Why you should be watching Degrassi on Netflix NOW

Degrassi Next Class
(photo: Netflix)

I love Degrassi.  I grew up watching reruns of Degrassi Jr High and Degrassi High on CBC when I was in high school.  And so, when a new generation of the show started, I was thrilled. The Next Class is the newest rendition of Degrassi, and I was so excited to see some of my faves are back.  Miles, and Zoe, in particular.  As well as Lola! She was more of a side character in the previous series, so it’s nice for her to have more of a character in this one.  Annoyed by all the Maya stuff, but c’est la vie! If you don’t know what I’m talking about, you should totally check out the show! It’s on Netflix, y’all! Here are the other reasons why you should immediately go watch Degrassi Next Class on Netflix NOW:

  1. Super relevant to what teens and young adults are dealing with
    It’s got dating struggles, feminism, masterbation and drug use. And so, so much more! It’s very relatable for teens and young adults, and I think it might even be something parents could watch with their teens and young adults. It’s got the right amount of drama to keep it interesting and fun, too.
  2. Super cute fashion
    I’m pretty sure past series were costumed exclusively by Le Chateau, I am not sure if it still is.  Either way, the outfits and accessories they have are SO CUTE. Check them out 😉
  3. Funny Degrassi universe versions of social media
    Facerange, and Hastygram are just a few of the real life social media platforms they create their own versions of. It’s pretty fun to see what they’ll call things.
  4. Not many episodes yet
    As of right now, I can only access 10 episodes from the first season.  I finished it in about a day and a half. It’s so easy to go through them all so fast!!
  5. The next season is coming … soon
    Season 2 was allegedly released July 22.  However, I don’t seem to have access to it yet.  So hopefully I gain access to it soon!! Season one had kind of a pretty big cliffhanger, and I want to know what happens.

If you’ve already watched it, how did you like it? Share in the comments!


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Why To Watch Fuller House

why to watch fuller house

  1. To see how the house changed
    As someone who JUST watched through all of Full House, I have noticed so many small things that are different about the house.  For example, Nicki and Alex’s room switched from being a pretty big space that fit two cribs in it, to being the closet.  That’s because the room they are now saying was Nicki and Alex’s room WAS the closet.  A nice walk in closet, but still! It was a closet, not a bedroom for twins.
    Other changes include in decor, but that was a given. It would be weird if the house were decorated the exact same!  Though, it seems like the room that was DJ and Stephanie’s, and then Stephanie and Michelle’s is now smaller than it used to be, somehow. It’s interesting the little things you might notice 😉
    Oh dear lord is this cheesy.  But the original was cheesy, so it’s to be expected!  It’s fun to see just how cheesy they go. How they call out the Olsen Twins for not coming back, and how they incorporate some real world stuff in there as well.  It’s great. Cheesy, but great.
  3. To see how the girls have changed
    The girls have done a lot of growing up!  See where their careers and lives have taken them. See the comments they make about Michelle’s fashion career.  See how different they all look now that they’re all grown up!
  4. The new modern story-lines
    It’s so much fun to watch the Tanners try to navigate through a lot of life’s new issues since the introduction of major technology!  Cell phones play a pretty great part in this now, and there are a few other more modern story-lines to see.  Plus, Stephanie is known as DJ Tanner (which, btw, was my DJ name.. so to that I say “HOW RUDE”) and there are story-lines about that as well, which is kind of fun.  Plus, how many of you wanted to see DJ and Stephanie going to a club? It was something I never even knew I wanted. It was great!
  5. Nostalgia
    Let’s be real. The main reason for watching this show is nostalgia.  Watching these thirteen 22-23 minute episodes is absolutely worth it for the nostalgia value.  You get to see your old fave characters all grown up, you get to see new faces, and there are cameos by a lot of great people!  All in all, it’s a lot of fun and worth the 6 1/2 hours it might take to watch through the whole first season.

What did you enjoy about Fuller House?


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Disney on Ice surprise

Last Friday evening, my husband surprised me by taking me to see Disney on Ice: Dare to Dream.

It was such a fun night and a great surprise! He had his brother & sister in law come over to babysit and we were able to totally get out on our own. 


One thing that was the most fun was hearing all the kids around us get so into it. It was so cute how excited they were to be there. Next time, Andrew wants to take our daughter with him instead haha I think that she would have a blast! All the little girls dressed as princesses were so cute.


