April Declutter Challenge – Week 1

April Declutter Challenge

Here we are one week into April, and 7 days worth of decluttering!  At this point, if I were only getting rid of the specified amount per day, I would have given away/thrown out/donated 189 things.  I know that I have decluttered more than that though, because most days I find more than the required amount that I no longer want or need.  I just have too much stuff, so this challenge has already been so refreshing.

In the last week, the focus has been on my bedroom.  So I’ve decluttered my closet, (of clothes, shoes, purses, hats and belts), my dresser, my hairbands and nail polishes, and my bedside table.  Some places had more to get rid of than others, that’s for sure.. but there was also a lot that I felt I needed to keep, for sentimental reasons or others.  For example, the dress that I was wearing when Andrew proposed.  I can’t give that away!  A few things got demoted and are now in the costume bag in our basement, other things I’m giving to my daughter, such as a Cinderella purse and a Tinkerbell purse.  She seems to like them already, too.

Here are some of the pictures I’ve shared on Instagram of the things I’ve decluttered:

Almost half of my hairbands.  Mostly ones that I don’t ever wear because they are too small for my head and so they pinch me and give me a headache.  And some of my nail colours!

SO MANY HANGERS!! I was living with the impression that we didn’t have enough hangers, so I had been doubling and tripling up on some of the hangers I had in my closet.  Well, it turned out, there was no need for that.  I’ve done my closet with the colour scheme of black/pink, and Andrew’s with the colour scheme of green/white, and now all the hangers match and it makes me so happy!  The little baby hangers already left the house, they went to someone who is selling old baby clothes at one of the huge used baby stuff sales in the city this month.  The hangers here are already spoken for as well!

If you’d like to follow along on Instagram, be sure to follow me @Alysalovely, and follow this challenge using the hashtag #AprilDeclutterChallenge.  You can also check out a play-by-play approach of the befores and afters on my snapchat! My username is Alysalovely

If you’ve joined in, how are you doing with decluttering?  Don’t you feel totally refreshed?


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