Bump Update: Week 36

Week 36 bump update // alysalovely

dress: Modcloth // necklace & bracelet: Claire’s // ring & hairband: Aldo // second bracelet: Pandora

week 36 bump update // alysalovely week 36 bump update // alysalovely

only 4 weeks to go! Give or take.  It’s crazy to think that in a month or less (or slightly more), I’ll be holding a new baby while I do everything, including trying to keep Autumn happy 😉

It’s been quite the week, too.  I found out the results from when I got my blood tested last week, and it turns out that my iron levels are just fine, it’s just my B-12 levels that are poor.  Which is a little more complicated to deal with than the iron levels.  I had my first B-12 injection yesterday, and so far so good.  I was told I would have pain in the injection arm, but that hasn’t really been an issue.  I’m hoping that it does help, because if I don’t get my hemoglobin up, I can’t deliver at the birth centre.  I would love to deliver at the birth centre!  We had our tour there last week, and it is BEAUTIFUL!  Plus, the labour & delivery room is massive and has anything I could possibly want or need.  So here’s hoping I get to deliver there!!

Little chicken nugget is about the size of a papaya or a power drill!  He’s getting closer to being able to breathe on his own, and his liver and kidneys are in working order.  His skin is getting smooth and soft, too.  His circulation and immune systems are pretty much ready as well.  I’m getting ready to meet this little bundle <3

As you can see in the belly pic above, my wedding rings are officially off (and I’m currently using the most blinging ring I have as a placeholder until they fit again after I give birth).  I had been taking them off at night and then putting them back on in the morning, but it’s been a few days of no rings for me!  Well, no rings, or giant ring 😉  I’ve been waking up in the night pretty often, but that’s normal for me, especially at this stage in the pregnancy… though it would help if my lovely daughter wasn’t be the one waking me up.  I’ve been finding that I’m more tired if she gets up in the night.  Go figure.  At least I can still take naps when she does!  Otherwise, I’ve been feeling pretty good.  Not terrible energy levels and mood!  Excited for this baby to come, but still not quite ready 😉

Hope you’re having a lovely week <3


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36 Weeks Pregnant with Autumn


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