DIY My Family Book

DIY My Family Book for toddlers

A little while ago (potentially even a year ago) I had this idea to create a Family Book for Autumn to look at with pictures of her whole family.  All of her parents, grandparents and aunts and uncles.  We are in the tradition of seeing most of our family every other week, and so having pictures to look at would help her to remember who they were.  Also, eventually the sight words might help her learn to read.

Here’s how to make your own!

What you need:
-A photo album
-Pictures of your family
-Cue cards
-A Permanent Marker

My Family Book DIY

I had recently found this old vintage photo album at the thrift store, and thought it was perfect for this! You could also use a small scrapbooking album as well.  Whatever looks best to you 🙂

My Family Book DIY

Get pictures of all your family members! And write their names on your cue cards.

My Family Book DIY

Finally, place them in your book in an order you think makes most sense.  I did:
Mama and Daddy
(then I left a blank page to put in pictures of Autumn and her brother)
Babcia and Avi (my parents)
Uncle and Aunt (my brother and his fiancee)
Aunt (my sister)
Grandma and Grandpa (Andrew’s parents)
Uncle and Aunt (Andrew’s brother and his wife)

This was the order that made the most sense to me, but you can do it in literally any order you like!

There you have it!  Autumn has liked looking through the book so far, and we can’t wait until we can show it to our new little one starting in May.


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