my new favourite social networks

my new favourite social networks

You may have noticed this, but I am pretty big into social media.  I like using Twitter, Tumblr, Pinterest, and Facebook, and anytime something new comes out, I feel compelled to download it and try it out.  It’s especially nice that it’s something I’m able to do on the phone that I have.  I’ve recently discovered (and re-discovered) a couple of really great social media platforms I’d like to share with you here! Maybe you’ll be interested in trying them out as well 😉

I am really enjoying Peach.  It’s a lot of fun!  If I had to describe it by comparing it to another social media platform, I would say that it’s similar to twitter, except that you can use more than 140 characters, and there are gifs!! As many gifs as your heart desires!!  There are a number of other fun features you can do on there as well.
You can find Peach on the App store as well as on Google Play 🙂
My username is alysalovely

I am re-discovering snapchat and LOVING it!  I am having so much fun with adding to my story throughout the day, as well as seeing what other people are doing in their day to day lives.  I really like it because it’s so in the moment, there’s not really tons of time to make the image super perfect so it’s more casual and real than some of my other social media obsessions.  But I love this!  I also love the fact that I can send pictures and videos of our day to my husband while he’s at work.  He might not see them till he gets home, but it’s nice to be able to share a little bit of our day while he’s gone.
I believe this can also be found in both the app store and on Google Play
My username is alysalovely 😉


Instagram is still my first love.  I use it multiple times per day, and I love seeing what other people are posting on there.
It is also in both the app store and on Google Play
Shocker! My username is alysalovely 😉

What are your favourite social media platforms?


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