The princesses included were Tiana, Snow White, Cinderella & Rapunzel. The biggest story was Rapunzel and it was fantastic the way they depicted it on the ice. The only downside I saw was how little ice time they gave to Tiana. All the other princesses got to tell their whole story, but Tiana only got like one song 😔 that was a little disappointing, but overall I loved it and would recommend it to anyone who loves magic and figure skating!



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Why to (Quickly) Re-Watch Full House before Fuller House starts

Why to Rewatch Full House

I am a big fan of rewatching old shows.  I’ve recently done a rewatch on Sex and the City, The Hills, and Friends.  I even tried to rewatch Mad About You, but Netflix took it away before I could finish. away before I could finish. So, when I heard that Full House was making a comeback, I was glad it was one of the first of Netflix’s clever “revival” shows, and I knew that it to be my next show!  (And I wrote a little something about that here)

My favourite thing about rewatching shows like this is that I can watch them all in a row and I don’t have to wait to get new episodes.  It’s super handy that all 8 seasons are on Netflix.  It’s also great that they’re only about 23 minutes long, so I could periodically watch an episode while I ate lunch or nursed my daughter, and not feel like I’m making a huge commitment.

That being said, Netflix is pulling Full House off of Canadian Netflix in approximately one week on February 15, so if this is the way you watch the show, you better do it quick!!  But it’s pretty perfect timing, because Fuller House starts February 26!  So there’s still lots of time to rewatch Full House before that happens, and here’s why you should:

  1. To reacquaint yourself with the characters
    Who are the Tanners? What happened to their mom?  Why is Kimmy Gibbler always there? And why does Joey Gladstone live there, too?  All these questions can be answered by starting at season one of Full House!
    But for real, a reminder of where these characters came from the last time we were all together in the Full House is a great idea because it will remind you why you loved the show in the first place, this tight knit family!
    Also, to reacquaint yourself with that House!! That house is MASSIVE!  It starts out with a regular garage, that gets turned into a bedroom, that gets turned into a music studio.  And an attic, which gets turned into an ad agency, which gets turned into an apartment.  Plus the layout is pretty interesting.  Honestly, I would love to be able to check out the inside of that house.
  2. To see the great (and not so great) late 80’s/early 90’s fashion
    Oh man, some of these outfits are hilarious.  Others, are pretty on point even right now.  Knowing how to tell the difference is a big thing though.  Generally speaking, Aunt Becky has pretty great style.  The girls start out with the terrible late 80’s kids clothes, and eventually get to wear the stylish 90’s grunge looks that you can find on Tumblr today!
  3. To remember why it’s actually a good thing Michelle is not going to be there
    I would have to say that Michelle and Joey are tied for the two most annoying characters on the show.  So, it’s not really bad that the Olsen twins won’t be returning for Fuller House (and nor will their sister, who does look a lot like them), it’s actually a blessing.  Sorry, Michelle fans! She’s the worst!
  4. To be excited that it looks like DJ is going to be the main character of Fuller House
    DJ Tanner, on the other hand, is probably the best character on the show.  Maybe tied with Aunt Becky.  It totally makes sense that she would be at the centre of the new version of the show, too.  I wrote more about why DJ is the best in my last post about Full House.
  5. For the cheese factor
    You can’t rewatch this show without noticing how totally and utterly cheesy it is.  Mostly in a good way, but I know people who tried to watch this show again but couldn’t based on how cheesy it is.  Maybe it’s my pregnancy hormones, or maybe I just didn’t mind it that much, but I rather enjoyed the cheese.  Just don’t watch it expecting it to be a very serious show.  It is incredibly cheesy.  Going in knowing that will make it that much more enjoyable.

Alternatively, if you want to remember what kinds of shennanigans the Tanners got themselves into, but you don’t really have the time to rewatch 8 full seasons.. you can always just read this blog – Full House Reviewed.  They even review the unofficial Full House Lifetime move!  Though I must warn you, it is mostly mocking the show, so if that’s not what you’re into I wouldn’t recommend it 😉

Are you excited for the release of Fuller House?  I’m really excited, and I’m also pretty excited to see what other shows will be remade, too!  Let me know what you think in the comments, I’m hoping for Gilmore Girls!


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10 Awesome Underrated Girl Power Movies

There are few things I hate more than the term “chick flick”. Yuck.  I think that because a lot of these movies have been written off as “chick flicks”, no one gives them a chance or pays them any mind.  But I’m here to tell you now, that not only are these movies awesome, but they all promote girl power in the best ways possible.

