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sweater: Banana Republic // pants: second hand (Thyme Maternity)

pregnancy style how to style maternity pants maternity style baby bump

Now that Dressember is officially over (and the dress is all clean and hanging back up in my closet), I joked that January would be yoga-pants-uary, or maternity-pants-uary.  It hasn’t really been either, but the maternity pants are officially out!

I purchased these pants at a second hand sale put on twice a year by the Manitoba Families of Multiples group.  It’s a pretty amazing sale.  Everything is absolutely adorable, and fairly priced, and a lot of the stuff hadn’t been worn even once.  When I was pregnant with Autumn, I was pregnant during the summer so I basically lived in dresses, mostly maxi dresses.  Since I’m pregnant in the winter this time, I’m not so sure that I’ll be able to wear them as much, so having these pants is going to be pretty amazing.  And I this horizontal stripes were made for baby bumps, so I love wearing this sweater, too 😉

Happy Monday <3


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