Why To Watch Fuller House

why to watch fuller house

  1. To see how the house changed
    As someone who JUST watched through all of Full House, I have noticed so many small things that are different about the house.  For example, Nicki and Alex’s room switched from being a pretty big space that fit two cribs in it, to being the closet.  That’s because the room they are now saying was Nicki and Alex’s room WAS the closet.  A nice walk in closet, but still! It was a closet, not a bedroom for twins.
    Other changes include in decor, but that was a given. It would be weird if the house were decorated the exact same!  Though, it seems like the room that was DJ and Stephanie’s, and then Stephanie and Michelle’s is now smaller than it used to be, somehow. It’s interesting the little things you might notice 😉
    Oh dear lord is this cheesy.  But the original was cheesy, so it’s to be expected!  It’s fun to see just how cheesy they go. How they call out the Olsen Twins for not coming back, and how they incorporate some real world stuff in there as well.  It’s great. Cheesy, but great.
  3. To see how the girls have changed
    The girls have done a lot of growing up!  See where their careers and lives have taken them. See the comments they make about Michelle’s fashion career.  See how different they all look now that they’re all grown up!
  4. The new modern story-lines
    It’s so much fun to watch the Tanners try to navigate through a lot of life’s new issues since the introduction of major technology!  Cell phones play a pretty great part in this now, and there are a few other more modern story-lines to see.  Plus, Stephanie is known as DJ Tanner (which, btw, was my DJ name.. so to that I say “HOW RUDE”) and there are story-lines about that as well, which is kind of fun.  Plus, how many of you wanted to see DJ and Stephanie going to a club? It was something I never even knew I wanted. It was great!
  5. Nostalgia
    Let’s be real. The main reason for watching this show is nostalgia.  Watching these thirteen 22-23 minute episodes is absolutely worth it for the nostalgia value.  You get to see your old fave characters all grown up, you get to see new faces, and there are cameos by a lot of great people!  All in all, it’s a lot of fun and worth the 6 1/2 hours it might take to watch through the whole first season.

What did you enjoy about Fuller House?


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    1. oh how so? because the original show had inappropriateness, too.. lots of sexual innuendo with the three adult men (but especially the rock n roller uncle). especially in the first few episodes. I’m pretty sure it started out as a show for grown ups, and then eventually became more of a kids show.. but there were a lot of sexual jokes at first anyway. 🙂

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