DIY Crinkle Baby Toy

Something we LOVE to include in our birthday festivities is balloon bouquets!  Something we hate about balloon bouquets is that mylar balloons aren’t great on the environment.  They take years to break down, they end up in our oceans and they hurt animals there.  So, with this tutorial, you can re-use them to something fun for your baby!  Babies love the crinkly sound, they love the little ribbons and lace, and they love how soft the fabric is.  These would make a great and super easy gift!

– Fabric // I chose a minky and a tie dye cotton.  The choices of fabric is up to you! You can use basically anything.
– Pieces of ribbon and lace
– Mylar Balloon
– Sewing machine

  1. First, cut 8″ by 8″ squares out of your fabric and mylar balloon.

  2. Cut out small pieces of ribbon and lace.  You can choose how long you’d like each one to be, and how many to do.  I chose to do 4 little loops, so baby will have a few options.
  3. Pin/clip them to the side of the fabric, on the “right” side.
  4. Start layering with your fabric, and pin/clip together.  Start with the minky, with the balloon piece on top.

  5. Sew all around with a 1/2″ seam allowance, leaving about an inch or two to turn it.
  6. Turn it right side out.
  7. Sew around the edges, closing up your hole, and finally “quilt” a pattern across the square.  I did a criss-cross through the middle, but you can choose something that makes sense for your fabric pattern!
  8. Ta-da!! Give to a baby to play with and watch them as they discover the crinkle sounds in their new little toy, and enjoy <3         


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