1. Spice World
90s spice girls posh spice ginger spice spice world
If you haven’t seen this movie, you really should.  If you’re unfamiliar with 90’s popular culture, the Spice Girls were a huge all-girl band who came out of England.  They were a phenomenom in their own right, and were responsible for a lot of the background business of their band themselves.  This movie is no different.  They helped to write it, and obviously starred in it.  The best thing about the movie, though, is how it’s centered on friendship and band loyalty.  None of them meet anyone, no one couples off. They work together and care for each other, and teach young girls what it means to be a true friend.  If that’s not girl power, I don’t know what is.

2. Dick

Teenage girls who inadvertently, and then on purpose, bring about the change needed in their country to reveal their president for who he truly was, a crook!  One of my all time favourite movies.  A lot of the historical stuff is accurate as well as it just being really fun to watch.  It’s two girls who won’t sit back and watch their country be run by someone as crooked as their president.

3. Josie & The Pussycats
josie and the pussycats rachel leigh cook 90s happy friends
Another movie that is centered on friendship.  The most important thing to these girls is that they are friends first, and then in a band.  Sure, there is some romance for Josie, but that is a secondary storyline to that of the Pussycats, and how they stick together!

4. Legally Blonde
film cinema legally blonde
It starts out leading you to believe that Elle Woods is the average dumb blonde.  But she works her butt off, gets into Harvard Law, and then excels at it.  The movie starts with the goal of our heroine being that she wants to get her boyfriend back, but it goes so much deeper than that.  It’s about believing in yourself, creating lifelong friendships, and working hard.  Love it!

5. Romy & Michelle’s High School Reunion
baby school lisa kudrow high lisa
High School Reunions are often seen as a way to show off your successes to people who may have been mean to you in high school.  This movie definitely starts that way, but it teaches the importance of being true to yourself, and not pretending to be anyone else in order to impress people.  And that true success is in being yourself.

6. Uptown Girls
girls little dakota fanning blondes uptown girls
This is one of my favourite Brittany Murphy movies.  It shows that when it comes to friendship, age doesn’t really matter, and you can learn life lessons from anyone!  The friendship between Brittany Murphy and Dakota Fanning is the best part of the movie.  It also shows that you don’t need some guy to make you feel fulfilled, especially when all they do is take from you.  A true relationship should be give/take from both sides.

7. Now & Then

Another one of my all time favourite movies!  This movie shows that no matter how many years go by, and how many things change, your girlfriends will always be there for you when you need them.  The duality of this movie makes it really interesting.  It shows the 90’s women, who are grown ups with their own sets of problems, and it shows the 70’s girls, who are coming into their own and learning about how they are similar to their friends as well as different.  It’s got so much to it!

8. Charlie’s Angels (& Full Throttle)
charlies angels movie like
One of my favourite parts of this movie is the fact that they were adamant that the Angels don’t use guns.  They were showing that they didn’t need weapons in order to kick butt!  I also love the fact that it was produced by Drew Barrymore, so she was able to have a lot of artistic control over it.  I would totally watch a third Charlie’s Angels movie (Please Drew please!!!)

9. A League of Their Own
madonna myedit tom hanks geena davis rosie odonnell
The real-life story of the first All-American Women’s Baseball league!  Based during World War 2, this story is about the women who came together to play and promote America’s favourite pastime.  Plus, it shows the real stories of women as they struggle to get by with what they have and what they can do.  In a time where women were not generally allowed to work, these women fought to be able to do something they loved, especially toward the end of the war when they were expected to go back into the home.

10. Bring It On 

This movie made a huge impact on a lot of people when it came out, but is still seen as a silly chick flick.  When you really look at it, it’s about a girl who is trying really hard to succeed at a sport she loves.  She tries to keep her team together, and prove that they are the best out there.  They work really hard to get what they want, and it shows throughout the movie.


What are your favourite girl power movies?


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Things I’m Noticing (About Myself) in Re-Watching Full House

Re-watching Full House

I still identify the most with DJ (and find Michelle super annoying)
When I originally watched the show, I thought DJ was the best of the three girls.  I also thought it was because of my placement in my own family, first born!  I also thought that children born first would identify with DJ, and middle children would identify with Stephanie, and last born would identify with Michelle.  I don’t know why I thought that, it’s just the way I thought when I watched the show in the 90’s.
Well, even watching the show as an adult, I’ve come to notice that DJ is still the best one.  She doesn’t have as many annoying catch phrases, she doesn’t do as many annoying things, and she’s just overall the best in terms of style and judgement.  DJ is my fave.
MICHELLE, on the other hand, worst child.  So annoying and bratty.  I thought that when I watched the show as a kid, and I think it now.  I guess not too much has changed.

