A few of my favourite blogs part 3

a few of my favourite blogs

Here is the last list of my current favourite blogs!  When I was going through and picking out some of my favourites from my bloglovin’ feed, it quickly became apparent that I needed to split it up into multiple posts!  You can find the first two here and here.  Below you will find a few more of my favourite blogs:

Missy Sue
This blog gives me total hair envy!  Not only are her hairstyles amazing, but I absolutely love the fact that she was able to do these hairstyles with a new born.  I would like to know how please!! 😉  But for real, that blog makes me actually want to do things with my hair, so it’s pretty cool.

Oak and Oats
Another fave! She has a lot of great tips for bloggers as well as just things about life and style.  I very much enjoy reading this blog.

Oh So Lovely Vintage
These girls are locals, and they used to own a vintage shop in the exchange.  It’s super fun to see what new things they come up with!

Seven Graces
Another favourite of mine! I love her style, as well as how she incorporates her children into her blog.  It’s so much fun to be able to watch them grow.

This is another local blogger.  She posts mostly the vintage things she finds at various thrifts stores in the city, and it makes me really really want to go thrift shopping!  She also has an etsy shop for some of her vintage finds.

What are your favourite blogs at the moment?



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  1. I really enjoy Oak and Oats as well! I followed her for a long time Instagram before even realizing that her sister worked with my husband. Small world! Thanks for listing some others that we can look into. 🙂

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