Our Canada Day Long Weekend

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This past weekend was Canada Day, and it was lovely!  We were able to go to Victoria Beach and spend time with my parents, as well as one of my aunts and one of her friends.  It was a total blast!

A photo posted by Alysa Friesen (@alysalovely) on

My favourite parts were definitely on the beach, but here are some other highlights of the weekend:

  1. Playing Cards Against Humanity with my parents and my aunt!  My aunt’s friend had played before, but no one else had and it was a riot.  It was hilarious!  Plus, hearing some of the things on the card coming out of my parents mouths.  So much fun.  I wish I had taken more pictures haha
  2. Autumn had her very first face cookie from the VB bakery!  Last year when we went, she was too little to have cookies from there, so this was perfect.  And, of course, she loved it.
  3. Going to the beach!  And watching my daughter and husband play in the sand together, as pictured above.  So great!

How was your long weekend?


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