Blue Monday

maternity style, baby bump, mama style, little black dress

dress: second hand // tights: Joe Fresh // shoes: Le Chateau // hairband: Aldo

baby bump, new mama style, maternity, dressing up the bump baby bump, maternity style, little black dress baby bump style, maternity dress

According to the internet, today is “Blue Monday”.  Apparently, there’s some pseudo-science that says that the third Monday of January is the most depressing Monday of the year? Or something like that.  I could totally see how that might happen, especially living in Winnipeg.  January is the worst in Winnipeg bc everything is frozen and yuck.  It’s so easy to hibernate here, especially at this point in January.  And especially as someone who doesn’t like being outside and is always cold regardless.

But it’s also Monday, so for me that means going on my “mama break” — grocery shopping All By Myself.  We worked it out that I go grocery shopping after bedtime because the store I shop at is open until 11:00pm, and it’s so great that it is!  Every so often we have a little bit of a late bedtime, so I know I still have tons of time to get groceries.  PLUS, there is a Starbucks on the way-ish to the store, so I get to pick up a nice hot beverage on the way.  Then, I get to take my time and go up and down every aisle.  It’s really nice.

So, that’s how I’ll be beating the Blues this Blue Monday, how do you plan on making today less depressing?


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