Bump Update: Week 23

baby bump, mama style, maternity

dress: American Apparel // scarf: gift // tights: Joe Fresh // necklace: Pandora

baby bump, mama style, maternity baby bump, mama style, maternity baby bump, mama style, maternity

23 weeks in!  That’s 17ish weeks to go!

As of right now, the baby is the size of a fertility idol or a grapefruit.  Apparently, he’s forming nipples this week.  His face is fully formed, he just needs to get a little more plump, just a little cuter.  At this point in time, he can hear our voices.  So I’d like to start singing to him and stuff, so he knows my voice.

For me, I had been experiencing some round ligament pain… but since I got a super cute water cup, I’ve been drinking more water, and that has helped cut down on the soreness.  My midwife had told me that water is even more important in winter pregnancies than in summer ones because of how dry it gets in the winter with the heating on in houses.  So, I’ve been drinking more water.. and I definitely feel better!

Otherwise, this little one is super active in there.  Lots of kicking!  It’s especially fun for me when I’m nursing Autumn and he starts kicking.  I can’t wait for these two to meet each other.


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