Dressember 2017: Week 1

It’s one week into Dressember 2017.  Which means I’ve been wearing this dress every day for one week.  Eek! I will be continuing to wear it every day for the rest of the month, too.  It’s such a little thing that a lot of people don’t even consider as even being a choice… but the choice of what you put on your body in the morning is huge for someone who doesn’t have it.  This small choice, to be cold sometimes (because Winter in Winnipeg), or to be less comfortable than I normally would (like if I had wanted to wear pjs all day). But I do have this choice.  And my choice this month is to stand up and speak out against human trafficking with this small freedom that I have.

Here’s how I wore my dress this past week:

Day 1:
Dress: F21 // shirt: Bluenotes // socks: American Apparel // buttons: Dressember.org

shirtdress: Tharnzie // shoes: VS // necklace: King Renly’s Loot

shirt: F21 // tights: Joe Fresh // glasses: Amazon

Cardigan: F21 // Scarf: Thrifted // socks: American Apparel

Leggings: Sweetlegs // Socks: Joe Fresh // Cardigan: thrifted // Scarf: Alysalovely Littles

On me: Blue Dress: J-Crew // Scarf: Alysalovely Littles
On Autumn: dress & scarf: Alysalovely Littles

Socks: Joe Fresh // Sweater: thrifted

Overall, this week has actually been a pretty good one.  I’m feeling more confident, actually.  At first I was like, oh wow.. I need to take all these pictures of myself… but I’m remembering that it’s something that I really enjoy doing (like duh, Alysa, this started out as primarily a fashion blog haha).  And I’m enjoying playing with makeup and doing my hair up. I’m enjoying not just throwing on whatever leggings and random shirt I see in my closet first.  I’m enjoying doing this small thing for me every day. I’m excited to see how the rest of the month will go.

If you’d like to donate, please visit my campaign page here.


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