Things I’m Noticing (About Myself) in Re-Watching Full House

Re-watching Full House

I still identify the most with DJ (and find Michelle super annoying)
When I originally watched the show, I thought DJ was the best of the three girls.  I also thought it was because of my placement in my own family, first born!  I also thought that children born first would identify with DJ, and middle children would identify with Stephanie, and last born would identify with Michelle.  I don’t know why I thought that, it’s just the way I thought when I watched the show in the 90’s.
Well, even watching the show as an adult, I’ve come to notice that DJ is still the best one.  She doesn’t have as many annoying catch phrases, she doesn’t do as many annoying things, and she’s just overall the best in terms of style and judgement.  DJ is my fave.
MICHELLE, on the other hand, worst child.  So annoying and bratty.  I thought that when I watched the show as a kid, and I think it now.  I guess not too much has changed.

I remember a lot of the specifics of singular episodes
In re-watching the show, I’m really noticing how many small details that I remember perfectly from watching it the first time.  I feel that I watched Full House the normal amount, and saw the reruns a few times, but I didn’t think it was enough to know so many specific little minor details about specific episodes.

I have to try really hard not to say the catch phrases of the characters
“Have Mercy” “Well, pin a rose on your nose” “How Rude” “oh my lanta” “You got it, dude” and (my personal favourite) “I’m there for ya, babe”
I am finding that I have to actively think about NOT saying these things.  As I get deeper into the series, the earlier ones aren’t said anymore, which makes it easier not to say “HOW RUDE” to things.  But I had to physically stop myself from saying “I’m there for ya, babe” to a friend recently (though, I feel like she would have appreciated it because I know she’s a fan of the show)

I’m finding Joey to be the worst and I wish he would just stop
Ugh. Everything Joey does and says makes me roll my eyes.  It’s especially annoying watching him because I know that Robin Williams existed in the 90’s and was doing it better than Joey Gladstone ever dreamed of doing it.  Stop with the Popeye, Stop with the Bullwinkle.  ANNOYING!!

In Season 2, Danny is the same age as me… and that is depressing
If you’ve ever seen the show, you will know that Danny Tanner is the lamest dad ever.  In season 1 he turns 30, and in season 2 he’s 31, which means he’s my own age.  After that, he’s older than me… but not by much!  It really goes to show, parents on tv have changed a lot since the late 80’s/early 90’s, and thank goodness!! I’d rather watch dads like Sandy Cohen, Adam Braverman, or Corey Matthews!! They can be goofy and even sometimes lame, but never to the extent that is Danny Tanner. Yikes!! It made me kind of sad to be completely honest.  Luckily, eventually Jesse had babies and he is so not a lame dad.

Are you re-watching Full House before Fuller House comes out? What have you noticed about it?


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