5 Great Ways to Ring in 2016

New Years Eve

It’s almost the new year! There’s an old saying that goes, what you do on New Years, you’ll be doing all year.  I don’t know if it’s entirely accurate, but I’m sure it doesn’t help when it comes to making New Years eve really high pressure.  Here are some semi-low key ways to keep that pressure off this new years eve:

1. Pajama Party
Hanging out in your pjs is always great.  It’s comfortable, it doesn’t matter what your hair looks like, or how tight your clothes are or anything.  Hanging out in your PJs with your friends? even better!  This definitely takes the pressure off the night as being overly glitzy and glam and lets you kick back and hang.  It could even turn into a sleepover, if you wanted it to.

2. Cabin Party
Do you have access to a cabin or know someone who does?  It’s lots of fun to go out into the woods and spend the night there.  The only catch would be if your cabin isn’t good for all seasons, otherwise it’ll be really cold!

3. Heatwave Party
We did this a few times at the apartment and it was really fun, just not at New Years.  Generally it’s pretty frigid at New Years in Winnipeg, so a heatwave party would be perfect.  Basically, you tell everyone to wear shorts and hot weather clothes and then you turn the heat way the heck up.  It’s super hot, and you can go more specific with themes.  We did a “Summer in February” party, with summer themes, and a “Red Hot” party, where we encouraged people to wear red.  It’s the perfect party to throw in an apartment… especially in an apartment where you don’t pay for heat.

4. Dinner Party
Maybe a fancy grown-up party is what you’re after.  A full sit-down dinner party is where it’s at!  You can do pot luck style, or you can provide all the food yourself.  Either way, it’s sure it be a lot of fun.  Just don’t forget the champagne at midnight!

5. Hermit Party 
None of the above appeal to you? The only thing you like on this list is the part about pjs?  There is absolutely nothing wrong with not going out on New Years.  Whether it’s you and your significant other, you and your kids, or you and your pets, get cozy and watch a movie or something.  It’s YOUR New Years eve.  Who said you had to go anywhere and see anyone anyway?  😉

What are you doing tomorrow night for New Years Eve?


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