Bump Update: Week 37

week 37 style // alysalovely week 37 style // alysalovely

dress: eShanti // shoes: thrifted // hairband: Forever 21 // ring: Aldo Accessories

week 37 style // alysalovely week 37 style // alysalovely

Approximately three weeks left.  Is it time to start freaking out yet?  I’m really trying to remember the way I felt this time last pregnancy, but all I remember is having a ton of schoolwork to do, and I think that kept me preoccupied enough that I didn’t feel too uncomfortable.  I am VERY uncomfortable this time, and I feel absolutely giant.  My midwife thinks that this baby will be bigger than Autumn was at birth, but then it’s common for boys to be bigger than girls.  We’ll see how it goes anyway!

This little chicken nugget is about the size of Zack Morris’ brick phone, or half a medium pizza!  He’s practicing sucking, inhaling and exhaling and he’s working on his very first poop haha.  He’s been kicking me and moving around lots, it’ll be weird when I won’t be getting those kicks anymore.  I think that he’s considered “full term” so he could technically come at any time, but there are still a few things I’d like to get done before that happens so hopefully it won’t be too soon 😉


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37 Weeks Pregnant with Autumn

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