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I’ve been thinking about writing out my birth story for a while, and just haven’t been able to.. mostly due to the fact that I’d like to type it with two hands and it’s hard to do that when also holding a baby.  But here it is!

As you know, my due date came and went.  The Friday after my due date, she checked me and I was 0 cm dilated.  The Wednesday after that, I was still 0 cm.  It was pretty sad.  This baby did not want to come!  He was perfectly comfortable right where he was.

The second Saturday after my due date, we had a fairly busy day.  We had a graduation party, and a first birthday party to attend.  I was SURE that because we had a full day of activities, that this little guy would want to come so then we couldn’t go to any of them.  But that wasn’t the case.  And so, when we got home from the second party and put our daughter to bed, I kind of took over.  There’s this magical cocktail that a bunch of moms told me about called the Midwives Cocktail.  I drank that at about 9:45pm, and then we went to bed.

I had been told that it CAN work as fast as 1 hour after drinking it, but that wasn’t the case with me.  I got a few hours of sleep and then at 1:00am, May 29th, I went into labour.  It was so similar to how things went with my daughter, I was feeling pretty excited.  We came downstairs and I started listening to some Spice Girls and Backstreet Boys and we started tracking the contractions.

They weren’t really getting more intense or getting closer together, but I was definitely in labour.  After a few hours of this, I called my midwife and she said we could head over to the birth centre in about an hour.  So we got everything ready for our daughter, and our friends who were coming over to take care of her, and as soon as they got there we left.

The birth centre was AMAZING.  We showed up and were escorted right to our beautiful giant private room immediately.  There was someone there who told us that if we needed anything, we should ask for it.  It was perfect.  At this point, it was about 6:30am and I was still having regular contractions.  Again, not really getting more intense or more frequent, but still going.  So I went to a garden room they have there, and I walked around and around.  I drank water. I drank juice, I walked and walked and walked.  Still having contractions and still in labour.

After a while, my midwife checked me again and said I was about 3-4cm.. which wasn’t very encouraging.  So I walked some more.  At about 10am, I was SO tired.  I didn’t have very much sleep the night before, and I was just exhausted.  So they closed the blinds in our room, and turned off the lights and I was able to have a little nap.  It was SO lovely to be able to take a rest in the middle of it.  I fell asleep immediately and was about to get about an hour and a half of sleep.

When I woke up, I got up and started walking again.  My contractions hadn’t really slowed down, but they were still about the same frequency and intensity.  AKA not very often, and not very intense.  At that point, I got really discouraged by this.  I had expected that taking the midwives cocktail would mean I would be holding my baby within a few hours, and that wasn’t happening that way for me at all.  So my midwife started talking about the options I had.  I could go home, and continue to labour there, and then see.. maybe come back, maybe go to the hospital the next day to be induced.  Or, I could start pumping with a breast pump because sometimes that helps with labour, and she would do another sweep.  She went into more detail about my specific options for being induced… but because the next day I was going to be 42 weeks pregnant, my care would be transferred over to an OB and I wouldn’t have my midwife anymore.

I did not want to go home, especially not without my baby.  So I said specifically that, “I am NOT going home without my baby!!”  And I started pumping, and I got some colostrum! Which was really encouraging.  Plus, as I was pumping, my husband reminded me about how things went when I was in labour with my daughter, and at that point when I was labouring with her, I was at home and my contractions were doing about the same thing they were at that moment.  It was a good reminder for me, because even though it was a different pregnancy and different labour, I was still progressing. Then my midwife did another sweep, and then she sent me out to the hallway of the birth centre to do a couple of laps.

We went around the hallways twice, and as I was coming back around, I got a couple of really intense contractions really close together.  Horray!!  After we got back into the room, I got into the tub.  The tub was the best thing ever.  They keep the temperature at a nice toasty 37*C, and keep checking to make sure that it stays that nice and toasty.  My goal was to give birth in the tub, and they keep it at that temperature because then the baby is already used to the temperature when he’s born.  It’s not a shock on his little system.

I laboured for a while in the tub, and it was so great to be in there.  It made everything more relaxing and calm.  Plus, it’s a pretty giant tub and I was able to move around a lot in there.  I was able to eat and drink whenever I wanted as well.  It was nice. After labouring for a while, I got out of the tub so that my midwife could check me and break my water.  It had been a few hours in the tub, and I was getting pretty tired again.  Though I had wanted to be in the water to give birth, getting out of the tub and onto the bed tired me out and I couldn’t move again.. so I ended up pushing on the bed.

I pushed for a while while I was lying on my back, but that seemed to slow my contractions, so I got on my hands and knees and pushed that way.  After an hour of pushing, my little boy was finally here!! Only 13 days late, and 15 hours of labour.  He was LONG, and he was big, and he is beautiful.  He was born at 4:10pm, and we were at home in our own comfortable house by 7:30pm.

All in all, it was pretty much exactly what I wanted my labour and delivery to be.  At the birth centre, in the water, it was great.


Autumn’s Birth Story

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