I remember a lot of the specifics of singular episodes
In re-watching the show, I’m really noticing how many small details that I remember perfectly from watching it the first time.  I feel that I watched Full House the normal amount, and saw the reruns a few times, but I didn’t think it was enough to know so many specific little minor details about specific episodes.

I have to try really hard not to say the catch phrases of the characters
“Have Mercy” “Well, pin a rose on your nose” “How Rude” “oh my lanta” “You got it, dude” and (my personal favourite) “I’m there for ya, babe”
I am finding that I have to actively think about NOT saying these things.  As I get deeper into the series, the earlier ones aren’t said anymore, which makes it easier not to say “HOW RUDE” to things.  But I had to physically stop myself from saying “I’m there for ya, babe” to a friend recently (though, I feel like she would have appreciated it because I know she’s a fan of the show)

I’m finding Joey to be the worst and I wish he would just stop
Ugh. Everything Joey does and says makes me roll my eyes.  It’s especially annoying watching him because I know that Robin Williams existed in the 90’s and was doing it better than Joey Gladstone ever dreamed of doing it.  Stop with the Popeye, Stop with the Bullwinkle.  ANNOYING!!

In Season 2, Danny is the same age as me… and that is depressing
If you’ve ever seen the show, you will know that Danny Tanner is the lamest dad ever.  In season 1 he turns 30, and in season 2 he’s 31, which means he’s my own age.  After that, he’s older than me… but not by much!  It really goes to show, parents on tv have changed a lot since the late 80’s/early 90’s, and thank goodness!! I’d rather watch dads like Sandy Cohen, Adam Braverman, or Corey Matthews!! They can be goofy and even sometimes lame, but never to the extent that is Danny Tanner. Yikes!! It made me kind of sad to be completely honest.  Luckily, eventually Jesse had babies and he is so not a lame dad.

Are you re-watching Full House before Fuller House comes out? What have you noticed about it?


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3 Christmas Movies to watch on Canadian Netflix

Christmas Movies to Watch on Canadian Netflix

I shared my list of non-traditional holiday movies you should watch this year, and here is my list of typical Christmas movies you can find on Canadian Netflix!  I always find that American Netflix gets more movies, so it’s nice to see that there are great ones on Canadian Netflix as well.

Here they are:

  1. The Nightmare Before Christmas
    You could probably watch this a bunch of times between Halloween and Christmas and it would be totally appropriate.  It will definitely get you in the mood to “make Christmas” in your own home though.
  2. Christmas with the Kranks
    I didn’t actually watch this movie until last year, but it’s really enjoyable!  Definitely worth checking out on Netflix
  3. The Legend of Frosty the Snowman
    I watched this all the time when I was growing up.  We had a vhs tape that had all these great holiday movies on it, and this was one of them.  So great!

There are also a lot of little kids Christmas movies on Canadian Netflix, but if you want to get started with watching Christmas movies… a good place to start is The Nightmare Before Christmas.
And good news Americans! You can watch all these on your Netflix, too!  Plus, Love Actually, I’ll Be Home For Christmas, and Bad Santa.

What are your favourite Christmas movies?


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Non-Traditional Holiday Movies to Put You In The Christmas Spirit

Holiday Movies to put you in the Christmas Spirit

I LOVE Christmas Movies! They are so much fun and definitely get you in the Christmas Spirit.  However, while the 25 days of Christmas lineup from ABC Spark is great, sometimes you might want to watch something that doesn’t SCREAM Christmas (like Elf “SANTA!! SANTA!!! I KNOW HIM!!”), but instead whispers it softly in the background.  That’s where these movies come in.  Hope you enjoy watching them as much as I do 🙂

1. Edward Scissorhands
The Christmas-ness of this movie is definitely subtle.  But you get the decorations and preparations for Christmas, and the magic of the first snow fall.  It’s really a beautiful movie.

2. When Harry Met Sally
I would put this movie in a few lists like this one.  Movies to watch in Autumn, Movies to watch at New Years, and yes, Movies to watch at Christmas.  It’s got everything, and you get to see Christmastime in New York City, which would be a dream for me to actually go there for.  Plus, the musical stylings of Harry Connick, Jr.  You really can’t go wrong with this one.

3. Mean Girls
Jingle Bell Rock, Two for you Glen Coco, you go Glen Coco! None for Gretchen Wieners, Bye!  Just watch it.  AND It’s on Netflix, so you can watch it right now 😉

4. Little Women
This was one of my favourite books and movies growing up, but specifically the movie with Winona Ryder, Claire Danes, and Kirsten Dunst.  There is a beautiful part of the movie that specifically happens at Christmas, where this little family who has so little, gives what they do have to another family who has even less.  It really shows the true meaning of Christmas in my opinion.

