Halloween 2017

I know it’s already a week after Halloween but I thought I’d still share our family costume with you!

This year for Halloween we went as Peter Pan, Wendy, Tinkerbell & Captain Hook!

It was so much fun. Autumn kept calling Aiden Peter Pan all day (as in “come here Peter Pan!”) it was adorable! His costume was from the Disney store, hers we already had, and I made her bun bonnet. My dress is from the thrift store and is J Crew brand and Andrews costume is made up of pieces he already had! It was great bc we didn’t end up spending tons on our costumes.

However, we were all getting through colds (especially Aiden) and so he got to help me give out candy to trick-or-treaters while Andrew and Autumn went out. It was a good Halloween!

Now to start planning for next years costume ūüėČ



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You’re Invited: May Market Christmas

This Friday and Saturday, Christmas is coming to May Market!

May Market is a monthly market based on Facebook, run by 9 mamas who all have one major thing in common: the birth month of our babies! They were all born in May! We soon discovered that we have a second thing in common: that we all love to be crafty and that we all sell handmade items. So may Market was born!

This months Market is going to be really special bc it’s all about the holidays! So come on over and see what we have for you. All the albums will be loaded today and shopping starts tomorrow!

Check out the market here to join!



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Book Review: {Why} Motherhood Matters

As a mom of young children, and especially as a stay at home parent, being a mama is all consuming.¬† I am with my little ones basically 24/7 at this point and I basically only think about them.¬† Did they eat enough, are they sleeping enough, what do they need!!¬† Since they’re so little, their needs can feel overwhelming, but a lot of mamas of young children also start to feel alone.

Enter Steptember McCarthy and her wonderful book {Why} Motherhood Matters!  This book shares some very personal stories, as well as realistic and practical advice for any mom in all stages of motherhood.  So many times while reading this book, I found myself nodding because I could relate so much.

The book is laid out in four parts, which go deeper into some of the issues of motherhood.  From faith and wellness, to education and relationships, September covers so many aspects of motherhood, and each section ends with some questions and principles to think about and carry into your own life.

Whether you’re in the middle of trying to have a baby, or the sleepless nights, or you have teenagers and beyond, this book is for you.¬† I am so glad that I had the chance to read it.

For more information, check out September’s website here!



Disclosure: I received this book at no charge in exchange for this review. All the opinions stated here are my own.

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The Type A Mom Guide to Painting Rocks with your Toddlers

I’m sure you’ve heard by now, but there’s a new trend sweeping the country (really continent) this summer and fall!¬† And that is painting rocks!¬† I’m sure that wherever you are, there is a (your city) rocks group on facebook.¬† Basically what it is, is people are painting rocks and then they hide them in parks and on streets around their cities and towns.¬† Then, other people go out and look for them! They share pictures in the groups of where they’ve found things, and where they are rehiding them, or if they are keeping them!¬† It’s pretty fun, and my kids are LOVING being able to paint on rocks.¬† And it’s fun watching them have fun… but, the type A part of my self cringes basically the whole time!! So here are a few tips for how to paint rocks with your toddlers as a Type A Mom ūüėČ

  1. Keeping them tidy
    As tidy as possible anyway.¬† I put them in giant t-shirts (well, our old shirts, but giant on them) and then I wrapped them around their feet so they (hopefully) wouldn’t get any paint on their pants/shoes/feet.¬† It happened anyway, but at least I tried right?

2. Put paint in a container
If you have more than one child, it might be a good idea to give each of them their own paint containers.¬† Aiden kept dragging theirs over so Autumn couldn’t reach it.¬† Oops! Next time they will have their own paint.

3. Don’t expect they won’t get messy
No matter how careful I tried to be, they still got paint e v e r y w h e r e!! Especially Aiden.  He tried eating it, he painted his hands, he painted his sister, he painted everything.

4. Let go!
Just let things happen!  Things started to get more fun when I stopped chasing after them trying to get them to NOT paint on each other or on themselves.  It was way more fun for them to just be able to paint freely.

5. Keep them contained or be outside
I know I have my two on a big cardboard box in the backyard, but I think it would have been a better idea if they had been in chairs with Aiden strapped into his high chair.¬† Keeping them contained and unable to crawl around would have also kept the mess contained!¬† Since we were outside, it was okay because the grass can totally get painted and it’s fine.¬† Next time though, we’ll be inside at the table ūüėČ

6. Just don’t do it
haha but for real.¬† If these photos make you cringe because of the mess, maybe it’s better to just … skip this activity.¬† Aiden painted his pants, Autumn got paint on her boots, there was paint everywhere I didn’t want it to be.¬† BUT they had a load of fun, so I guess at the end of the day, that is the part that matters ūüėČ

Have you tried painting rocks with your toddlers yet?  Let me know how it went in the comments!


