DIY Headband & Hairclip Holder

I had been looking for a hairband/hair clip holder for my daughter’s room for a little while, and thought it would definitely be the most fun to make one myself! I didn’t like any of the things I could find on pinterest though.  There were a lot that sit on a table, and I wanted one that would be hanging on the wall.  There were also a few that seemed really complicated, when I wanted something simple.  So, I came up with one on my own!

Here’s how to make one for yourself, too!

diy hairband holder,

A piece of corkboard
Wooden clothespins
Some lace
White paint (optional)
A glue gun and glue

DIY hairband holder

Measure out the lace and glue gun it to the back of the cork board.  The lace is so you can attach hair clips as well as headbands.  I decided to do two rows of lace, because you can never have too many hair clips!

DIY hairband holder

Paint the clothespins.  I chose to pain them white, because it goes better with the decor in my daughter’s room.  It’s totally optional though, and you can leave them if you’d like.
Place the clothespins where you would like to glue them  I decided to do two rows of 6 each, for a total of 12 clothespins.  My daughter has a lot of hairbands, so this will be able to hold all of them

With your hot glue gun, glue the clothespins in place.

Hang on the wall and cover in clips and hairbands!

DIY hairband holder

And you’re done!  It was the easiest project ever.  The thing that took the longest was waiting until we had time to physically hang it up in her room.



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