Why to Rewatch That ’70s Show

Why to Rewatch That 70s Show

I’ve recently been watching That 70’s Show on Netflix! I remember watching it when it was a new show, week to week, and it was so much fun to rewatch it for a lot of reasons.  Another thing was, I definitely watched it quite sporadically, instead of every single week, when it was on TV, so it was really fun to binge watch it.  Here are some other reasons I’m loving watching through That ’70s Show:

  1. 70’s fashion
    jackie and kelso
    Some of the outfits are SO cute (while others… not so cute). However, I am a big fan of the 70s style in general, so I loved to see all the cute little scarves, bell-bottoms, dresses, etc.  It’s a lot of fun to binge watch this and then see how this affects your own wardrobe.  I am certain I started dressing a little more 70s, with stuff I already had.  I enjoyed it!
  2. The hair goals
    hair goals
    Jackie and Donna have the best hair (at least, before Donna “decided” to go blonde anyway).  Eric’s sister, Lori, also had amazing hair.  Donna sported lots and lots of braids, Jackie had the gorgeous curls, and Lori had the 70s Fawna Fawcett hairdo.  Total 70s hair goals.
  3. See where Ashton and Mila got their start
    mila and ashton
    Mila Kunis and Ashton Kutcher both got their big breaks on That 70s Show.  Mila lied about her age in order to play Jackie, and Ashton was her first kiss.  They’re now together and they have babies and they’re pretty much the cutest little family.  This is where it all started! So cute
  4. The Circle
    Why to Rewatch That 70s Show
    Since it was the 70s, many people were experimenting with marijuana.  That 70s Show didn’t show them actually smoking, but were able to use the circle sequences to imply that they were smoking pot.  And the result was pretty hilarious.  Some of the best jokes came from sitting around the circle.
  5. Relationship Goals (And fails)
    relationship goals
    Jackie and Hyde, Donna and Eric, Red and Kitty: Good. Kelso and anyone, bad! But you should watch to see why.  My favourites were Jackie and Hyde and Red and Kitty.
  6. Just so many good jokes     fez
    They have so many amazing references to real life things, as well as so many pop culture references.  It’s a really funny show! Check it out!



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