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Mom Like a Gilmore

I’ve been watching through Gilmore Girls lately, and I love the differences in parenting styles that the show portrays! ¬†The differences and similarities between all the women of Gilmore Girls was especially interesting. ¬†As a mom, I like to see what choices other moms make, and their thought process behind it. ¬†So watching Gilmore Girls, which has a LOT of moms in it, was really fun!

I looked up a list of all the different types of parenting styles (with the official names) and determined which mom of Gilmore Girls mommed in which parenting style.  Which mom are you?

Mom like Lorelai
Positive Parenting/Spiritual Parenting
Lorelai Gilmore and her daughter, Rory, are best friends first, and mother/daughter second. ¬†Lorelai is Rory’s confidant, sounding board and all around friend. ¬†Lorelai sometimes will play the “mom card” when it’s necessary, but for the most part, she is Rory’s buddy.
Lorelai Gilmore follows positive parenting philosophy because she isn’t about strict rules and enforcing a specific list of things Rory can and cannot do. ¬†She’s more interested in being there for her daughter and being a role model for her. ¬†Lorelai wants Rory to be happy.
Lorelai Gilmore follows spiritual parenting philosophy because allows Rory to explore her own talents and interests. ¬†Rory wanted to go to Harvard from a young age, she was interested in cotillion, and a myriad of things that she, herself, literally ran away from in her youth. ¬†But she supported her in it, even if she didn’t totally agree.

Mom like Emily
Authoritarian Parenting/Narcissistic Parenting
Emily Gilmore is very into making rules, and big punishments when they are broken. ¬†She is the ultimate authority of the household, and what she says, goes. ¬†She rules over her household with an iron fist, and doesn’t allow for mistakes (you can especially see this in how many maids she goes through every season.)
Emily Gilmore is very into authoritarian parenting. ¬†It’s her way or the highway, basically. ¬†There’s no room for questions or revision. ¬†It’s just the way that she is. ¬†Her daughter rebels to this hard. ¬†She sneaks around, and eventually runs away.
Emily Gilmore also shows characteristics of narcissistic parenting.  She sees her daughter as an extension of herself, so if her daughter screws up, it is on her.  It is an embarrassment for Emily when Lorelai does something wrong.

Mom like Mrs Kim
Authoritarian Parenting/Helicopter Parenting
Mrs Kim is a very interesting character. ¬†She keeps Lane under her thumb and tries to control every aspect of her life, including setting her up with future doctors at 16 years old (when these boys are very far away from medical school). ¬†Mrs Kim has a very specific idea for what she thinks Lane’s life should be like, and tries to make it that way by force.
Mrs Kim is an authoritarian parent because of all of that. ¬†Lane has to keep her true self hidden because she doesn’t want to disappoint her mother. ¬†Mrs Kim has very specific sets of rules and insists that Lane follows them. ¬†There are no negotiations and Lane usually has to lie in order to do things that she actually likes. ¬†Mrs Kim is very old school in this way. ¬†She thinks that children should behave and not do a number of things that Lane ends up doing.
Mrs Kim could also be described as a helicopter parent. ¬†She’s very involved with Lane’s school, and keeps a watchful eye over all of her extra-curriculars. ¬†She’s very interested in helping Lane have a better life and wants to work with her to get it.

Mom like Sookie
Positive Parenting
I love Sookie St. James as a mom.  She treats her children like they are people and not just babies.  She supports them, and guides them, as opposed to making them do things and setting up rules.  It is because of this that Sookie follows the positive parenting philosophy.  She is raising her children by being a role model to them, and teaching them how to be grown ups.

