A Prayer for my Baby

A Prayer for my Baby // Alysalovely

Father God,

As these 9 months come to an end, I would like to lift up this little baby to you.  Please protect him.  I pray for a short, healthy labour, where the end result is healthy baby & healthy mama.  I pray that he comes when he is ready, and that he comes in his own perfect time.

I pray for a smooth transition from being a family of three to being a family of four.  I pray that this little bundle will fit right into our family seamlessly.  I pray that Autumn and this new baby take to each other right away, and grow to become good friends.

I pray for sleep.  I pray for sleep for us, so we can better take care of two little ones.  I pray that Autumn’s sleep isn’t disturbed too badly by a new addition, and I pray that this little one sleeps through the night in his time when he is ready.  I pray we figure out what his sleep needs are so we can give that to him and help him to sleep better.

I pray for growth! I pray that he grows, grows, grows, and then grows some more.  I pray that he will be able to get everything he needs to grow directly from me, and that he is healthy.  I pray for good health for all of us as we add a member to our family.

Every child is a gift from heaven, and I pray your protection over this one.

In God’s name,


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    1. thank you! it was nice to write out the things I had been privately praying as well. I wrote one for my daughter before she was born, and it was fun to look back and see how my prayers were answered 🙂

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