Bump Update: Week 28

bump style, maternity, baby bump, week 28 bump style, maternity, baby bump, week 28

dress: Hush // leggings: SweetLegs // shoes: Target

bump style, maternity, baby bump, week 28

28 weeks down, 12 to go! Officially in the third trimester 🙂

This weekend was busy and I’m still recovering from a cold that I managed to pick up at some point over it.  Lovely weekend otherwise though!  And I just have to say, I feel like I’m failing a little bit as a fashion blogger, but to quote Regina George (leggings) “are all that fits me now!” I need to work on getting some more maternity clothes 😉

My little guy! He is currently about the size of Mr. Burns’ teddy bear, Bobo!  Or, if you’re totally unsure of how big that is, he’s about the size of an egglplant.  He’s starting to get more fat in there, so his skin is smoothing out.  I had my most recent midwife appointment yesterday, and according to her he is right on schedule with growth!  Apparently his lungs are mature enough to be able to use them on the outside if he had to, but please don’t have to little one! Stay in there!!  He’s giving me lots of kicks and jabs to remind me that he’s there, as if I could forget.

I’m feeling pretty good, aside from the cold this weekend.  And aside from the fact that the tossing and turning has started to become a problem. Well, more of a problem.  I feel like I have to actually get up to roll over and I miss sleeping on my stomach SO MUCH more than I thought I would, especially considering that I’ve done this before.  I don’t think I missed it this much the first time!  My innie belly button is still an innie, and my rings are still on, so I consider that a win anyway!

If there’s anything else you’d like to know about this crazy little ride called pregnancy, feel free to ask at any time! <3

Hope your week is going well


28 weeks pregnant with Autumn

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