Mom like Lane
Unconditional Parenting
We don’t see a lot of Lane as a mom, because her little ones are babies when the series ends. ¬†But I have no doubt that she follows unconditional parenting philosophies. ¬†She wants her children to have a different childhood than she has. ¬†She wants to encourage them in their interests and help them to grow. ¬†If that means going to church every Sunday, she will support that. ¬†Ultimately, Lane follows unconditional parenting style because of how she believes that her baby shower is her last party, because she is prepared to do everything for her babies. ¬†She puts a lot of herself aside for their well-being and that is fully unconditional parenting

Mom like Liz
Unresponsive Parenting – Jess
Positive Parenting/Unconditional Parenting – Doula
Liz Danes is an interesting character, too. ¬†When we know Jess in season 3, she is fully absent. ¬†She can’t handle him anymore and sends him to live with Luke. ¬†She pushes away all parental responsibility and lays it on her brother. ¬†I love Liz as a character, but she is kind of a flake. ¬†She depends too much on men who are totally wrong for her, and that leads her down the wrong path. ¬†I believe that she could have done better by Jess if TJ had gotten there earlier. ¬†TJ, though kind of an annoying character, is incredibly good for Liz. ¬†I think his presence helps her to be a better mom to Doula than she was for Jess.
Again, we only see Doula as a baby, but she seems to be a much better mama to her little daughter than she was to her son. ¬†She’s got all the latest gadgets for having a baby and puts her all into raising that little girl (while making jewellry on the side). ¬†We see a parent who sometimes needs a break (normal) but who keeps close watch on her daughter via monitor. ¬†Liz Danes follows positive/unconditional parenting for her daughter.

Mom like Sherry
I hesitate to even label Sherry under a specific parenting style. ¬†Sherry’s focus was her work, and she put that above her family … but it is also possible that Sherry suffered from Postpartum depression. ¬†They never really dive too deep into the whys when Sherry left for France, just that she didn’t want to mom anymore. ¬†But, none of her friends had babies yet, and she was in over her head. ¬†A lot of things could have influenced her move, and not just her daughter.

What do you think? Do you agree with these parenting styles for each of these women? Which one are you most like?


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It’s a FALL World After All: May Market Sneak Peek!

It’s almost time for the September edition of May Market!! I am SO excited for all the awesome things we’ll have this month. ¬†Our theme, It’s a FALL world after all, includes everything to do with fall. ¬†Halloween, Thanksgiving, and ALL THE PUMPKIN & LEAVES! ¬†It’ll be so great.

Join the group here – MAY MARKET – to see what we’ll have. ¬†We’ll all be loading up our albums on Wednesday, and then the market is on September 1st and 2nd! ¬†Hope to see you there <3


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Cherry Coke

shirt: thrifted // necklace: Mama Gems // skirt: thrifted // shoes: Toms // sunglasses: Joe Fresh // floral crown: my SIL made it for me

Autumn wanted to play, too!
Her outfit: shirt: Old Navy // skirt: hand-me-down // shoes: Lanie’s Closet

bracelets: 1/4: Pandora // 3/4: Thrifted

I never thought I would be a crop top kind of gal, but here we are! ¬†I’ve had this top in my drawer for a really long time before I braved it, and then I put it with this skirt and loved it, so I’ve worn it a bunch of times since then.

Life has been a little fast paced and exciting lately! ¬†I’ve participated in a couple of Farmer’s Markets this summer, and woah! That was a LOT of work haha. ¬†I don’t sell food, so I don’t think I did as well as the people who did sell food, but it was a good experience. ¬†I’ve learned that I don’t want to do farmer’s markets anymore. ¬†Both times I was in direct sunlight all day and came home with a sunburn and mild heat stroke. ¬†Oops! Oh well, live and learn ūüėČ

Otherwise, I’ve been so busy dreaming up ideas for new projects and new things to offer in May Market! Our next sale is coming up on September 1 and 2, and I’m SO excited to share the things we’ll have in it! ¬†It’s all about fall, Halloween, Thanksgiving, and everything pumpkins! ¬†I am so in love with everything so far.

What’s new in your life?


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Unicorn Love: for Mama

In my next installment of amazing things on etsy that have to do with unicorns, here are things for women/adults/mamas! ¬†I specify for mamas because I am a mama, but these items would be awesome for just about anyone. ¬†I’m so excited to share the next few items with you, because they are majestic AF and amazingly magical unicorn things for adults.

01 // Unicorn Mom Glass
Unicorn Mom: A mother who’s not perfect, enjoys alcohol, has a sense of humor and couldn’t care less what you think. ¬†See also: beautiful boss, zero f#&ks given. ¬†Adorable glass that clearly needs to have some kind of fun cocktail in it. ¬†Would be great for a mama’s birthday, or Mother’s Day ūüėČ

02 // Unicorn Bracelet
Gorgeous gemstone beaded bracelet, inspired by unicorns. ¬†This bracelet is more subtly unicorn themed, but would be the perfect gift for your friend who loves unicorns. ¬†It’s so pretty and I can’t stop looking at it!

