Bump Update: 24 Weeks

maternity style, baby bump, sweetlegs,

shirt: thrifted // leggings: Sweetlegs // necklace: c/o The Vintage Honey Shop // hairband: F21

maternity style, baby bump, sweetlegs, maternity style, baby bump, sweetlegs, mama style, maternity, baby bump

This week, the baby is as big as a cantelope, or an Atlantic Puffin!  His skin is becoming more opaque, and less see through.  He has been moving around a LOT!  I still haven’t gotten any stretch marks, or the linea nigra just yet, but I’m sure one or both will be here soon.  I have been having some soreness, but mostly on days when I try to do what I can only assume is “too much” (otherwise, I wouldn’t be feeling that way, right?). Overall, though, this week has been kind of crummy (mostly crummy, with some happy moments anyway), so there’s really not much to report aside from the fact that this baby is a kicker!

Hope your week has been better than mine <3


24 Weeks Pregnant with Autumn

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