How to celebrate St Patrick’s Day if you don’t drink

How To Celebrate St Patrick's Day

There are certain holidays where it’s almost unfair to be pregnant during them, and St Patrick’s Day is one of them.  There always seems like lots to do to celebrate St Patrick’s Day that involve drinking.  There are pub crawls, various green beverages (such as the green Smirnoff Ice I enjoyed my first time having alcohol at St Patrick’s Day when I was in grade 12, don’t judge me), and, of course, Guiness!  But what if you can’t drink due to pregnancy or other reasons, or you are simply not interested in anything that has the word “crawl” in it?  Here are some alternatives!

Call it the right thing
I’ve seen so many social media posts about St Patty’s Day, and that’s just wrong.  If you’re going to shorten it, please please please do so correctly!  It’s St PADDY’S day, not St Patty’s day.  Paddy is short for Patrick, and Patty is short for Patricia.  There is, in fact, a St Patricia!  She is the patron saint of Naples.  She was said to be a noblewoman but ran away from an unwanted marriage to become a nun.  After her father died, she went back and distributed her wealth to the poor.  She was planning on going to Jerusalem, she was shipwrecked in Naples and eventually died of disease there.  Her feast day is August 25th, so if you want to celebrate St Patty’s Day, it’s actually not till August 😉  So please please please, St Paddy!!

Wear green
This is the most obvious one.  It’s so easy to forget to wear green, but then you’ll get pinched! To prevent yourself from being pinched this March 17, just wear some green.  If you need some inspiration, check out some ideas for St Patrick’s Day Outfits here!

Learn about the history
St Patrick was actually a fairly interesting person.  He was British but captured by Irish raiders and forced to live in Ireland for many years as a captive.  He made his way back to Britain and became a priest, but was called back to Ireland to help convert a number of Irish people from paganism to Christianity.  Since he had lived there for much of his life, he already knew a lot about Irish culture and the Irish language, so we was able to use symbols to help get across to the Irish.  He is the patron saint of Ireland.  This is a fairly basic history, but it’s definitely worth it to do some more searching.

Watch an Irish movie
Especially after the movie Room saw a win at the Academy Awards for Best Actress, one way to celebrate St Patrick’s Day would be to watch some Irish movies!  If you’re not sure what to watch, or if you’re not interested in Room, check out this list of the Top Ten Irish Movies of All Time.  It’ll be especially fun if you’re also eating green food to go with it! 😉

What do you have planned for St Patrick’s Day on Thursday?


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