DIY Advent Calendar for Grown-Ups

diy advent calendar

Since our first year of marriage, my husband and I have exchanged Advent calendars.  We started out by making them ourselves.  The first year we both used envelopes and string and hung them above our bed, and filled each envelope with little candies and treats from the Dollar store.  It was fun to be able to open something every day, especially knowing that it had been put together by the other person.

The second year, I used magazine pages, and my husband used envelopes.  Again, different treats and stuff from Dollarama.  Still fun.  Plus, I put in little notes with encouraging words or funny sayings, that stated how much I love him, so he could read them at lunch time at work.

Then last year, my husband revealed to me that he felt bad because the one I gave him was always better than the one he gave me, so we decided that I would get the Starbucks Advent Calendar that year!  I was pretty excited because I love Starbucks, and he was pretty excited because it meant he didn’t actually have to make one.  Plus, I could still make one for him, which is the other part I find fun.

So this year, I got the David’s Tea Advent Calendar, and I’m so excited to get started on it today, and I used the little containers from last years Starbucks one to make my husbands calendar.  And this time, I thought ahead.  As far ahead as Halloween.  As soon as the Halloween candy went on sale, I picked some up for the advent calendar.

diy advent calendar

So I filled the calendar with little cute notes and encouragement, and a variety of candies.  This time NOT from the dollar store, and some of them are his faves.  I’m pretty excited for when he gets to read them.  AND I’m really really excited for all the tea I get to drink this month 😉

Do you like to get Advent calendars for the month of December? Which is your favourite?


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