Five on Friday!

This has been another busy, busy week, but in the best way possible!  My decluttering challenge is keeping me moving around for sure.  I keep looking around my house and seeing different areas where I can get rid of some stuff.  But it’s hard to declutter when there’s a little one grabbing at everything and putting in on the ground, aka: a place where things no longer exist because I cannot pick them up!!  Luckily, my husband is here to tidy up the floors, otherwise it would be quite the obstacle course.

Here are five other things that have been exciting this week:

I am so excited that it’s FINALLY in the positives around here! Monday was a little frigid, but it picked up from there and we’ve been going on walks … without coats!  I just love it.  I went on quite a few walks with Autumn in the stroller, and I feel so much nicer about the area and stuff.  Plus, there are a few parks around here and it’s so much fun to go to them with Autumn.  I can’t wait until she’s walking/running around at the park.  It’ll be so great.

We’ve been church shopping, and it’s been slow going.  But we went to one that we really like last Sunday, and I went to a mom’s group there this week, and I am loving it so far!  We’re going to check it out again this Sunday as well.  It’s a less than 5 minute drive from our house, too, and everyone is so friendly and welcoming!  I love it 🙂

dream closet // alysalovely
I am still in love with my closet.  I organized it all nicely, and I have hangers in only two colours, and it just looks so pretty.  I could hang out in there, I just love it <3

The Vintage Honey Shop Necklace Review

A while ago, I reviewed an amazing teething necklace (here) made by a fabulous shop run by two mamas in the US.  This week, they had their facebook page hacked, they received emails that demanded ransom, and facebook took their sweet time getting back to them.  Luckily, they got their page back now!! But it definitely made their sales take a hit, as well as their likes.  Check out their facebook page here, now totally free from hackers, and give them a like! They make amazing products.

Autumn started her swimming lessons last week, and so far she seems to (mostly) be enjoying them.  I was not interested in being in the water at all, and Andrew was a total water baby.  So Autumn could have gone either way.  She seems to be mostly ok with it, with some trepidation.  But by the end of the 10 weeks, I’m sure we’ll have a little water baby on our hands… just as long as we don’t take away the rubber ducky.

How was your week?


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    1. same here! and it seems so strange to me that facebook took so long to get back to them and return it to them. Though, it makes me happy that it doesn’t look like they really lost too many likes on the page, and instead have gotten more as a result of this. Silver lining to a crappy week for sure!

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