Aiden at 4 months

4 month old 4 month old

My little gentleman is 4 months old!

It’s crazy how fast time is going by.  He’s growing so much and learning so much every day.  He’s currently sleeping most of the night in the crib.  He wakes up a few times in the night for cuddles and to eat.  He knows how to roll from his back to his stomach and back again, which has made for some scary little moments when he’s tried to roll off the bed.  He’s very strong and loves kicking.

Aiden’s favourite song is Rainbow Connection.  He likes watching his sister do ANYTHING.  A new thing that he’s doing is, if he’s fine but he sees Autumn getting upset, he starts getting upset, too.  It’s like he sees that she is upset and thinks “Oh, is this what we’re doing now?” and gets upset with her.  Even if he was previously totally happy.  It’s very cute.

He’s currently in sizes 3-6, as well as 6 months and 9 months clothes, depending on the brand.  He’s the sweetest little guy.  He loves to laugh, he loves to grab at toys and my hair.  He loves to be held.  Aiden’s favourite toys are Captain Calamari, and any toy that is colourful and makes noise.  He also loves to suck/chew on his wrist or my wrist.

Can’t wait to see what the next month has in store for us <3


Autumn at 4 months old 

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