Bump Update: 38 Weeks

week 38 bump update // alysalovely week 38 bump update // alysalovely

shirt: thrifted // leggings: American Apparel // shoes: Sirens // hat: a little boutique in NYC in 2007
// sunglasses: Tharzie on Osborne

week 38 bump update // alysalovely week 38 bump update // alysalovely week 38 bump update // alysalovely

2 weeks (or so) to go! This is gettin’ real 😉  Time to finish all the things so that we’re totally ready for baby.  I’ve been keeping on top of laundry, so hopefully we won’t have a build up like last time.  I’ve been keeping on top of general cleaning, so hopefully it won’t be a total disaster.  And I’ve got a well stocked freezer full of meals we will just need to remember to take out the night before so that they’re ready to go for the day we need them.  I want to do a big deep clean of all of my cloth diapers, including the ones that Autumn wears.  Just because it’ll be nice to do it!  We still need to get all the pictures on the walls of the nursery, and get everything in there put away.  But I feel like that’s about all!  That, and all the upcoming appointments.  I had my 38 week appointment yesterday, and Autumn has her 18 month checkup tomorrow, so it’s a busy week!  And then Mother’s Day is on Sunday, and I’m pretty excited about what we’re giving our moms for it. Can’t wait to give it to them!

At this point, my little chicken nugget is about the size of a chopped firewood log, an Oscar statuette or a bucket of fried chicken!  He’s growing really nicely in there.  He may have an inch or so of hair already, but we’ll see!  Autumn didn’t have much hair at birth, so it would be fun if he had a lot of hair.

I’ve been feeling pretty good, mostly.  I think that the B-12 injections are helping.  I was thinking about this on Sunday and I think that, overall, I really do enjoy being pregnant.  Of course, there are things that I don’t like about it.. like the fact that I’m uncomfortable, and how I have trouble staying asleep because I can’t sleep on my stomach like I really want to.. but there are so many great things about it, too.  I love seeing how my body changes to accommodate a little one.  I love seeing my midsection grow.  And, of course, the end result is pretty fabulous. <3


pregnancy fall style

38 Weeks Pregnant with Autumn

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    1. thank you so much!! I’m starting to get anxious about it haha. I had some pretty bad braxton hicks the other day, but so far no real labour!

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