Why I Love Jane the Virgin

Why I Love Jane the Virgin

It’s that time of year again! The time when all your favourite shows start coming back, and all your future favourite shows are starting.  I am here to tell you today about one of my current favourite shows.  As someone who generally only watches her television shows on Netflix, this is one show that I will actually keep up with.  Jane the Virgin is so good, but here’s why I love it:

01 // The DRAMA!
First and formost, Jane the Virgin is essentially a telenovela.  The drama is the biggest part of the show.  If you are unfamiliar with the premise, a woman who is saving herself for marriage gets accidentally artifically inseminated by her OB/GYN.  CRAY. And there’s so much more than that!  Long lost fathers, evil twin half-sisters, love, hate.  It’s all good.

02 // The relationship she has with her mother and grandmother
Jane has an amazing relationship with her family, and it’s hugely apparent that her family is the most important thing to her.  It’s refreshing to see a young character who is actively getting advice from her mom/grandma.

03 // It shows some of the realities of being a new mom
Since she was artifgically inseminated, Jane is pregnant for all of season one, and then is a new mama for season two.  Jane the Virgin shows interesting/fun things about pregnancy and postpartum.  I could really relate to it when I first started watching when I was pregnant with my first, and now as I’m a mama of two.  It’s totally relatable that way.

04 // The Love Triangle
Michael or Raphael? (#teamraphael) There’s beautiful romantic scenes with both.  HOW CAN SHE CHOOSE??

05 // Jane
Jane is such an amazing character.  She’s thrown a lot of crazy dramatic situations, and she handles them amazingly.  She’s got to be one of my favourite characters of all time.  She’s smart, strong, funny, just so much fun to watch.

Jane the Virgin Season 3 premieres next Monday!! You could totally watch the first two seasons before the release.  It’s totally that compelling 😉


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