Aiden at 8 Months!

Aiden is now 8 months old!! In such a short amount of time, we’ll be celebrating his 1st birthday (cue mama tears). It’s going by WAY too fast and I just can’t believe it.

This month, Aiden has done so much!  He said mama and dada (dada first, of course haha) and he said his first word: POOP!  He’s not crawling, but he spins in circles and backs up really well.  He loves reaching for your face and reaching for toys.  He loves watching his sister play.

Aiden’s current favourite foods are anything Autumn is eating, and lucky for him, she likes to share her food with him.. whether she should or not.  Specific foods he likes are chicken, sweet potato, and the baby cookies I make.  He HATES salmon, and he has mixed feelings about broccoli.

Aiden’s favourite toys are his o-ball car, and his little people toys.  He likes looking at and waving to himself in the mirror.  He likes waving at everyone!

He’s overall such a happy little baby, I love watching him grow <3


Autumn at 8 months

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