Bump Update: 39 Weeks

39 weeks pregnant // alysalovely 39 weeks pregnant // alysalovely

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39 weeks pregnant // alysalovely 39 weeks pregnant // alysalovely

39 weeks, still pregnant!! Less than a week to the due date, and he still seems high so who knows when he’ll come.  Autumn came right on her due date, so a big part of me is expecting that might be the case again, but it’s hard to say.  I think that a Friday the 13th baby might be fun, too 😉

The baby is about the size of a full rack or pork back ribs, or a pumpkin.  He’s probably able to flex his limbs in there, so he’ll be showing everyone how to get to the beach in no time.  His brain is still rapidly developing, so I’ve been eating a lot of chocolate to help him out with that.  His nails may be long enough that they extend past his fingertips.  He’s moving around a LOT in there, and I’m still always feeling him move in more than one spot.  It’s funny, but it seems like he’s always got a lot of movements to do right when I’m going to bed.  Super handy for when I’m trying to rest haha.  It’s all good though, I love feeling him kick and move around in there.  He’s still head down, but he’s still pretty high up.

I’m at the point where I feel like I’m just about done.  I also feel like a ticking time bomb.  I have no idea when this baby could come.  I said a big part of me is feeling like it’ll be next Monday, on our due date… but who really knows?  He’ll come when he’s ready.  That’s all I know!  It’s definitely feeling more complicated being our second child, because something we didn’t have to think about last time is what we’d do with our first child when I’m in labour.  Makes it a little bit harder!  I got my B-12 levels back from my midwife, though, and they look great! We’re good to go at the birth centre and I’m SO happy and relieved and grateful.  It’s not that I had a terrible time giving birth at the hospital, I’m mostly just looking forward to a different experience, and especially a different experience with the after care aspect of it.  Looking forward to home visits from my midwife, especially especially since I have two now.

For the most part I’m feeling good though.  I’ve started doing this thing that has been so great where I take a nap/lie down and rest while Autumn naps.  I bring a little snack into the bed, and I read my book, and I do a sudoku.. and then I take a nap if there’s time before Autumn wakes up.  It’s so nice to be able to recharge halfway through the day.  I hope that it’s something I can kind of continue after the baby comes, just lying down with the baby instead of by myself.  We’ll see though! 😉

So appreciating any prayers for a smooth/quick/safe delivery, and I can’t wait to share all about it after it happens <3


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39 Weeks Pregnant with Autumn

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