A few of my favourite blogs part 2

a few of my favourite blogs

Last week, I shared a few of my favourite blogs.. and in writing that post, I discovered that I love even more blogs than I thought I did.  So here is part two of a few of my favourite blogs! Enjoy!

Dearest Lou
I’ve been following this blog for a little while, and it’s definitely one of my faves!  I love seeing the kinds of clothes she puts on her son, definitely inspirational for when our son gets here in May.  And, I love her style.

Eat Drink and Be Mary
Mary just got married this past summer, and I’ve loved watching how her day has come together.  I’ve also been following her for a couple of years, so hearing about her engagement, and everything else has been fun as well!  Just a great blog to follow, but especially right now if you’re into weddings or are getting married.  She shares a lot of great wedding ideas.

Forever Amber
A fairly new fave of mine.  Amber rocks though! I love her style, and I wish downloading clothes was a thing so I could download her entire closet 😉   I also love her writing style and her blogging tips.

Hunters of Happiness
I’ve been following this blog for a while as well.  I love her writing style, as well as the things she writes about.

Melanie Dahling
One of my IRL BFF’s! This girl is hilarious.  She can do pretty much everything, too.  She’s a comedian, a make up artist, an actress, and so much more! Plus, she keeps it real on her blog.

Love Lo
I’ve been following her for a few years as well, and I’ve seen her blog evolve over the last few years.  She’s now a new mama, and I love being able to watch her grow into that new role.  Such a great blog!

What are some of your fave blogs?


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