5. Just Friends
This movie is a little more obvious about the Christmas theme, because it’s set at Christmas and the premise is that Ryan Reynolds’ character is at home for Christmas.  But I think that it doesn’t really count as a traditional “Christmas Movie” simply because the fact that it’s Christmas is so secondary to everything else that is going on.  There are Christmas Carols, decorations, family, etc… but it’s not the main event.  Plus, Anna Faris is in it, and she’s hilarious.  This one is also on Netflix.

6. The Harry Potter series
There is a Christmas part of each of these movies (if I remember correctly), and when the first few came out, they came out around Christmastime.  I always associate the Harry Potter movie series with Christmas because they came out in November/December.  Plus, they’re just really good.  Do we need another excuse to watch Harry Potter? I didn’t think so.

7. Bridget Jones Diary
How could I have forgotten about Bridget?  A lot of what happens happens at Christmas, but the movie is so much more than that!  I spent a lot of times in my teens watching this movie and reading the books.  I love it 🙂

What are your favourite non-traditional Christmas movies?


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Why to watch The Astronaut Wives Club

If you haven’t already started watching this show, you’re missing out!  It’s a mini-series based on a book that they are airing on ABC this summer.  It’s 10 episodes long and each episode is only an hour.  It’s a lot of fun to watch, but here’s why I think you should watch it:

1. The fashion

I love the 1960’s clothes!! I couldn’t write this without mentioning the fashion.  Even the guys fashion is pretty great.  I love clothes from the 1960’s, and this show does a really good job of staying with clothes in that era.  It’s so much fun to watch because of this!

2. The original footage from the 60’s

It’s really cool that every once in a while they show actual historical footage of the rockets going up.  It’s interesting that they can add in the old footage with the new footage from the show.  Since this is all based on things that really happened, it gives it a little something extra that they have the original footage.

3. The women

These girls are B.A.  At first, they seem to be pretty competitive with each other, but soon come together and form some pretty great friendships.  I love how they back each other up and are there for each other.  They’re all going through similar things with their husbands going into space, and it’s nice that they spend the time together and support one another.  They all know what the others are going through, so it’s a perfect support system.

4. The 60’s

I love all the specific 1960’s things they have.  From the cars to the home decor.  Everything in this show actually looks like it could have been from the 1960’s!  It really bugs me when I’m watching a period show and they are surrounded by things that you can find now (*cough Carrie Diaries cough*) so I’m really glad that they stay true to the decade the show is actually set it.  Plus, stuff from the 60’s is really cool!

5. It’s only 10 episodes long
Since it’s only going to be 10 episodes long, it’s not a huge commitment to start watching.  It’ll be easy to catch up as well, since there have only been a few episodes on tv so far.  It’s a fun show to watch this summer!


(image sources: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5)

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why to re-watch the Indiana Jones Trilogy (and why to skip them)

Why to rewatch Indiana Jones

I have fond memories of watching the Indiana Jones Trilogy as a little girl, and recently was able to rewatch them on tv as an adult! I definitely noticed different things now than I noticed as a child.  Here are my reasons for giving the Indiana Jones Trilogy (3 movies only) a rewatch, and why you might want to skip it.

Why to watch:
1. Young Harrison Ford
Have you seen how good Harrison Ford looks in these movies? He is looking all kinds of cute!  The 80’s were definitely his time period, that is for sure.

2. the Score
The score for these movies is SO perfect.  It just makes every scene.  Plus, my husband and I walked up the aisle at the end of our wedding ceremony to the theme from Indiana Jones, so we obviously love it.

3. Fun adventure stories
Overall, the stories are really fun to watch.  The way it’s filmed is really fun, and the stories and plot are amazing.  If you haven’t seen them, I would totally watch them!  Especially the Last Crusade.  That one is my favourite.

Why to skip:
1. Seem super racist
Especially Temple of Doom.

2. They’re terrifying
Especially Temple of Doom.  But all of them have some kind of scene with rats or snakes or bugs and it’s pretty terrifying.

3. Terrible roles for women
It’s the basic Bond Girl mentality.  There is one woman in each, and she’s either super in love with Indy, or she’s his biggest enemy OR BOTH!!  Definitely would not pass the Bechdel test, but there’re really not supposed to.

Basically, just skip Temple of Doom 😉

Which one is your favourite Indiana Jones movie?


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