daughter still isn’t having tons of sweets, and this was a nice small treat for her. 聽Plus, she’ll be getting a chocolate bunny from her Grandma, and she doesn’t need two! 馃槈

Big Girl Underwear
How much fun am I? I like to add these necessities in the Easter basket (and stocking) because she’ll need them anyway, and they’ll be fun for her to open up on Easter morning.

Told you I was a fun mom 馃槈 But for real, this shampoo has Frozen characters on it, so she’s going to love it. 聽She’s obsessed. 聽And she’s starting to have enough hair now that it might be a good idea to wash her hair with shampoo instead of the all in one baby soap.

I was so excited to find these. My daughter has been really into putting on sunglasses lately, and these will fit her face! 聽She loved getting them and doesn’t ever want to leave the house without her glasses haha

The Story of Easter Book
Last year, I looked for a cute Easter book and I was so happy to find one this year! 聽It’s got a simple story that is easy for little ones to understand. 聽It also has great pictures. 聽It’s a lot of fun to read to them both.

Baby Basket:

Easter Cup
Aiden doesn’t really drink that much water out of cups just yet, so I thought this would be a great way for him to start learning, with his very own cup. 聽It’s also so cute, and it matches Autumn’s.

Knit Bunny
I made both the knit bunnies, and this one is Aiden’s! I loved the yarn I used, and I love how it turned out.

A Book of Bedtime Prayers
Such a cute little book. 聽It has gold around the edges of the pages, too.

To be completely honest… I just put this in because his basket seemed a little … well… empty in comparison to his sisters. 聽I put this because he loves them and I wanted to give him something he could eat, too. 聽It actually worked out really well because Aiden didn’t really care about his basket at all, so I’m glad that we didn’t overdo it this year.

What did you put in your little ones baskets?


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5 on (Good) Friday

What’s good this week? 聽So many things! 聽It’s been exciting around here lately! 聽Lots of things to go to and lots of things to do, and lots of fun to be had.

01 // BUNNIES!!
It’s Easter on Sunday (yay!) and I have been selling quite a few of my bunny bonnets. 聽I love it! 聽I had a really great start to the month with the May Market group. 聽Can’t wait to show off what I’ve been working on for the MAY May Market 馃槈 聽There were a lot of bunnies hopping around the continent to a whole lot of babies, and it’s brought me so much joy to see the little bunnies in their bonnets. 聽馃檪

02 // 10%
It’s been my goal as a small business owner to give back. 聽And so, I’ve been setting aside 10% of sales to give to a local charity! 聽I have chosen a new charity every month, and I’ve been collecting so that I can give at least $20 to that charity. 聽AND THIS MONTH I WILL BE ABLE TO ACTUALLY GIVE IT!! I like to choose charities that support babies, mamas, and pregnancy. 聽This month, my charity of choice is the Children’s Hospital Foundation of Manitoba NICU. 聽The NICU does such amazing work for the tiniest babies and I’m so happy that I’ll be able to donate some money to them this month <3

03 // Sub Zero
There is an ice cream shop fairly close to our house that we LOVE, that went up for sale this past winter. 聽Luckily, someone bought it and is keeping it an ice cream shop. 聽I LOVE it. 聽The new owners seem to be making some awesome changes and stepping up their game. 聽I could go on and on about Sub Zero, because it’s so great. 聽This past week we went there for the first time and Aiden had his very first taste of ice cream. 聽It was a lot of fun to see.

04 // Moana
We just got our copy of Moana from the Disney Movie Club and we LOVE it. 聽If you haven’t seen it yet, you really should. 聽We’re considering going as the characters from Moana for Halloween. 聽I love the music, I love the story. 聽It’s such a great movie. 聽Seriously, watch it!

05 // Happy Easter!
This is a long weekend, and it’s super great because my husband gets to have a four day weekend! 聽It’s going to be great to be able to spend so much time together as a family. 聽What are you up to this weekend?


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Dating in Marriage: Book Review

I was recently given the chance to review a book on date nights in marriage, and I’m so excited to share that review with you here! 聽This post contains affiliate links. 聽If you click on my links and then buy something, it will be a big blessing on our little family. <3

Dating in Marriage by Brittany Putman has 12 date ideas you can do with your spouse throughout the year. 聽Each date has a cute theme, and there are a number of questions you can ask each other during or after the date. 聽It’s a nice way to connect with your spouse every month!