03 // Ceramic I Love Unicorns Pin
This vintage pin is simply adorable, and would make any backpack or denim jacket (or wherever else you put pins ūüėČ ) I love the vintage aspect of it, too! It makes it seem way more unique and one of kind.

04 // Majestic AF Unicorn Tank
If anyone dares question how majestic you are, you should definitely get this shirt to show them that you are majestic AF!! So perfect for anyone tbh. I would love to wear this, personally.

05 // Unicorn Silhouette Earrings
Oh my goodness, these are ADORABLE!! I love unicorn silhouettes, and I love the way these ones mix wood with a magical purple. ¬†I love them so much, if only my children would let me wear earrings ūüėČ

06 // Unicorn Tote Bag
I LOVE this bag.  It looks amazingly large and spacious, and I could fit SO many things in this bag.  As a mama, I find that my bag is filled with so much stuff, and I know that a bag like this would actually contain everything I need on a regular basis.

07 // Unicorn Notebook Insert
This would be so handy, for any planner-fans out there! ¬†It’s so fun to add a little kick of something magical to a day planner, and this would be so perfect for that. ¬†The art is beautiful, and it would give your day planner a little something special.

08 // Unicorn Macaron Planner Clip
This is SO adorable.  I want it for my day planner tbh, bc I would absolutely love using it.  I love the workmanship here, it would spunk up any dayplanner.

Which of these is your favourite?









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Unicorn Love: To Relax With

I don’t know if you knew this about me, but I absolutely love unicorns. ¬†I’m sitting at my desk, and to my left is a golden unicorn lamp. ¬†And to my right there is a little unicorn picture on the wall. ¬†Unicorns are awesome, and I love celebrating them.

I sell on Etsy, and I buy on Etsy, and I’ve been looking around and there is a LOT of unicorn stuff on Etsy these days. ¬†Which is so awesome for unicorn lovers like me, right? ¬†So this is post one of a series about alll the unicorns you can find on Etsy!

01 // Unicorn Hooded Blanket
This blanket looks SO cozy! ¬†Perfect for a cool fall day, when you just want to look at a candle and/or read a book by a fireplace. ¬†Or binge watch your fave Netflix show. ¬†Plus, why would you do any of those things as a normal person when you can be a unicorn while doing them? Way more exciting ūüėČ

02 // Unicorn Soap with Rubber Toy Inside
I love taking baths, and this would be a lovely addition to any bath or shower.  It looks like it would be a lot of fun for a kid, too.  See how many baths they have to take before they can get the toy out!

03 // Unicorn Eye Mask
After your bath, it’s time to take a nap, and what better to help you nap during the day than an eye mask? ¬†This one looks so soft, plus, you can’t go wrong with gold unicorns!

04 // Sculpted Unicorn Bath Bomb
This one is so beautiful, I would probably just display it by the tub if I’m being honest. ¬†It is a bath bomb though, which would make for a really nice bath. ¬†I’m obsessed with bath bombs haha but I don’t think I could use this one. ¬†It’s just so pretty.

05 // Watercolour Unicorn Mug
What could be more relaxing than looking at this gorgeous watercolour unicorn?  Picture it: hot tea, that unicorn blanket and whatever form of entertainment you enjoy.  Sounds like a perfect afternoon to me!

06// Unicorn Bath Bomb
This unicorn bath bomb looks SO sweet, doesn’t it? ¬†It’s guaranteed to add a little bit of magic to any bath <3

How many of you want to relax with a unicorn now? ¬†I know I do! ¬†It’s just hard to decide where to start ūüėČ

Stay tuned next week, for the second post in the Unicorn Love series.


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quite rightly

dress: thrifted // headband: made by me (Alysalovely Littles) // necklace: Mama Gems

I’m so ready for (more) summer weather! ¬†I took these pictures a few weeks ago, right before we headed off to the spray pad with our friends to frolic in the cold water there because it was SO. HOT. out. ¬†The last week has been all rain, basically all the time. ¬†Sad.

Hi friends! I’ve been kind of MIA lately, but it’s been for such a great reason, I promise! ¬†I’ve been preparing for several farmers markets that I am participating in this summer and I’m SO excited about them! ¬†That, in addition to our monthly May Market, of course! ūüôā That will be this Friday/Saturday and it’s going to be awesome!! Check it out at the link above to join the group!

Otherwise, we’ve been doing a lot of hanging out. ¬†Going to spray pads, to the park, it’s been a great summer so far!

What summery things have you been up to lately?



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