Especially after having babies, it can be difficult to really go on a date with your spouse. 聽In this book, there are a number of dates where you don’t even have to leave the house, which is kind of my favourite kind of date. 聽My husband and I love our date nights-in, and this book has a few of those. 聽And, the other date ideas found in here are relatively cheap/easy to do. 聽You don’t have to spend a fortune on any of the dates in the book, which I really appreciated. 聽I also liked the fact that the dates are simple enough that Brittany doesn’t need to go on and on for pages. 聽It’s written in a way that is directly to the point, so you don’t need to go searching for what the actual date idea is. 聽It makes it easier to plan dates, because you can read a paragraph or two and then just go! 聽I like that it’s not overly complicated, because dating your husband shouldn’t be complicated.

Another thing I really liked is the part at the end. 聽Once you’re done your year of dates, there is a guide for a marriage retreat! 聽There are three mini-sessions you can do with your spouse at the location of your choosing. 聽All that is asked of you is that you go for 1 to 2 nights, and that you go by yourselves. 聽What a neat idea! 聽I love that you can have a little marriage retreat with your spouse and it doesn’t have to cost an arm and a leg, and it’s totally guided by this book.

Overall, I really enjoyed reading this book, and I can’t wait to try out some of these dates with my husband. 馃檪 You can read more information about this book from the author’s blog here!



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Aiden at 10 Months old

Ah, in 2 months my little one will be ONE! That seems too fast. 聽Not fair.

Anyway, this month Aiden has done a lot of new things!! He’s crawling everywhere, and he’s getting much much faster at it, too. 聽He loves to chase after his sister, even if it takes him a while to get there (running is always faster than crawling haha). 聽He has said a lot of words, such as read and duck! 聽He loves to eat, and his favourite foods are meat, potatoes, and whatever his sister is eating. 聽He’s been eating lots of muffins for breakfast lately because Cheerios are not as good, and not what Autumn is having. 馃槈

He’s in size 9-12 month/12 -18 month stuff, depending on the brand. 聽It’s weird for me, especially considering how much longer it took Autumn to get to those sizes. 聽But he’s outgrowing all the smaller things!

Aiden still only has two teeth, but he’s definitely working on more right now. 聽For the most part, he sleeps from around 8:00pm to around 8:00am, but sometimes he wakes up for middle of the night cuddles, which I am more than happy to give.

His favourite toys are his Fisher Price blocks, a monkey in a barrel toy we have, and cars. 聽He LOVES looking at books, and flipping pages on books. 聽His current favourite is Baby, Baby (which I reviewed here). 聽He loves looking at himself in the mirror, 聽he loves brushing his own teeth, and he absolutely loves playing with his big sister.


Autumn at 10 months <3

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Well SMURF!!

Did you hear about this yet? 聽There is a brand new Smurf movie! 聽I’m so excited to be able to share about this with out, because this movie looks super cute. 聽I used to love watching the Smurfs on tv as a kid, and I love being able to share a new version with my daughter now.

Smurfs: Lost Village comes to theatres this Friday, April 7th! You can find out more information about the movie on the Smurf movie website here! 聽Also, be sure to take a peek at the activities on the website. 聽There are some awesome colouring pages, and even a tutorial that teaches kids how to draw their own Smurf, as well as recipes, games, and a quiz! 聽I am most excited about the colouring pages, my daughter has started to really enjoy colouring so it’ll be fun to print those out for her to colour before and after we see the movie.

Here’s what it’s about:

In this fully animated, all-new take on the Smurfs, a mysterious map sets Smurfette and her best friends Brainy, Clumsy and Hefty on an exciting and thrilling race through the Forbidden Forest filled with magical creatures to find a mysterious lost village before the evil wizard Gargamel does. Embarking on a rollercoaster journey full of action and danger, the Smurfs are on a course that leads to the discovery of the biggest secret in Smurf history!

Check out the trailer!

It looks like a super cute update to such a classic little story, and I am so happy they are going to address the fact that they’re ALLLL guys except for Smurfette haha. Maybe there are more lady Smurfs? That would be rad! 聽I’m so excited to watch this movie with my daughter, I think she is really going to love it.

And good news for you! I’m giving away two tickets so YOU can see it, too!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Good luck and Smurf ya later 馃槈


This is a promotional post, I’m going to be able to take my daughter to see this movie for free in exchange for writing this blog post. 聽All the thoughts and opinions stated are my own.

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